Tim Tebow’s Offseason Workout Is Something

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24 Responses

  1. “I’m using the sex swing incorrectly….SIKE! Getting #SWOLWITHJESUS”

  2. I would lick the sweat off of his chiseled buttcheeks.Then I would literally drink his bathwater.

  3. Kyle…that is a fake me above. YOU NEED A SECURE LOG-IN SYSTEM!!!. I’m not an ass-man…I would love to oil up his pecs tho.

  4. Did you guys know that my twin brother’s name is Neil? Grade school sucked hearing the teacher call out “Neil and bob! Neil and Bob!”

    1. Bobbbbby stop playing on the computer you’ve had enough time down there in the basement for the day why don’t you come and eat your peanut butter and jelly sandwich from in between mommys thighs and the glass of fresh milk I just squeezed from my nippies and then go play with the rest if the boys outside

  5. On second thought, maybe I won’t be eating you after seeing your thumb again, Kyle.

  6. Does anyone remotely believe that Tebow hasn’t gone through women like a fat guy goes through a can of Pringles?

    1. Yes, I absolutely believe it. And, I don’t believe he is gay. I believe he lives by a standard higher than the world understands. He will continue to be subjected to scrutiny and ridicule but he will stay true to his beliefs. When someone decides to live for something other than themselves and their own temporary physical pleasure then it is possible.

  7. I love being in Philly and even decided to live in the city. I found a great pad at 13th and Locust. Everyone is so friendly and fit. I really feel like I am at home there.

  8. We could’ve done without the Vine of you jerking it to the Tebow GIF, Kyle.

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