Bradford, Ertz, and Alonso Out for First Preseason Game

The football season is nearly upon us. In just two days the Eagles will hit the field for their first pre-season game. You are filled with such excitement that you can finally see new Birds Sam Bradford and Kiko Alonso in action. Except not:


Alonso is still feeling the effects of a concussion, but Chip said they’re not worried about it. Bradford, on the other hand, should be able to play, but if Chip wants to hold him back out of precaution for just the first pre-season game, I don’t have any problem with that. Dude is basically as sturdy as an IKEA coffee table at this point, and if you wanna tread lightly, go for it. Zach Ertz is another story.

The tight end has a “core muscle injury” – possibly code for “sports hernia” – and will miss the whole pre-season. Suddenly, the Eagles are injury-laden and shrouded in secrecy. What could be the cause?

That’ll do it.


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  1. Football is crap. It’s like a soap opera, unlike baseball. Baseball is a true sport. They play everyday and aren’t talked about 24/7 by the media. The NFL has become a circus over the last 5-10 years. It’s become sickening. I used to like the sport during the winter during the baseball off-season. The players are thugs and the media talking about it incessantly has turned me off of the sport.

    Baseball = serious sport, no frills, you need an attention span and brain to follow.
    Football = soap opera of thugs perpetuated by the media on the dumb masses of Americans.

  2. Of course, the Eagles will still charge full fare for tickets, parking ,concession…etc.
    Lurie knows the kool aid drinkers will pay anything for substandard product. He has been doing it to the fans for 22 years.

  3. Bradford should be in there getting as many reps as possible, screw this easing him in there nonsense get his ass in the game Chip, and let him develop chemistry with his teammates.

    And don’t be fooled by the green kool-aid drinkers(Michael Barkann Matt Lombardo Eytan Shander), losing Zach Ertz for the whole pre-season and possibly longer is a major blow.

    1. Shut up. You will watch this worthless game regardless of what the talk show hosts say. You are a thug enabler.

    2. I look forward to your call to Eskin tomorrow morning and then Rob and Hollis tomorrow afternoon.

      1. Well Hollis won’t be around on the weekends now. He is in the big time with the afternoon Three Stooges show!

    3. Is Eytan Shander still convinced the Eagles are going to get Mariota this season?

  4. Let me explain in more detail why baseball is a better sport then football. Baseball is played everyday for 6 months. The thug life atmosphere that is rampant in football is not seen, or rarely seen in baseball. Also with baseball someone please take a thorned rose bush and jam it up my rectum while dick sounding me with a rusty nail

  5. Ahhh, bullshit! Bradford being held out has nothing to do with Sanchez having more spring work! It comes down to having invested in a porcelain doll. This now means that a QB that should be taking every snap he can so he can get acclimated with our offense is instead missing such opportunity to do so because he is so damn fragile!!!

  6. Maybe if the old man in the dress and the funny hat waves his hands over Bradford’s knees, they’ll magically work.

    How stone stupid are religious people?

  7. Ertz=sports hernia. Do the surgery now so he’s usable by week 4 or 5.

  8. HAHAHAHAH. This fucking team of losers and their racist coach is already falling apart. How many Beagles fans will use this as an excuse when your team sucks this year. WHAAAA, WE HAD INJURIES. The Beagles will be lucky to win 5 games. TOPS.


  9. Make him earn that 13 million, a 2nd round pick and Foles. Tired of these overpaid sissies

  10. I hate pre-season football and cannot watch when it is 95 degrees out. I was going to tune in tomorrow for the first 15 minutes though, to see Sam Bradford. Now I won’t bother. Something tells me I will be seeing enough of Sanchez later in the season!

    1. Fist off, the game is on Sunday, not tomorrow. And second, this isn’t, no one cares about what you’re doing with your Sunday afternoon. Watch the game, don’t watch the game, no one really gives a shit, keep it to your god damn self. We’ve all watched pre-season before, and don’t need your input on how much it sucks. You’ll probably be at the Linc on Sunday anyway. I’m assuming you’ll be the one on t.v. dressed with a straight brim hat, skinny jeans, getting Pabst Blue Ribbon in your curly mustache.

      1. Wow what a giant asshole you are! Take a laxative and relieve yourself douchebag. Better yet, go take it out on whoever pissed in your coffee.

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