Today In “Sad Reminders That The Chase Utley Era Is Ending”

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Email from reader Natalie:

…making me sad.

Taken at Target yesterday. I know the end is near.

Chase? CHASE?! CHASE, IS THAT YOU? Remember the good times?!

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Even Andy wanted to keep Woody when he went off to college in Toy Story. He may have no longer wanted the rest of them, but Woody always held a special place in his heart. Just like Chase. Can we take him to school, Mr. MacPhail? Oh can we please?


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  1. I told myself I wasn’t going to go to a game this year. My heart couldn’t bear seeing the ballpark so empty, but last week I went to a game. It was heartbreaking to see so many empty seats in person. I had countless flashbacks from 06-10. If I was chase utley, I would be batting .190 as well. It has to be traumatizing going to go the ballpark today as a player, while the memories of 250 straight sell outs is still so fresh. I’ll never forget the feeling I had at the game last week.

        1. +1 on that reply….

          Just think, all you vag scratchin fans are gonna forget what a baseball team looks like until 2020. Best fans in baseball go running real fast.

          But in all seriousness, have fun watching Chase while you can. He’ll be out of your lives in another year.

    1. People. Listen up. This is the side effects of snorting Phillies kool aid over the years. A passion for still going to the park to watch train wrecks. There is hope for you. Seek help.

      1. Dude, what do you do when you just like baseball and we’re born into being a Phillies fan? Not go because they are terrible even though you want to see a game? Stop watching?
        If so why do so many people still go to and watch the Eagles? Oh I know that’s different. ………yeah it is actually, they are the only one of the four majors in town to NEVER win their league’s current championship.
        So I guess to all of us who go and watch even when the teams sucks, we should seek help? Or is it just that you are a spineless pussy that cuts and runs when shit don’t go your way?

        1. I agree. I’m a baseball fan who happens to be born and raised a Phillies fan. I subscribe to the MLB package on Comcast. I travel with friends to visiting cities where the Phillies play. Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Atlanta…I love baseball. I will still watch the Phillies. I watched that slop Cole Hamels threw up last night. This season is brutal.

          1. Like I said, it was not even the Super Bowl back then. A lot can happen in 55 years, ya know?

    2. It’s been great. Less riff-raff… Fewer dumb, drunken broads. The worst part about the Phillies experience, from 09-12, has been the tailgates. Who fuckin needs to tailgate for 81 games?

      Concerts? I get it.
      Football games? Eight times during the fall.
      81 Baseball games? You need AA.

      Oh, and Philly PoPo need checkpoints outside the Linc during football season. City budget would be in surplus within months.

  2. Hello, this is Todd, the brother of Bob. I must state that anyone that is claiming to be Bob on this site is not real because my brother is in Friend’s Hospital getting the treatment he needs. He has no internet access there. He is in treatment for his alcoholism, cross-dressing issues and affinity for dicks. Please pray for him.

  3. I’m pretty sure that Chase puppet is crusty as hell from all the years of fulfilling Kyle’s fantasies.

  4. Hey, I can still drop the F bomb with the best. Hire me out for your next kiddie party. I will arrive drunk and shower the room with my profound language.

    Boy did I milk the Phillies for all I could get.

    1. I was born in 1980, to young to remember the Phillies and Sixers championships. All I wanted to see is a Philadelphia team win it all in my lifetime and actually remember and experience it. Chase Utley helped make that happen. He doesn’t have a blank check from me, but I am not going to kill the guy for getting old and making money, he gave me what I wanted, so we’re good. Same with Ryan Howard, same with Hamels, etc…

      I blame the fucking douchebag GM for bringing these guys back at a contracts that makes it impossible to turn the page, and not recognizing that time was three years ago. Fuck him.

      1. Really??? All you ever wanted in life was to see a Philly sports championship? What an exciting, productive life you must lead.

        1. From a fan standpoint. I also dreamed of having anal sex with your mother while yanking a line of blow off of her back. Accomplished that too, ironically it was the same night that the Phillies won the Title.

      2. The Phillies wrote the check, be mad at them. I would’ve and you would’ve signed it too if you were him.

        1. That’s what I’m saying yo. I suck at baseball. Put Howard’s contract in front of me, I’ll sign it, and then proceed to suck HARD for five years. Whose fault would that be, mine for cashing that lottery ticket, or the Phillies for not knowing better. We both know.

          By the way, want to meet me at Eager Beaver Adult Books on 413 to do some drugs?

          Where Levittown at?

  5. Blah blah blah blah blah blah Primo’s Hoagies blah blah blah blah Lil Ant blah blah blah blah Violation blah blah blah blah…

  6. Hey out there. Help me out. Who was the Giant player that got the ground rule double off me. He owes me money. Don’t tell Cole about it.

  7. Soon, he will bid MLB a tearful farewell, this Phillie 4 life. And if the Pinstripers don’t have a place for him after his career is over, too bad for them. I do not see him as an announcer, but maybe community services?

    1. Of course you don’t see him as an announcer? Know why? You need to have communication skills. Rain Main Utley lacks a bit in that category.

  8. First, that looks nothing like Chase, just a generic puppet or whatever it is. Second, the empty ballpark is not what is causing Chase to be hitting .190; it is empty because he is hitting .190 along with other things that are wrong with this team. What would be sad would be anyone who still wanted Utley on this team. He should have been gone 2 years ago when he had some trade value.

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