Buffalo Wild Wings Sucks

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I had Buffalo Wild Wings for the fourth time this weekend (five times if you count the disgusting leftovers I just had). I’ve eaten at the new one in Warrington three times and at one in God-knows-where Texas, all this year. After each visit, I was left wanting to gouge my eyes out with the tiny, cracked, dry chicken bones that remained in my cardboard serving boat.

Buffalo Wild Wings sucks.

It’s almost offensive that a chain that brands itself as a wing place doesn’t have good wings. The chicken sucks. It’s never cooked right. The portions are all over the place (is that a wing, a toe or a hock?). And the sauces have the consistency and subtlety of a dragon’s ejaculate.

I had always wanted to try BWW. They have great commercials, a time-tested concept, and apparently a button that allows you to extend hotly-contested sporting events into overtime. They couldn’t possibly screw up the food… could they?

Here’s the thing: When you go to a restaurant like BWW, you’re not expecting four-star food, or maybe not even three-star food. Good American pub fare will suffice. Hooters does this well. Tilted Kilt pulls it off. Locally, Brick House, PJ Whelihan’s, Champps and Chickie’s and Pete’s get the job done. In fact, despite the somewhat negative perception of C&P (full disclosure: they used to advertise with us), some of their menu items are ++. Their pizza is very good. Their wing sauce is very good. The service is great. And, let’s be honest, their fries are incredible. You typically go to C&P, or any of the other places listed, and have an enjoyable (albeit not remotely healthy) meal. That’s fine.

BWW, on the other hand, can’t even pull off the basics.

The atmosphere is just OK. You would think that with all those (gorgeous) flat screens you’d be pulled into whatever event is on, but that’s simply not the case. The interior – of at least the two I’ve been in – is hollow, devoid of intimacy or atmosphere, and feels more like a bizarro Chuck E. Cheese than a sports bar. It’s half cheap family restaurant, half Hooters, with unqualified waiters and waitresses who look like they were probably turned away from more desirable employment at the local fast-casual restaurant (that’s not a shot at fast-casual– most of those places have GREAT service, and Chipotle, for example, prides itself on hiring great people).

BWW looks cool when you first enter, but the allure quickly wears off once you realize how goddamn low-rent generic it is.

And then, there’s the food.

It’s awful. Shockingly bad. So much so that I excused how bad it was the first two or three times I went, because it couldn’t possibly be that bad, could it?

First trip: In Texas while attending my brother-in-law’s wedding earlier this year. We drove about 12-15 minutes to the local BWW, picked up some boneless wings – in a variety of flavors – and brought them back to the hotel for the out-of-towners as a late-night snack. By the time we ate them, they were lukewarm and dry, and the sauces looked more like stale salad dressing than wing sauces. The guy at the takeout window was incompetent. It took us 40 minutes to get a couple of boxes of boneless wings, at a wing place.

But, I explained away the initial disappointment and attributed the subpar food to the drive from BWW to the hotel.

Second trip: After golf, on a Thursday afternoon, the week the local BWW opened. Food took forever to come out. The waitress let us sample wing sauces that, to my surprise, appeared to be pre-mixed and came out of squirt bottles. Seriously, the ketchup looked more fresh than the Jammin’ Jalepéno sauce.

I was initially downright giddy at all the choices. I mean, look at this:

Voila_Capture 2015-08-03_01-27-36_PM

Here’s the problem: That’s too many for any one of them to actually be great. I suspect that the sheer amount requires sauces to be pre-mixed (or, my guess, pre-packaged). They would be wayyyy better off with six or seven mixed-in-house sauces instead of the more-is-better approach, because I can assure you that more is not only not better, but it actually blows. And just to confuse things, the standard buffalo sauce is actually a rub (rubs on the right), not a sauce. Why, on planet Earth, would you make the most standard wing sauce in the galaxy a rub and not a sauce? They couldn’t come up with another name for the buffalo rub and replace the medium sauce with “buffalo”? This would be like McDonald’s calling their wrap a cheeseburger – “well, it’s cheeseburger flavored but served in a flour tortilla” – and their cheeseburger a sandwich. You’d want to punch Grimace more than you already do if you were presented with this sort of confusion at the Golden Arch. So how does BWW get away with their buffalo sauce being a rub? Am I the only one who is outraged at this? [My pregnant wife nearly broken down into tears and threw a temper tantrum trying to order the buffalo wrap the other night as the takeout guy informed her that their buffalo was a rub and wouldn’t go great in a wrap. WHAT? WHY?!]

