Wawa Applied to Sell Beer in Delco

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Wawa currently sells beer in Virginia and Florida. Wawa wants to sell beer in Pennsylvania, but Pennsylvania’s super-antiquated liquor laws make that hard. It hasn’t stopped the goose from trying, though, as representatives from the ‘Wa appeared before the Concord Township Board of Supervisors on Tuesday seeking approval to begin selling six-packs at the store on Naamans Creek Road in Chadds Ford.” According to Philly.com, “residents at the hearing worried the plan might lead to raucous behavior or loitering,” you know, like what happens everywhere else they sell six packs of beer … or something. We must protect the puritanical nonsense of the PA State Liquor Code!

For real, though, allowing the Wawa in Chadds Ford to sell six-packs is a huge deal. If it goes through, who knows how long it’ll be before you can get your shortis and your tallboys in one trip. That’d be nice. And let’s be honest, it wouldn’t even increase the frequency of the average Delconian’s Wawa trips. I was at my parents’ house for two days last week and went to Wawa four times.


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  1. I’m from York so I’m a Rudder’s man, personally. By the way, the D after my name stands for Dickhead.

        1. Well, no, he wasn’t. That’s why Pennsylvania elected me, a Dickhead, to be its supreme leader… I mean, Governor.

  2. This post was made so people in the comments section could make Delco jokes.

    Delco is to the Delaware Valley as what Alabama is to the US.

    1. Haha, yeah, but have you ever been to West Virginia? It might be worse. In fact, there are parts of California I’ve been too that could be in the running as well.

    2. Deco is full of pussies. Come see me and my meth labs and hepatitis, then you’ll see what’s up

  3. Just sell the damn Sauce Castillo shirt already. That is straight fire.

  4. Holla!!!!! Now all they need to do is start stocking jimmy hats and lube at the Goose and I am going to be set like duck in water baby!!!! Just kidding…..I’m six you fucking perverts plus my daddy says no stickin it in no hoes until I get my fastball up above 95 mph and can throw 100 consecutive out routes with out missing my receiver. You know crazy pops. He’s a real Football Guy. Not like that narcolepcy inducing buffoon he works with. What’s his name Brace??? Marks??? who the fuck knows. “yadda yadda yadda…you know Anthony…..yada yada yada….Primos…..yada yada yada…..Eagles Eagles Eagles….yada yada yada”. I like my updates though from my pops honey though. Bet you he’s gonna drink a wawa forty right of her you know what. Think they will have a cool promotion like “Get a shortie and a forty for four forty!!! Man, that’d be hype. Time to drop a deuce on the rug and shoot up my HGH before Uncle Spags picks me up for practice. Peace out….HAKEEM OLAJUWON!!!!!!

  5. There once was a wawa store in Philly
    That couldn’t sell beer which is silly.
    Josh Innes is a fairy
    His tits get milked for dairy
    And my pinky isn’t smaller than his willy

  6. PA alcohol laws are seriously out of date. I doubt this will go through but I would like it if any supermarket or wawa carried alcohol.

  7. I was selling beer before it was a thing. Ah the good old days.

  8. Jim,

    Please stop using the phrase, “for real, though” in your articles. Not only does it have zero value, but it also makes you sound like a tool.

    Mrs. Jones

    P.S. My decision to fail you was for your own good.

  9. Yo its about damn time Wawa started selling suds!! The one on Ridge Ave is only a few blocks from my crib. I would totally chill and drink forties in front of the store, maybe mack on honeys dat go in to buy cigs, and bum change offa dem when they come out.

    1. Hey, I just took a steamy shit in the Pitcher’s Pub bathroom, it’s all backed up. Get your worthless ass in there and “influence” that toilet until it is back up and running.

  10. Finally had a day off work and caught the fanatic morning show today. I listened a few months back and thought with time it might get better. Id be suprised if it lasts the summer. The main guy talks over everyone and the producer chick MCW gives it an amateurish, college radio vibe. At this point bring back mike and Mike until they get a decent replacement.

    1. Of the two shitty political parties in america, I wonder which one would’ve come up with the idea of blue laws? Which one would have a base of mutant, moronic bible thumpers creating bonehead laws because they believe that god created the earth in 6 days and had to put his feet up and chill on the 7th so no booze for you on Sundays?

      Hmmmmmm, I wonder.

      1. the Whole Foods up the pike from the Wawa in the article has been selling beer on Sundays for a few years. So has the Acme at the Concordville Town Center.

        Beer has been available in some food selling locations for some time now. Wawa’s just getting on the bandwagon in Concord Twp.

      2. The Green Party.

        Remember, you are special and God does in fact love you very much.

      3. Actually most conservatives aren’t bible thumpers, and would prefer LESS government rules and regulations, not this cluster FUCK of liquor laws we have now. But clearly you have been poisoned by the D machine and can no longer think straight.

        Who is keeping government in the booze business anyway? The Democrats, who insist that PA residents paying $30 for the same bottle of wine I can get in Jersey for $18 is a good thing.

        Get your fucking shit straight before running your mouth next time

    2. antiquated liquor laws are in place because of republican Quakers
      you ignorant fuck

      1. 100% not true. Are you a teacher or in a union? Because those two groups take anything the Democrats say as true because they cant think for themselves, I assume you are one or the other.

  11. That Wawa is not in Chadds Ford, it’s more like Concordville.

    Not many Delco leg tattoos out in western Delco hard on the Chester County border

    1. Thats the western Main Line out there hun’.

      Ask me what Gargano’s gabagool tastes like!

  12. First off this story is like 2-3 weeks old. Secondly, they actually might get it. There are quite a number of supermarkets in the state that sell beer my out just need to do a separate transaction for any alcohol.

  13. The Wawa near Penn U used to sell beer. When I worked at a different Wawa years ago and had to remember all the codes we would sometimes enter the wrong one and instead would add a 6 pack to people’s order.

  14. 10 yrs after the 49th state ok’s beer sales in super markets or convience stores and medical marijuana. PA will get around to it. This backward ass state is always playing catch up from 25 yrs ago

  15. If they start letting Wawas in PA sell booze, I’ll have more idiots standing outside my Center City store harassing customers for change.

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