Your Updated Sam Hinkie Flowchart

Credit to Jim for the work on the flowchart
Credit to Jim for the work on the flowchart

Somewhere, Dick Jerardi still thinks the Sixers should’ve kept Evan Turner.

If you’ll notice, the protected 2014 second round pick in the top left that was traded for a 2016 second round pick, Eric Maynor, and one of the 2015 second round picks (Arturas Gudaitis) used to acquire Nik Stauskas et al. was protected and itself never vested (top-45, 51-60 protected). The Sixers kept it and drafted K.J. McDaniels, who turned into a 2015 second round pick (Richaun Holmes) and Isaiah Caanan. So, if you’re keeping score at home, Sam Hinkie, magically, turned one 2014 second round pick into Holmes, Canaan, a 2016 second round pick, and a portion of the offering for Stauskas, Landry, Thompson, a protected 2018 first round pick, and the right to swap first round picks with the Kings in the next two drafts. WITCH! WITCH!

Full flowchart after the jump.

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  1. What is hte real reason Sean Brace was fired? Had to be something since they kept Marks.

    1. PI is a great bar back, not so much on sports radio .
      1 of the best bar-backs in Philly

  2. Hopefully the Hinkie Haters will go away soon, because the Jerardi’s, Angelo’s, Big Daddy’s, Marus Hayes and Eskin’s have been annoying for the past 2 years.

    In saying that I still question some of Hinkie’s moves, but I’m still on board with what he is doing. And I actually don’t mind people who are critical of his moves, its just the people who just complain every chance they get about ‘the plan’ is what annoys me.

    1. Even though I am ok with most of what he is doing, hearing all the Waldo hinkie comments from eskin and the like cracks me up.

  3. Why do you people listen to this decaying fossil?

    He hasn’t been and never will be relevant. He’s a 75 year old man who hosts a radio show at 3:0) AM and may or may night have an enormous penis. Also I’ve heard ads hyping up quizzo at some bar hosted by “Big Daddy Graham’s daughter.”

    Like that’s a thing? “Hey let’s go to quizzo at the pub tonight, Big Daddy’s daughter is hosting.” Is Angelo’s nephew DJing somewhere this weekend that I should know about? What about Innes’ dietitian?

    1. If this boob didn’t spend three quarters of his show hawking his various appearances – not to mention those of his no apparent talent daughter – he’d have nothing to talk about. The fact that this imbecile can score a radio gig – even at 3 AM – speaks volumes about the sorry state of sports talk radio in Philadelphia. And don’t confuse “may or may not have an enormous penis” with the fact that he is definitely a huge dick.

  4. Jesus Christ bring Shander back to the afternoons, Ellis puts me to sleep within minutes.

  5. In the old days, most of the Sports Talk guys came from Print Media or were ex-players, but how does half of these guys have a job on 97.5? How does Pat Gallen, John Marks, Phil from Mt. Airy, etc. get a hosting job? Were they in some alternative media that I am missing, cause honestly anyone of us could do what they do everyday.

  6. If WIP had any balls they would make a promo just to make fun of the fact that ” new 97.5 the fanatic” is just a bunch of their castoffs that got destroyed in the ratings.
    Say what you want about innes. He has gotten to be pretty bad, but at least WIP hired someone that wasn’t already a loser in a time slot here. Yes they hired Bruno but he got his start at WIP anyway

    1. I can’t wait for Bloom to hire Brace so this whole things starts to come full circle.

    2. Explain the Brian Haddad promotion? He is god awful and he gets the night shift. After Bloom went elsewhere to find Innes for nights last year, he makes no effort in hiring a guy who was bad on the air to begin with and his voice overs suck just as bad. Plus he is a guy in his late 40’s who tries to act like he is in his late 20’s.

    1. is this 4 for 4 mixer at the tropicana happening or not? this possible event will make or break my summer…

    1. You’re cool de la with me Cuz but goddamn your regular callers are morons. I turn you off every time any one of those losers calls in.

    2. I suppose I could get you a side of crab fries, too, tubby. In between talking to your mentally handicapped regular callers and shoving food down your piehole, you haven’t got time for anything else.

    3. Your radio show sucks, “bo.” Enjoy your free supply of hoagies while you still have a job, Anthony. You and your buddy Bitchanelli will both be out of work soon enough.

  7. Thanks fine Cuz. I’ll keep on stuffing my face – But I get to go to work and host a radio show and make lots of money while you adjust your paper hat and take my next drive thru order. Oh, dont forget to pick up your clothes, mom wants to vacum the basement today.

    Now go get your shine box.

    1. Two fiddy a week and all the hoagies you can shove in your hole hardly constitutes a “job,” fat boy. Based on your previously failed radio show, a couple of books on the dollar table at a bookstore near you, I wouldn’t get too comfortable in that chair, ya South Joisey fraud.

  8. And Innes, you fat load. When your done hiding from under the table, you can come see me.

    I just hope you can fit thru the door.

  9. Then the Fanatic can bring back The Burn Foundation commercials.

  10. Yo, Yo, Yo. The philly influencer is where is’t at bro. BTW, why not 1 comment after Jim and Spike Eskin spent all of Thursday night swapping cum bubbles while working out this Righteous Flo chart Bo! Sam Hinkie is god Cuz!

  11. About the chart, fantastic job! I have a couple questions. How are the MCW trade and Thad Young trade tied together? I thought the MCW trade got the Lakers protected pick (via Denver). Thad’s trade got the Heat’s first rounder (via Minn). I can’t find where these transactions overlap. Shouldn’t there be two separate 2016 first rounders? Also, isn’t there a first round pick acquired (OKC 1st rounder) in the McGee trade?

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