The Sixers Hired a Terrifying Strength and Conditioning Coach

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Fans sitting around on Twitter waiting to hear official word on the Stauskas trade or Embiid’s health, got a different announcement from the Sixers: The team has hired a new strength and conditioning coach.

Todd Wright, a giant trap muscle that ate Miles Austin, has been hired as the head of strength and conditioning. Wright spent 14 seasons as the strength and conditioning coach for the Texas Longhorns men’s basketball team. And Sam Hinkie is psyched:

““His reputation as a trainer of basketball players is second to none. His values and his ability to form genuine, lasting relationships with athletes to help them achieve their goals are both heavily aligned with our organization and with our player development in Philadelphia. When it became clear that the University of Texas was to make a change in their men’s basketball program, I booked a flight to Austin within 10 minutes.”

The former Head Strength and Conditioning coach for the Sixers, Jesse Wright, remains with the team in a sports science position. Wright is known for developing his own training program called “Vertical Core Training,” and you can see some of that in the video after the jump, which also features Wright yelling a whole bunch. He scared me, so I just bought a bunch of medicine balls on Amazon. This guy should do fine.

[h/t @PhilaPhans for the video]

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  1. Does this mean that by Christmas there won’t be a Sixer left that actually has a neck?

  2. This was actually humorous & informative at the same time. Good job Jim! You done good!

  3. Not really… forgot to mention that he is one of Kevin Durant’s favorite coaches… good job Jim.

  4. Looks like my bodyguard I knocked out in the back of Satriale’s to show my crew I’m still the fucking boss.

      1. Yeah. Tony called him “Muscles Marinara”, guy was an Iraq war vet too….

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