Xfinity Live Is Expanding with New Beer Garden, Ditching the Spectrum Grill

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Photo: Xfinity Live! Facebook page

Xfinity Live, the food-court of alcohol which is the real-life manifestation of your Facebook feed, is getting a bit bigger. Say goodbye to the Spectrum Grill. Say goodbye to valet parking. Say hello to 1100 Social, “considerable outdoor seating,” and a beer garden. [Editor’s note: They called Victory Beer Hall a German-style beer garden and on like the third night after it opened there was a pop cover band playing and people dancing on the tables. How German.]

According to, the Spectrum Grill will be replaced by the “casual” 1100 Social, brought to you by Jason Cichonski — of Ela, The Gaslight, and Top Chef. Cichonski goes for simple and cool (as evidenced by his Clash-inspired cocktail list at Ela, where drinks were formerly named for Brand New and Taking Back Sunday songs), and his space will also feature “a new, landscaped outdoor patio with multiple fire pits and covered and heated dining areas.” Additionally, “Victory Beer Hall will expand, as designers add a glass and steel building that will open to an exterior beer garden with more outdoor seating and fire pits.” The renovations are set to be completed in September, and Xfinity Live will stay open during the construction, so you don’t miss that Eve 6/Uncle Kracker/Better than Ezra/Sugar Ray show.


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  1. Darks have been going to beer gardens lately. The old Top Dog is full of them. Anywhere the white women are I guess

    1. Bartender & wAitress worst nightmare when the brothers come in a white bar

    2. Calling the old Top Dog a beer garden…let me guess, you’ve never been out of South Jersey?

  2. Those white women love gettin it from the blacks. I can see the appeal… Bad credit, small bank account, low income, almost 100% chance of them cheating, plus almost a 0% of them ever getting married. Ahhhh white chicks can be so smart.

    1. Not all of us. I’ve been with a couple unhappily married white women. They complained that their husbands were soft and had let themselves go.

      1. I’m 6’4″ , black, totally ripped, and am 11 inches totally hard. Kyle pays me $500 to bang his woman while he watches and beats off.

    1. Yea, I know what you mean man. I mean, expanding varieties of delicious beer. Who could possibly enjoy that?

  3. Who goes to Xfinity Live except drunken idiots who just turned 21 years old? I went there once and 99% of the people there just turned 21 and acted like they had never been in a bar before. I can’t believe this is still in business?

    1. This is 100% accurate. Anyone with a brain in their head is tailgating in the parking lot.

  4. PI should try and get a job there. Heard they need bar backs & doormen. Work his way up to a bartender

  5. I appreciate Xfinity Live for the same reason I appreciate Field House: it’s a magnet for all the douchebags, keeping at least some of them away from the good bars in the city.

    That being said, it’s a nice option to have before games when you don’t feel like tailgating.

  6. Looks like the kind of place a Sean Brace type would show up at and swear it is the best bar in Philly.

  7. Went there once when it first opened. Have not been back since and these new additions won’t change that fact.

  8. Al Moronganti cannot speak. How does he have a job in broadcasting….or any job for that matter?

    By the way, shut up Reeeah.

  9. So when is Phase Two going to begin? I thought all those pretty Philly Live! pictures included a shopping mall and a giant hotel.

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