Vin Scully Describes the Misery of Watching the Phillies in One Eloquent Soliloquy

Photo credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies lost a four-hour and 13-minute game to the Dodgers last night, 10-7, and after leaving starting pitcher Sean O’Sullivan out there to throw 123 pitches in what was then a 6-6 tie, the legally recognized business once considered a ball club outrighted their young-ish, half-assed starter to AAA. Thanks for the effort, son. Now, decide if you want to head to the minors of this bastard team or become a free agent.

All that, combined with a bottom of the sixth that featured some of the worst fundamental baseball you’ll ever see, took its toll on longtime baseball man Vin Scully, who had this to say about being forced to watch the Phils, alone, in a booth, with nothing but his soothing voice for comfort:

“You wonder why a team is last, and then you watch them play. And it’s not the great, big egregious things, but the little things that happen throughout the game. Cesar Hernandez will be thinking about [that booted double play ball that extended the inning] all night, not to mention what it does to Pete Mackanin.”

“You know when you watch Philly, and it’s not really a knock – I mean these are young players and they’re gonna make a lot of mistakes – but you realize that Ryne Sandberg, who had such incredible talent, a hall of famer, it had to be so difficult for him to sit there watching these kids kick the ball around, thinking, why can’t they do what was so easy for me? It’s hard for a really great player to understand that. But Galvis and Hernandez are learning. But finally Sandberg said I can’t take this anymore, and he resigned.”

This was night one of a four-game series in LA. I imagine that by the end of the week, Scully will be openly proselytizing for euthanasia.

Sullivan became the first Phillies pitcher to throw 123 pitches in 5.1 innings in OVER 100 YEARS:

Voila_Capture 2015-07-07_08-40-13_AM

Guess someone forgot to feed Mackaninininin the harvested brains he requires for sustenance.


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  1. Why the fuck is Dom fucking Brown pinch hitting for anyone? Why has he not been released?

  2. So what if he threw 123 pitches? The whole pitch count is a joke, because they baby these players like Strasburg yet they still end up needing Tommy John Surgery.

    You take out a pitcher when he is getting tired or when he is getting hit around, not when he some magical pitch count at 100+ pitches. Cole Hamels is coasting on Sunday for 7 innings, and then they take him out because of his pitch count?

    If they built up these guys arms to pitch more innings, then they would be able to handle it just like lifting weights or running track.

    1. O’Sullivan gave up eight hits, six earned runs, two home runs and walked two in his less than six innings of work.

      1. Hamels gave them seven innings yesterday too. It not like the bullpen was exhausted.

          1. Mackanin let O’Sullivan hit in the top of the 6th with a runner on base – where he unsuccessfully tried to bunt Herrera to 2nd – only to pull him after one more out in the bottom of the 6th.

            That’s a Rockhead Sandberg move right there.

  3. I hope you guys enjoyed a snippet of what real baseball announcing sounds like. I’m busy watching the Mets game from the booth anyway.

  4. After hearing Vin Scully, I can’t believe how badly I still miss Harry. He was one of the only pluses during those shitty seasons.

  5. *Sits back and takes a deep breath, Exhaling slowly* Aaahhhh, Now THAT’s the sound of My Summers. Always love hearing the Maestro waxing eloquent on baseball…

    Yes, Phillies fans, I feel your pain, I miss Vin something fierce but I’m too cheap to buy the MLB audio package, since he’s only on the first three innings

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