Your Monday Morning Roundup

Photo Credit: Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

This weekend was dominated by the news that Joel Embiid would miss another full season due to foot surgery, but it wasn’t all bad news. There was also … uh … HERE’S THE ROUNDUP.

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The roundup:

Grain of salt alert: Some guy met Dario Saric and Saric told him negotiations with the Sixers are still ongoing.

Remember when it was a huge deal that someone did one, or even two backflips on a BMX bike. Dudes are out there doing four now.

Being a ball/towel person at Wimbledon is one of the weirdest gigs you can have. I spent half of my time watching the tournament this past week just looking at these very anxious-looking teens trying not to screw up. One girl did.

This kind of brings things full circle, no?
chesney culture

Phire Ruben made it all the way out to San Francisco.
phire SF

I’m sure Sam Hinkie appreciates your support, but shirtless yelling isn’t really the way to go, usually.

In case your forgot about how much more fun Minor League baseball is than the MLB, here’s what you get for winning the triple-A home run derby tonight:
derby belt

The good thing about small planes? They can land almost anywhere. The bad thing? They can land almost anywhere.

The guys in BirdText (Real Househusbands of Philadelphia, Don’t Let Your Girl Get Burrelled) now have their own Delco-set Comedy Central webseries.

Taylor Swift: American Hero.

Here’s a fun party fact to share at your next party: The Phillies are really bad.

In prison breaks, which seem to be happening fairly regularly now, notorious Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin Guzman, better known as “El Chapo” (or, “The short, strong-stocky, endomorphic body-type“) has escaped prison for the second time. Last time he broke out, he spent a decade outside of prison walls, and this time, he escaped through an elaborate tunnel that had a motorcycle track:

The opening in the shower led to a mile-long tunnel leading to a construction site in the nearby neighborhood of Santa Juanita in Almoloya de Juárez, west of Mexico City. The tunnel was more than two feet wide and more than five feet high, tall enough for him to walk standing upright, and was burrowed more than 30 feet underground. It had been equipped with lighting, ventilation and a motorcycle on rails that was probably used to transport digging material and cart the dirt out.

And just like the last prison break, you’d probably root for this guy is he wasn’t a terrible, terrible person.

Matt Barkley was out training in San Diego with the other Eagles who are out there, but that doesn’t mean he can’t swing by Comic Con.


11 Responses

  1. Good God, Tay-tay needs to get railed. By me. I’m greasy. Anyone have more Cheetos?

  2. I wish Taylor Swift would just go away. She’s a talentless hack. Any man who likes her music deserves to lose their man card.

  3. Kenny Chesney show in Cleveland had 3,000 arrests. Tim McGraw getting standing ovations. Chesney is butthurt.

  4. I’m surprised that Kenny Chesney has such a gay following as shown in the photo above since rednecks usually hate them as much as they hate black people.

  5. Delco Proper ? I emailed that to Kyle yesterday.

    Kenny Chesney, responding to rumors that he is gay fueled by his divorce from actress Renee Zellwegger, in which Zellwegger cited “fraud” as the reason (Playboy, March 2009)

    …not that it’s a bad thing.

  6. Rather support the 2015 Phillies than root on a bunch of masculine soccer dykes who act more ‘guy’ than most guys (Zach Ertz’ gf excluded)

      1. I’d love to watch you and Tay-tay go at it. Drool. Anyone get those Cheetos?

  7. I legit thought Barkley’s twitter picture was him with a barbie doll dressed in an Eagles shirt. Upon closer inspection it appears he is actually next to a human person. Weird!

    I’d game with Barkley any day of the week. I’m sure I’d PWN that n00b.

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