From Tony Bruno’s website:

“I have been silent for the last 6 days, allowing myself the time to reflect and make sure my decisions are thought out and proper.

There has been a flood of misinformation, speculation, twitter, blogger and newspaper hysteria, name calling, and just absolute insanity about what happened at WIP.

After 45 years of pursuing my dreams and goal of radio and climbing the sport radio stairs to the highest rungs, the format and industry in general no longer provide me joy and satisfaction, even after reaching number 1 in pm drive in record time in my hometown.

I decided to resign from WIP and from regular long-form terrestrial radio as a result and will pursue my podcasts and other things to keep me occupied and happy.

First off, I did not quit in haste because I “hated” or couldn’t work with Josh Innes. That is totally untrue. Josh and I have never had any arguments or confrontations during or after any shows since day 1. The modern world of radio and social media has sucked the fun out of doing this due to “factions” whose sole attempt is to provoke “wars” or have listeners “take sides” to anger or distract the process of doing radio every day.

I have embraced communicating with listeners on twitter and facebook as a necessary part of “customer service” and appreciation of the audience being all that matters in our successes and failures. I ignored any of the Josh bashers and blocked the truly offensive or vile fake accounts. I’ve even had to bring in experts in an attempt to track IP addresses of a myriad of fake accounts whose goal was to insult, lie, and terrorize me and my loved ones. We’ve narrowed down the location of the culprits and will eventually publicly expose and embarrass them.

People will speculate and makes stuff up to suit their own agendas or bias. I can’t control that. I know in my heart that my entire career has been based on trust, respect and working with people who have taught me and made me a better broadcaster and human being.

Andy Bloom and the entire staff at WIP have been nothing but great to me and have asked me for 3 days to reconsider my decision, and finally on this Wednesday, July 8th, accepted my decision. No rancor, ultimatums or temper tantrums necessary.

I’m not angry, bitter or disappointed in any way. Josh and I proved that giving people an option to the normal offerings can and does make a difference. Becoming number 1 in a matter of weeks is a testament to the need for new voices and ideas. I had an amazing run with so many wonderful co-hosts, teams from the local level to the top networks at ESPN, Fox and Sporting News, so my mission has been fulfilled on the radio airwaves.

Thanks to all of my loyal and faithful followers. You can find me on here and also on the weekly podcasts at”