Your Monday Morning Roundup

Photo credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports


Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

The topic du jour is, oh so predictably, is soccer gaining popularity? The answer is yes and it’s a dumb question. It’s been gaining popularity for almost a decade, especially in the last five years. The availability of the Premier League and other high-level European soccer, exciting and fully available World Cups, and even the MLS have all moved things forward. I’d also argue that HD (soccer looks amazing in HD) and American sports leagues piling on graphics, sponsors and other whiz-bangs to tickle the fancies of morons (soccer doesn’t do this) have also led to more Americans appreciating soccer. But until we get to the point where we stop trotting this question out every time there’s a good soccer match, then it still won’t be considered mainstream.

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Rory McIlroy is hurt. And Jordan Speith’s odds for The Open just went through the roof.

Meanwhile, Justin Rose:

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Love the British Airways logo in the shot, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess this isn’t a British Airways plane, what with the custom woodwork and table. Golfers fly private, Holmes.

Dog flu going around. Here are the symptoms you should know.

From Wildwood this weekend– Portuguese Man-O-STING YOU IN THE FUCKING FACE:

pic via (@rsnyder3)
pic via (@rsnyder3)

MMQB goes in-depth on Sam Bradford:

And so, sticking with Kelly’s analogy, the Eagles will settle for their fallback house. With his quicker release and tighter throwing motion, Bradford, stylistically, is more fit for Kelly’s passing game than Foles was. And if injuries strike again, the Eagles learned last season they can tread water with Mark Sanchez, who re-signed days before the Bradford trade.

Between now and Labor Day, you’ll probably hear Kelly say about a dozen times that Bradford is the guy the Eagles wanted all along. But if that’s true in its purest sense, the Eagles would sign Bradford to a long-term contract now, while his market value at its nadir. Basically, they are gambling with a wait-and-see approach on Bradford, who is making $12.985 million in this, the final year of his rookie contract. A successful 2015 season could add $10-20 million in guarantees to Bradford’s price tag next year. If he fails, he’ll be a free agent in 2016 and look for work as a backup.

Tread water with Mark Sanchez probably got left on the marketing slogan cutting room floor, right next to Come See Riley Cooper and Come For The Game, Leave With An STD!

Sounds like the Secret Service plans on installing a huge fence during the Pope’s visit.

Maikel Franco was the NL Rookie of the Month, proving that if a hot-hitting third baseman takes the league by storm and no one in his hometown notices, it doesn’t really happen. Fire Ruben.

Marcus Hayes writes about the organic structure containing the the undead spirit of Phillies interim manager Pete Mackanininininininininininininininininin:

He was the Phillies’ third base coach the past two seasons, his second run with the team as a coach. Fit, with a full head of steely gray hair, he looks a decade younger than a man a month way from his 64th birthday; a man in his 46th season in professional baseball. He will not act rashly.

As he spoke, Mackanin put down a half-finished crossword. It was yesterday morning, three hours before the Phillies would avoid a sweep by the Braves, but the clubhouse was peppy as players ate eggs and lounged on kitschy furniture.

Mackanin’s yard is a mess but it’s the kind of mess that takes a while to recede; even longer for the smell to go away. He might not be around to enjoy the cleanup, but he doesn’t want to make it worse.

Boy, there’s a reason to get up every day. Poor Petey.

I don’t think this is even remotely current, but it’s Olivia Munn downing almost an entire hot dog in one bite. Aaron Rodgers for President.

PR departments at work:

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Dave Grohl continues to be awesome:

Even before he fell off a stage in Sweden and broke his leg, Dave Grohl was feeling creaky. He is 46, drinks too much coffee, and wakes up at 6 wherever he is, even on days he doesn’t need to pack lunches and get the kids into the Honda Odyssey. When he’s touring, his back aches and the muscles in his neck hurt from screaming.

“The pre-show now is, like, a couple whiskies and a couple Advils,” he said with grinning derision one day in May.

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Why you gotta be so mean?

Ryan Braun– he’s still a dick.

Jahlil Okafor’s Sixers Summer League debut tonight at 7 p.m. on The Comcast Network.

