Photo credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports


Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

The topic du jour is, oh so predictably, is soccer gaining popularity? The answer is yes and it’s a dumb question. It’s been gaining popularity for almost a decade, especially in the last five years. The availability of the Premier League and other high-level European soccer, exciting and fully available World Cups, and even the MLS have all moved things forward. I’d also argue that HD (soccer looks amazing in HD) and American sports leagues piling on graphics, sponsors and other whiz-bangs to tickle the fancies of morons (soccer doesn’t do this) have also led to more Americans appreciating soccer. But until we get to the point where we stop trotting this question out every time there’s a good soccer match, then it still won’t be considered mainstream.

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Rory McIlroy is hurt. And Jordan Speith’s odds for The Open just went through the roof.

Meanwhile, Justin Rose:

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Love the British Airways logo in the shot, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess this isn’t a British Airways plane, what with the custom woodwork and table. Golfers fly private, Holmes.

Dog flu going around. Here are the symptoms you should know.

From Wildwood this weekend– Portuguese Man-O-STING YOU IN THE FUCKING FACE:

pic via (@rsnyder3)

pic via (@rsnyder3)

MMQB goes in-depth on Sam Bradford:

And so, sticking with Kelly’s analogy, the Eagles will settle for their fallback house. With his quicker release and tighter throwing motion, Bradford, stylistically, is more fit for Kelly’s passing game than Foles was. And if injuries strike again, the Eagles learned last season they can tread water with Mark Sanchez, who re-signed days before the Bradford trade.

Between now and Labor Day, you’ll probably hear Kelly say about a dozen times that Bradford is the guy the Eagles wanted all along. But if that’s true in its purest sense, the Eagles would sign Bradford to a long-term contract now, while his market value at its nadir. Basically, they are gambling with a wait-and-see approach on Bradford, who is making $12.985 million in this, the final year of his rookie contract. A successful 2015 season could add $10-20 million in guarantees to Bradford’s price tag next year. If he fails, he’ll be a free agent in 2016 and look for work as a backup.

Tread water with Mark Sanchez probably got left on the marketing slogan cutting room floor, right next to Come See Riley Cooper and Come For The Game, Leave With An STD!

Sounds like the Secret Service plans on installing a huge fence during the Pope’s visit.

Maikel Franco was the NL Rookie of the Month, proving that if a hot-hitting third baseman takes the league by storm and no one in his hometown notices, it doesn’t really happen. Fire Ruben.

Marcus Hayes writes about the organic structure containing the the undead spirit of Phillies interim manager Pete Mackanininininininininininininininininin:

He was the Phillies’ third base coach the past two seasons, his second run with the team as a coach. Fit, with a full head of steely gray hair, he looks a decade younger than a man a month way from his 64th birthday; a man in his 46th season in professional baseball. He will not act rashly.

As he spoke, Mackanin put down a half-finished crossword. It was yesterday morning, three hours before the Phillies would avoid a sweep by the Braves, but the clubhouse was peppy as players ate eggs and lounged on kitschy furniture.

Mackanin’s yard is a mess but it’s the kind of mess that takes a while to recede; even longer for the smell to go away. He might not be around to enjoy the cleanup, but he doesn’t want to make it worse.

Boy, there’s a reason to get up every day. Poor Petey.

I don’t think this is even remotely current, but it’s Olivia Munn downing almost an entire hot dog in one bite. Aaron Rodgers for President.

PR departments at work:

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Dave Grohl continues to be awesome:

Even before he fell off a stage in Sweden and broke his leg, Dave Grohl was feeling creaky. He is 46, drinks too much coffee, and wakes up at 6 wherever he is, even on days he doesn’t need to pack lunches and get the kids into the Honda Odyssey. When he’s touring, his back aches and the muscles in his neck hurt from screaming.

“The pre-show now is, like, a couple whiskies and a couple Advils,” he said with grinning derision one day in May.

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Why you gotta be so mean?

Ryan Braun– he’s still a dick.

Jahlil Okafor’s Sixers Summer League debut tonight at 7 p.m. on The Comcast Network.

I’m just so happy I was able to get in a shot about Tiki Barber cheating on his pregnant wife on NY TV (2:30 mark).

Email from reader Rich:

Please watch these videos and tell me Tom McCarthy isn’t a geek trying so hard to be cool. The April video he says Jim Jackson in a nerdy way, the during today’s game he says Jim Johnson the same way. Can we please get Scott and Larry in the booth for the TV games.

See attached videos of Tom McCarthy. One is from April 28th and the other from today, July 5th. WORST PLAY BY PLAY Announcer ever. He’s a douche.

The videos are simply T-Mac pronouncing names. We’ve reached the irrational hate era of Phillies baseball.


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