The #PopeFence Is Probably Going to Destroy Philly for a Couple of Days


This map up there is better than this map down here:

not popefence

Over the weekend, the latter map, which supposedly showed the non-vehicle zone and security checkpoints for the Pope’s late-September visit to Philly, began circulating around the Internet, originating on Reddit. Billy Penn just ran the top image, actually sourced, as a more accurate representation of what the planned borders are, for now.

According to Billy Penn, the red area is the actual #PopeFence and the black area represents “full security boundaries,” while “it’s still being worked out what those boundaries might mean for residents.” The ID checkpoints seem to be bunk, as only “staffer[s] heading into a secure area” should have to show one. BP’s source said that black boundary is going to be a vehicle-free zone. “Basically, ‘no vehicles in greater center city/ucity,’ the source said. ‘That’s why we’ve been calling it the traffic box. No traffic.'”

In other words, if you live anywhere near this general area, or might want to venture into that general area, you’re screwed.

I’ll say this though: It’s smart to keep Devil’s Pocket outside the border. But what’s inside? A Gold Club, Condom Kingdom, the entire Gayborhood. You win some, you lose some, Catholic Church. And we can complain about the lack of info (and the whole thing really) with the city, but it’s the Secret Service who is in charge here. So really, thanks Obama.

Kyle: No cars in that entire area? Haha. I’m all for big events, but tell me why again this is a good idea? New York is laughing at us right now. We have one dignitary visit for, like, a day, and the whole goddamn city is literally shutting down.


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  1. We keep hearing about the economic benefit of the pope visiting, but that seems impossible with the entire city cordoned off like this. I hope he gets AIDS during his visit to the CFCF.

    1. Relax dude,the Pope is Christ’ vicar on earth which means he’s #3 in charge.

        1. You dare to put your Creator to the test? And yet in the face of your impertinence I grant you this favor: that hottie you’ve been chatting up is banging two other guys, Don’t waste your time.

          You’re welcome.

  2. would you like to see the pope on the end of a rope
    do you think he’s a fool?

  3. Is this pope guy coming to Philly that big a deal? Would it be that big a deal if the head Episcopalian or Methodist minister came to Philly, or is this bigger because the Vatican is technically a sovereign state? Or is it beacause catholics are one of the largest cults in America?

    1. No, it’s because I hate you. How many people would even cross the street to come and take a look at you?


  4. How is this even legal? Did Philly get taken over by nazis or communists or something?

  5. All males under the age of 17 are welcome in the red zone everyone else keep out.

  6. “We have one dignitary visit for, like, a day, and the whole goddamn city is literally shutting down.”

    The reason why Philadelphia was picked maybe??? Remember the begging done by Nutter?

  7. Do you think anyone knows religions aren’t real? I mean it’s 2015 get a clue people.

  8. The level of bigotry allowed on this website is almost as disgraceful as the source from which it is likely drawn; liberal-fascist, militant atheists taught by neo-pagans inside their communist echo chambers, also known as modern public schools. Then again, what can we expect from the overgrown child mentality of men in this city who put on their “good” sweatpants on Sunday to watch “the birds” suck it up (again and again) rather than learn something about their faith they were more than likely born into. Sad isn’t even the word.

    1. Hey, the Eagles make an appearance at least 16 times a year, even if they do sometimes suck…Can’t say the same about Jesus, who hasn’t bothered to show up, or be seen anywhere, in say, the last 2000 years or so….It would be best for all of us here in the real world, if you just scurry back down in your Rapture bunker in the backyard, and drink more of that Catholic Kool-Aid….
      Oh, by the way, holier than thou Church officials molesting kids…REALLY sad isn’t even the word!

    2. Pope or no Pope, they should put that fence up just to keep “them” out of the more civilized areas of town. Put some snipers up there to keep them honest. Anything outside of the perimeter is essentially Darwin where the dominant male is king.

    3. The entire city is shutting down for the king of your fairy tale kingdom, and still you act like Christians are persecuted because of some comments you don’t like on the Internet. I’m sure you’re a white male, too.

  9. If you don’t like the Pope, don’t watch TV, look at the internet, or go into Center City when he is here. Problem solved.

    1. Bob, you really gotta work on your delivery. People might think you’re not kidding. Or something like that.

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