Today, We’re All “Cheater!” Guy

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No idea if the Phils won last night. Don’t care. But the guy yelling “cheater!” at Ryan Braun all night is my new hero.

Video after the jump.

H/T to reader Brian

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13 Responses

  1. I haven’t watched a Phils game in like 3 years. Is that Matt Stairs? He sounds just like Keith Jones.

    1. McCarthy made a comment about the heckler and how funny the guy was, and Matt Stairs (who never says anything during the telecast) came to Braun’s defense saying Braun could care less what people think of him.

  2. The Phillies lost because with 2 outs in the 8th Chooch called time right before an 0-2 pitch that Gomez swung and missed at. Would have been strike 3, inning over, Phillies leading 3-2. Instead the at bat continued and they rallied and scored 2 more runs after the “strikeout” and the Phillies lost 4-3.

    For Kyle or anyone who does care.

  3. The best is when the guy yelled, “Yo Braun, you gonna give back that MVP???”

  4. She was pretty vocal on Twitter the other night saying anyone who disagreed with the Supreme Court Decision on Gay Marriage should stop following her.

    1. I would follow her into the poop factory.

      Jill, if you’re reading this, call me! My number is

    2. Did she even change her Facebook picture to the rainbow? That’s such a brave stance.

    3. i have been wondering this as well recently. She never has a man in her life, always goes away to TN to see that smoke show Erin Steer she’s always posting about…

  5. Would’ve enjoyed this guy’s heckling a bit more had Braun not gone 4-for-4 and the Phils not blown a winnable game.

  6. why didnt my comment go through? yes it had the work gew in it, but it wasnt used as slang or anything??

    1. I seen ’em!

      “Hey Gomez! Where’s the J E W?”
      “Shawn! You killed J E S U S!”
      “Shawn! You are the reason Tommy Lasorda retired from baseball”

      Fan yelling at NY Mets player, Shawn Green during the 2007 season while Shawn was playing right field at CBP. He was then replaced by someone named Gomez.

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