But, again, I excused the second experience because it was, like, their third day open. Growing pains.

Third trip: That Saturday night, with my wife. Comedy of errors. BWW was not ready for Saturday night service and the poor manager apologized to, I think, literally every table in our section, handing out free coupons to prevent a total rebellion. The food sucked, the service was worse.

But… yep, first Saturday night. I gave them another pass.

Fourth trip: This Saturday night, also with my wife. No excuses. It sucked. Everything about their food is generic. Perhaps most shocking is how terrible their fries are. It is almost impossible to screw up fries at a place like this. You have to try to screw up fries. It’s like a movie theater screwing up popcorn – no, popcorn is temperamental – soda. It’s like a movie theater screwing up soda. BWW’s fries are brutal. They remind me of Burger King’s fries, only worse … cardboardier, less salt. Even most true fast food joints – Wendy’s – have figured out how to have decent-tasting, authentic-looking fries. I swear to God BWW uses a white-labeled version of Ore-Ida.

In summary, BWW is like the Walmart of sports bar chains– cheap, and palatable to the unwashed masses who wouldn’t know real food (or even quasi-real food) if it kicked them in the taste buds with the hoof of a buffalo, which, if you can believe, DOESN’T HAVE WINGS(!!!). I bet a majority of the mongrels who like BWW actually think buffalos have wings. Well, newsflash, animals: they don’t, and if they did, they’d probably taste better than the rubbery bullshit masquerading as chicken wings that BWW serves you. F this place.

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132 Responses

  1. I absolutely despise Bdubs. Their wings are complete ass and their service is somehow worse. Terrible, terrible establishment.

      1. Yes, this is the real Bob. Why do you people care what is the best wing? Just go order and eat the wings you like. Christ, why is this so difficult (Kyle). Now on to sports. The media has you all warped yet again. Race, race, race… I won’t engage in it.

        1. Bob the day I finally meet up with you will be the day the rest of your rotten tartar/plaque-stained teeth gets kicked in.

    1. I have the best wings in the greater philadelphia region – suck on that.

      everyone has there “go to” wing place, if you set foot in one of these places you better be an out of towner, or an idiot like kyle.

  2. Hi. I have eaten at the BWW on the Blvd., near the Walmart, and you are soooo right! The food is somewhere between aggh and meh, and this is when I had a bad cold to boot!

  3. agreed. sucks. nothing fresh on the menu, everything comes from a freezer. went only once with work people during NCAA tourney, they had about 200 TVs and 2 were playing tournament games. i think we were watching women’s archery for about 10 minutes until we asked what the fuck was going on and if they knew what day it was.

    1. also would like to add that the OT button is bullshit and doesn’t exist. i sat and watched 2 of my 4 final four teams (baylor & iowa st) get eliminated within the first 3 hours of tournament play. really really hate this establishment.

  4. The one in Warrington is awful!

    Service sucks, they are slow, cant take direction, and the food looks like shit. I’ve been to others that the service has been great and the food looked ok.

    Really, all I want is good service when I go out. It can make up for a lot.

    1. Would never eat at BWW, it is a chain for gods sake. But it absolutely can not be as bad as vomit inducing crab fries at criminals Chicki and Pete’s. How can you screw up fries with a sprinkle of Old Bay. They came cold with an inedibal amount of Old Bay.

  5. Do yourself a favor and don’t bother with PJ Whelihan’s. They sold out a long time ago and unless your a regular, the service always sucks.

  6. Agree with everything in this article except calling BWW a cheap sports bar… they are expensive! The price for their crap wings is humiliating.