I’m just so happy I was able to get in a shot about Tiki Barber cheating on his pregnant wife on NY TV (2:30 mark).

Email from reader Rich:

Please watch these videos and tell me Tom McCarthy isn’t a geek trying so hard to be cool. The April video he says Jim Jackson in a nerdy way, the during today’s game he says Jim Johnson the same way. Can we please get Scott and Larry in the booth for the TV games.

See attached videos of Tom McCarthy. One is from April 28th and the other from today, July 5th. WORST PLAY BY PLAY Announcer ever. He’s a douche.

The videos are simply T-Mac pronouncing names. We’ve reached the irrational hate era of Phillies baseball.


Liberty Broadcast


New Crossing Streams last week talking Sixers draft, MacPhail hiring and more.


38 Responses

  1. Looks like trouble in RADIO paradise…

    Did anyone catch Innes sarcastic tweet about starting his own podcast and having his girlfriend “Produce”.
    Looks like that angered Tony so he re-tweeted a post supporting Josh should be fired, then quickly deleted it.

    That along with Innes constantly stating how he is going to be fired, etc…His act is wearing thin and the audience and now it appears to be wearing thin on Tony too. And once again, Miss Robin is becoming a problem yapping to everyone that she is a producer at WIP, etc…

    Innes got an audience early on by ripping other people, which was entertaining. But now that the dust is settling, he has nothing to fall back on. That is why he will continue to say one “shocking” thing after another to get listeners as opposed to just being a good sports talk radio host.

    1. That and his rabbi is fired/in rehab.

      Kyle, for whatever convoluted reason, refuses to do anything on that. Most likely because he’s a lazy hack. Either way, Innes isn’t long for this world without Bloom.

      1. Is Bloom gone? I heard some of the show last week after a Philly’s day game – got through 15 minutes. Innes was (or so it seemed) sulking and not talking just saying ‘yes’ and ‘no’ in a wounded voice. Tony was doing all the talking which was fine, but I did notice Tony has changed somewhat and started his own rant about something stupid, so I turned it off.

  2. Who cares, it’s soccer and even worse, women’s soccer.

    And by the way, the ads and stupid music player at the bottom are making this website slow and shitty. Find another revenue source!

  3. Is that shirt a joke that I’m not getting? It’s seriously the worst thing I’ve ever seen

    1. Sir I beg to differ. You think that’s worse than a kneeling Foghorn Leghorn t shirt?

      1. I say, I say, lookee here, that’s one fine piece of battleship gray 50/50 material thar.

  4. Soccer will always be a niche sport in this country. Most have no interest until world cup time and even then the ratings are less than the NHL or NASCAR. And if Alex Morgan isnt on that team, ratings drop in half.

  5. There is nothing worse then listening to Male PC sports journalists who pretend to love Women’s Soccer in fear of a backlash from the female sports journalists. I had to tune out of Twitter yesterday during the World Cup Final as everyone male journalists was pretending this match was an interesting as Game 7 of the World Series, NBA Finals, NHL Finals or Superbowl.

    God forbid someone in the media says that womens sports are boring, let along womens soccer! I’m happy for the Women’s Team that won yesterday, but I honestly can’t watch 5 minutes of any soccer match, so I am not going to pretend that I was going crazy watching the match like some male members of the media.

    1. You are a genius for this sir. Twitter was unbearable last night with the Peter king’s of the world praising this like it’s Superbowl 50. ESPN male anchors are truly the worst for this though…they all have to praise an RT eachother for every postive moment in the world. Congrats to the women…but I’m sure they could see through the fakeness of the male sports media easily.

      Hard to find anything worse then when everyone on twitter is talking about the exact same thing and then trying to make awful jokes to stand out…ugh.

      1. So true. I follow sports media on Twitter to hear about the sports they cover, as no one cares about their political views or their dumb attempts at humor in pop culture events. It’s a shame cause Twitter is a such a great tool of getting news instantaneously, and everyone has to be a comedian and clog up the news feed. Philadelphia Sports Journalists are the worst with their politics, as I have to get retweets from Les Bowen, Sarah Baicker, Jillian Mele, etc, along with almost everyone who works at Comcast. I want to hear about the Flyers, Sixers, Phillies, and Eagles, and not about the Supreme Court Decisions last week, as I follow political people on Twitter to hear their opinion.

