Tom Brady Destroyed his Cell Phone But Says That’s Totally Normal, Not a Sign of Guilt


In the absence of concrete Phillies trade news, the biggest story happening right now is Roger Goodell upholding Roger Goodell’s decision to suspend Tom Brady for four games over his involvement in the so-called “Deflategate.”

The growing consensus was that the NFL was going to make an example of Brady for his lack of cooperation. Many people said they wouldn’t have turned their phones over to investigators either. It was a fair point. Until Tom Brady said he totally destroyed his phone. Not because of this, however. Oh no, no. It’s just something he normally does because he’s either A) full of it (likely), or B) a paranoid sociopath.

*I destroy my phone all the time, but never on purpose. [Editor’s note: He also destroys company-issued Macbook Airs.]

According to Albert Breer:

“The decision says that on or about 3/6/15, Brady instructed his assistant to destroy his cell phone. He was interviewed by Wells on 3/6/15. [The] decision also asserts Brady knew Wells wanted information from the phone for the investigation before 3/6, destroyed the phone anyway.”

The worst part about all of this, other than this is a story we’re still talking about? Stephen A. Smith was right when he reported this morning that Brady had destroy his phone. Actually, no. The worst part in all this is that Tom Brady probably lost some really cool pictures of Giselle when he destroyed it. Like, really cool. Did he back up his phone to iCloud?


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  1. All jokes aside, destroying a phone doesnt get rid of any evidence. The wireless provider keeps records of call/text times, dates, to/from and depending on the provider the actual texts themselves, although the length of time varies.

    1. they also have the cell phones from the other parties that have the full text conversations. why do they need brady’s phone?

      1. Exactly my first thought, what good does destroying your phone really do? If/when this goes to court his phone records will be summoned. But why didn’t the NFL find anything on the ball boys phones. They had that “deflator” thing on the one ball boy but that turned out that it was actually his nickname, or they at least couldn’t prove that it wasn’t.

        Your nuts to believe Brady had nothing to do with this, but the NFL has yet to prove it. So far they found some deflated balls at halftime of a game where balls used by each team were under the required level of psi. It’s the Patriots so everyone threw a bitch-fit of course. The NFL hired an investigator, who pretty much is just a paid lackey for the NFL, to “find something” and he admitted in his own report he ultimately couldn’t find any evidence, just that it was likely Brady knew something.

        1. Fine, throw out the first half when the ALLEGED crime was in place and use only the second half…..they kicked the shit out of the Colts.

          1. No one alleged it was a crime, son. They said it was cheating — which it was.

            I’m very unhappy that you made me vaguely agree with Roger Goodell, who is a world class asshole. This is why we can have nice things.

        2. ONLY the Patriots’ footballs. Easier to hold onto. No fumbles. They’ve been doing it for a loooong time. Forget the Colts. Other teams, and other fans are pissed off too. I am curious as to what the gamblers in Vegas think about it. Maybe odds are adjusted this year in Pats games?

    2. Phillies IT Guy has it right. Don’t know why this is such a big story or some huge wall in the case the prosecutor’s should be able to see everything.

      P.S. Buck Fob

  2. Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Kraft and the Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu lawyer will find a Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu judge and little Tommy will not miss a snap. Book it.

  3. hilarious to include an “editor’s note” in the post and then have spelling errors in the following paragraph

    you two are clowns

  4. Who in their goddamn right mind would give their employer their personal cell phone? This is nuts.

  5. …and Hillary didn’t sell classified information from her private server.

  6. Bravo, Goodell. The Cheatriots and The Hoodie have stained our nation’s greatest sport with their brazen disregard for fair play and their conniving to circumvent the rules at every opportunity. Long overdue. Suck it, Massholes.

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