Zombie Interim Manager Pete Mackanin Basically Says Phils Are Better off Without Chase

We'll never forget your manly arms, Chase
We’ll never forget your manly arms, Chase

Over at the Philly Voice, Matt Mullin wrote a piece about the emergence of Cesar Hernandez at second-base in the absence of injured Chase Utley, and whether Utley should get his job back when he returns. I find it hard to believe (even thought Chase has a piece of all of our hearts) that there’s anyone out there who thinks this is Chase’s job and Hernandez is just holding it for him. Especially since every plate appearance brings Utley closer to a $15 million payday next year. But the most important part of Mullin’s piece is this quote from the mouth area of the fleshy vessel containing the thoughts and emotions of interim manager Peter Mackanin:

“[Hernandez’s recent play] just goes to show you, when you’re looking at players, and you see part-time players that are not doing as well as you’d like them to do, well, you can see now the benefit of playing on a daily basis, how a player can be a whole different player. Cesar has been fantastic, and this is the kind of thing we’re all excited about, because we knew he had it in him.”

“It’s been a long process. He’s been a young guy coming up and we kind of wrestled with the fact of even having him on the bench as a part-time player because we knew he could develop if he played. But unfortunately we couldn’t do that. Now that we can do it, we’re pretty excited. I, for one, am thrilled about it. I think he’s making a good statement for himself in the future.”

“I would like to think that Cesar has proven that he deserves a chance to be the everyday second baseman. That remains to be seen … I don’t know. I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Let’s just wait to see when Chase is healthy and how he feels. We’ll go from there.”

Other than that quick walk-back at the end, this is remarkable. Having someone in charge (for now) admit that the Phillies might be better off without Chase Utley in the lineup? Unheard of.

New guy Andy MacPhail may only be “listening” and by-gollying his way around the clubhouse, but this may become the first page-turn of the unfortunately named MacPhail era.*

*The MacPhailure Years is probably the leading candidate if this all goes south, right?

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16 Responses

  1. Wow…a Chase Utley article that Kyle DIDN’T write? I guess he couldn’t bear to type those words.

    Don’t worry Kyle…Chutley will always be in your spank bank.

    But seriously….while he may not be the “everday” guy on the field anymore, Chase is still the guy you want in your dugout to bring out the best in the younglings.

  2. Jim, do you purposely spell words wrong in every article to fuel the comments section?

      1. click, click, click. That is what it is all about. More mistakes on purpose get page views and comments generated. Just like if we get 1,000 people to give .10 to the advertising we just grossed a cool hundred bucks.

  3. They would be better off without Chase…They’d be better off without any veterans right now so they know who can and cannot play in the majors. I love Chase, he’s my favorite but he’s not playing well and Caesar has a chance to show that he can take over and start moving this thing forward.

    1. And a big piece of fucking monkey shit and a little piece of fucking monkey shit and a fucking outfielder that can’t fucking throw–all–and Dickman and Defratus and Williams and O fucking Sullivan and Correia and fucking Gomez….oh yeah.. and fucking Ruben.

  4. So let me understand this. Sean Brace video himself talking and puts it up on youe tube and calls it his own show. Is that true?

    Hey Brace, let it go dude. go get a job as a producer of some country station. You have no career in talk radio as a host.

    Also, time for you to grow up. Stop dressing and talking like a 17 year old. Your parents must be proud.

    1. Yes, it is sadly true. Just when you think he couldnt get any lower, he goes and does something like that, and totally proves me wrong. This HAS to be his rock bottom, filming these silly little video’s and calling himself some made up name. He can play pretend sports talker guy for now, but eventually reality will come crushing down, much like when he got canned from the Fanatic.

  5. Yo homes, not cool brah, id say more, but the bartender at Pitcher’s needs another keg, gotta roll.

    1. And after changing out the kegs the toliets need attention, hop to it baldy.

  6. Man these phils posts are boring as shit. Need some radio wars & Richards drug loving posts

  7. Well Cesar’s OPS is like 200 pts higher than Chase’s so it’s not much of a stretch.

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