phillies kershaw

The Phillies are bad. BAD. BAAAAAAAD. Clayton Kershaw is good. Like, really good. So, Kershaw and his Dodgers were huge favorites against the Phillies last night. Nearly record favorites. In some spaces, you’d have to have bet over $400 on Kershaw just to win $100. Not a great bargain:


According to handicapper Johnny Detroit, there have only been three instances of a line higher than -410 on a baseball game since 2004. If the Phillies pulled that one out, you could pull in enough money off a $10 bet to get yourself… a new Sauce Castillo shirt. But nope. The Phils got shutout. Kershaw threw a complete game. He had 13 strikeouts and no walks. He threw 123 pitches, 92 of which were strikes. The Phils never stood a chance. Sometimes oddsmakers just nail it.