The Sixers Officially Announced That Joel Embiid Will Undergo Surgery, Miss Entire Season

The Sixers yet again announced their bad news on a Saturday night, at 9 p.m., as if no one will notice. Even the White House wouldn’t stoop low enough to do their news dump on a summer Saturday.

Statement from Sam Hinkie:

“As we previously communicated, we have spent the last several weeks working closely with Joel and his representatives to further evaluate Joel’s foot following the results of the most recent CT scan. This included conference calls and in-person visits with renowned foot and ankle specialists from the United States (New York, North Carolina, Colorado, California and Pennsylvania) and internationally (Australia, the Netherlands and Qatar). This group of experts unanimously agreed that the routine CT scan in June did reveal less healing than anticipated, an unexpected result since Joel was not experiencing any foot pain.

“We have been consistent in our philosophy that our focus will be Joel’s long-term health and wellness to ensure he will have a long and impactful career in the NBA. After receiving the input of the aforementioned medical experts, as well as conversations with Joel and his representatives, there was careful consideration given to a number of options related to this particular situation. A collective decision has been made that the best approach to promote full healing would be to proceed with a bone graft of the fracture site. We anticipate the procedure will take place in the next 7-10 days and result in Joel missing the upcoming season. 

“We are still in the process of determining the doctor who will perform the procedure, which should be finalized in the coming days. Sixers Director of Performance Research and Development Dr. David T. Martin will outline and lead Joel’s rehab and recovery plan, in collaboration with a worldwide network of experts and specialists.”

Can’t wait to hear how it went just as last call rolls around the first Saturday in August. 


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  1. Again…….not one single doctor identified by name! This has all the earmarks of a fraud. Doctors in Qtar! Give me a break. It’s a contract holdout.

  2. Won’t stop embiid from having sex with hookers, tweeting & smoking the pot though

    1. Just like contracting hiv hasn’t stopped you from visiting gay bath houses,and having unprotected butt sex so what’s your point?

  3. Lol. Doctors from around the world had to review this shit? It’s not healed. Medicine is complicated but it’s not rocket science.

    1. Yes, doctors around the world! You are talking about investing millions of dollars in a player who has yet to see the court, I.E. he has provided no return on investment. Furthermore, if you have the resources at your disposal why not utilize them? Medicine and biology is significantly more complex then rocket science, and adding anything involving human choice adds dramatically more variability. This is why routine/common procedures can sometimes lead to death. Anything a person consumes, is exposed to, or physically does can have adverse side effects. Even our daily diets have to be considered, especially in USA, it’s like the Idiom, garbage in, garbage out. Hence, we do not know nearly as much about the human body and how it will respond, or act, in comparison to ‘rocket science’.

    1. Only seems fitting. However, as a representative of the department of player safety, I advise that you do not operate any kind of machinery, or attempt to cross borders…..0_o

  4. Where are the kool aid drinkers with their explanations of how this is part of Lord Hinkie’s master plan??????????

    Actually, this might be a good thing for the Hinkie apologists. It may save them from having to do mental gymnastics to justify his majesty’s trading Noel for future draft picks. He may actually be forced to keep a good player on his roster now. Only people with loser mentalities trust the process. Get out of the basement & smell the roses lord hinkie fans!!! Lol smh losers

    1. A loser mentality is to accept mediocrity year after year like the Sixers were doing before Hinkie came here. I guess being an 8th seed was enough winning for you?

      Embiid getting a second surgery obviously wasn’t part of the plan. There was no one else worthy to take with the 3rd pick of the draft last year. It was you either take a chance with an injured but potential superstar, or waste the pick.

      But I guess you would’ve continued down the same road of overpaying for half decent free agents, getting the 8th seed in the east, drafting a lifetime D League player with a mid 1st round pick, and let the cycle continue. That’s worked so well over the past decade right? Why do something different that makes sense?

      And no top tier free agent would want to come here anyway because the organization has been a joke since the mid 2000s. So what do you do?

      Who knows if it’ll work, but it’s better than another decade of mediocrity. Maybe a few of these top picks will amount to a decent enough team that top tier free agents can see the winning potential and would like to actually sign here.

      I don’t get why that’s so difficult to understand.

      1. Because a lot of Philly fans are complete idiots who know nothing about how the NBA works, have no ability to think about the future, and find every reason they can to complain about their teams. Its led by king idiot Howard Eskin, and its why the Philly fanbase has the reputation it does. Shortsighted, overreactionary fools. It’s too bad because there are a lot of Philly fans who are on board with what Hinkie’s trying to do (build a CHAMPIONSHIP caliber team, not an 8th seed), and realize that there will be setbacks like this and it takes patience to see it through. There will always be the doubters, but at this point if they aren’t on board they won’t change, so let them keep jerking off to highlights of the Iguodala and Lou Williams days.

    2. Sounds exactly like Levi when he called eskin on Saturday morning. Would actually believe it was him if there wasn’t some ugly white kid as his profile pic lol

      1. Had family from Arizona come in last week. We were in the North Wildwood Wawa and there was like 200 people crammed in there, lot of them hot chicks wearing virtually nothing at all. My Ariz family were like so like everyone just walks around naked?

        Yip. Ya gotta love it.

  5. Maybe a pair of tickets to Last Call or joe conklins comedy night will cheer Embid up.

    1. Sorry, but I gave the last performance of Last Call a few weeks ago. If by “last” you mean “until next week.” I can stop by Embiid’s hospital room and do the show in person, maybe even bring my daughter with me to cheer up Joel with some Quizzo. How about a Top Ten list of the most unfunny comics of all time (I’m on the list six times!!), or maybe we can wish a happy 62nd birthday to Tom Bigby for the ten millionth time. I can regale him with stories of my drinking escapades at the Shore or show him some pics of my wrinkly old ass at the Kenso Wing Bowl last year. By the time I’m finished with Embiid, he’s gonna need a brain transplant as well as a new foot. Make a note of that.

      1. You just summed up this hack’s entire existence in one CB comment.

        Well Done.

  6. At this point we have to move on without Embiid as I don’t think he will be the player we drafted even if gets on the floor. Oden & Bynum eventually played after their surgeries and didn’t make a difference.

    We have an Okafur/Noel/Saric front court of the future, and a question mark in Stauskus, so the back court is where we need to build with those multiple 1st round picks and loads of cap room.

    1. So that’s how she keeps her job. Maybe it’s not too late for me.

      1. Yes, she married the executive producer of the network, hence why she gets to be the guest host when Barkann goes on vacation and talk over every panelist and never let them finish a sentence. And of course we have to hear about her Kentucky BBall team in EVERY conversation, like anyone cares her in Philly of her hatred of Louisville!

        1. One of those women who constantly makes chirpy comments during meetings trying to be funny when most of the time it’s just annoying as fuck. And she thinks she knows way more about sports than she actually does, which is why she always tries to get her opinion in as a host.

          1. Had a hard time masking his hatred for her in the beginning. Guess once she married the EP he had to suppress his rage.

          2. That describes every woman in every workplace meeting everywhere. They’re never on time, never prepared, and it takes them 5 minutes to say what would take a man 30 seconds. Women earning 70% of what a man earns for the same job is at least 20% too high.

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