          1. I sure hope.

            Or they are all sitting next to eachother at Xfinity Live.

    2. Kyle is a blogger, a bad blogger at that. Not even remotely a journo.

    3. Ohh you poor thing!

      You had to turn off twitter? OH NO! That’s horrible! I hope your thumb is ok from having to scroll past those stories on twitter about the women’s world cup.

      Were you able to make it into work today?

      1. I’m thinking they probably were “off” from work today.

        but seriously the PC bullshit and fake interest from everyone about the Womens World Cup was pretty bad, but it will be over soon because nobody actually cares.

        I’ll never understand the fascination with Twitter, i had it for 2 days then stopped because i felt like an asshole tweeting irrelevant things hoping someone would see it and follow me and i realized i didn’t care what anyone else had to say especially since most things are either just as irrelevant or something mean from some miserable person who spends their life on twitter

  6. I would pay $10 million for the opportunity to procreate with Carli Lloyd, just sayin.

  7. “proving that if a hot-hitting third baseman takes the league by storm and no one in his hometown notices”

    Just because you don’t want or pay attention to the Phillies doesn’t mean everyone else has tuned out, too.

  8. I enjoy watching soccer but I think the problem with the sport really catching on in this country is the quality of our professional league. Simply put, MLS games suck for the most part. If you watch some of the top flight European leagues, particularly the Premier League, the difference in skill level is apparent and it makes a huge difference in how enjoyable it is to watch. If the MLS was at that level more people would watch and be invested in their local teams. I mean, I like watching a Premier League game when its on and I have an affinity for a few teams but it will never come close to my interest in the NFL, MLB, or NHL because I don’t have a team I’m personally invested in. I’ve tried several times to watch a Union game and they’re just so freaking boring. Not because soccer is boring, because the Union suck. You’re not going to hook a wide audience with an inferior product.

    The sport of soccer is enjoyable to watch when it is played well, just look at last night’s game, that was awesome. The USMNT and USWNT games have two very important factors which lead people to watch and enjoy them, 1) the quality is very high and 2) its our national team so we’re all automatically invested (for the most part).

    I also have to say after watching the Women’s World Cup, I’ve noticed that women soccer players seem to be less babyish than the male ones. You don’t see the women flopping nearly as much and when they get hit they get back up instead of pretending to be hurt for 5 minutes.

    1. The women don’t pretend like they broke an ankle every time they get taken down. They flop every once in a while, but not nearly as much as the men and when they do they get right back up. Says a lot about how pathetic the men’s game is where they are encouraged to do that.

  9. You can guarantee it. He hopes his daughter marries a girl like Amy.

    1. I was straight until I saw you pushing a hoagie into your pie hole, you clueless goombah.

  10. Les Bowen was like a school aged girl last night on Twitter cheering on the dikes

  11. I know most of them are dykes, but please let Carli Lloyd be normal. She is seriously hot.

  12. Speaking of the Phils’ booth, anyone else out there that hates Matt Stairs? Such a pompous know-it-all without anything worthwhile to say. T-Mac sucks too but he’s harmless, just dumb.

  13. This is why I hate Americans so much.. The Women’s World Cup went on for over a month and 99.9999% of the US couldn’t have given a sh*t.. Not a single Italian goomba sportstalk host from Cataldi to Gargano to Missinelli spent a fraction of a second talking soccer prior to today and no one ever called the shows about the women’s team. Then suddenly everyone cares because the USA team is in the final and have the audacity to celebrate it like they had an emotional vested interest.. F U!! It is phony, disingenuous and rather pathetic.. like Americans overall

  14. I got into soccer because 90 minutes give or take and it’s done. I lost interest in the NFL because the game is 60 minutes used to take 3 hrs and done. Now that same 60 minutes is 4 1/2 hrs. Same time to many commercials. Not to mention the have teams and have not teams.

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