  7. Totally agree. Probably the most overrated restaurant chain out there. Wings are not good, and they’re way overpriced too! The one near me it’s like $12.95 a dozen, that’s highway robbery. Most bars are like 7.50-8.95 and their wings are better too. Spread the word, Scott!

  8. It’s just terrible… i wish i could just go there and bring my own food and watch the TVs… that is the only, very limited, redeeming quality of that place.
    When they opened one up near me, i was excited…. my dreams were dashed only after 2 visits.
    Pretty much any bar has wings better than this place.

  9. Only consider going to BDubs for boneless wing night.

    No one mentioned the 100000000s of kids in each BDubs. Nothing worse than kids crying in a bar. It’s a family restaurant, not a sports bar.

  10. You went to BWW 4 times, 3 in the span of a week?

    What the hell is wrong with you.

  11. My brother refuses to eat there because the BWW corporation openly hates the Flyers.

    However, I have experienced the take out wings and after 10-15 minutes of driving home they were as you mentioned above. I’ve never tried any of their other food only the wings and only take out.

  12. All these comments about f’ing bad chicken wings? You people are losers. Really. He posted this 5 minutes ago and there are 10+ comments already. So, by that logic, we should only just talk sports on a blog or radio? Hahahahaa! Hypocrite m’fers.

        1. Huh? I have one. Notice how I did not use “Bob” or “please believe me I’m the real bob as my handle” like all of the other people on this site.

    1. That retirement from being a massive douche on the comment threads lasted long. Go back to fucking yourself in the basement Bobby.

  13. They sucked the first time, yet you just HAD to eat them four more times sucking every time! You’re a stupid fuck, you know that? Only an insane person would eat the same shit over and over expecting something different!

    1. We get clowns like you to keep coming back despite serving you warmed-over Deadspin day after day.

  14. Never ate there, but i’ve gone to the one in downingtown before and left after 5 minutes. Bizarro Chuckie Cheese is the perfect way to describe it. Kids running around everywhere, Shoddy floor plan with how the tables were set up, weird smell inside the place, staff was uglier than the customers…..i didn’t even want to look at the food, the atmosphere gave me a good impression what that would be like. I understand it supposed to be a “sports viewing restaurant” but it was also ridiculously loud, like they were pumping in noise from a speaker system.

  15. So I went to BWW in Downingtown this past Saturday night. Keep in mind I only went there for the UFC fights. No other bars in the west chester area were offering the fights. BWW did not have a cover for the fight which was awesome. The boneless wings were good, not great, not horrible. They were average, slightly better than the frozen ones that you throw in the oven.

    However, due to the fight the place was packed, understandably. I was waiting for a table and was told there was no open spots at the bar. We were told we could not wait for our table at the bar. My girlfriend and I ignored them and stood behind people at the bar. Just before we got our table, two people came to meet us. They got into an argument with the hostess because the hostess told them they could not go grab a beer or wait by the bar. absolutely ridiculous.

    side note: they act like they have a good beer selection, but in reality they just have all of the basics; corona, bud light, coors, yuengling, etc. Very poor craft beer selection

  16. had it for the 1st time at the one in sicklerville, nj.

    and again in viriginia last year on the way to a family vacation in NC

    never got the wings though. the fish tacos were decent & had some kind of wrap the other time

    1. Why would you go to a wing place and not order wings, hoss? Do you go to a steakhouse and order pizza?
      BWW isn’t bad but they’ve slipped a little since they first opened. The one in Warrington sounds especially heinous.
      And PJ’s wings are the shittiest, most overrated wings out there. Don’t believe the hype from people who will probably tell you that Pat’s and Geno’s make the best cheesesteaks.

  17. As good as this article is ..it really bothers me that the lines on the image are crooked. I am assuming you drew them in paint or something similar, couldn’t you have used the line tool instead of the free hand pencil?

  18. I’d rather you come to my place and pay outrageous prices for French Fries with Old Bay seasoning! Make sure you tip your waiters and waitresses well as I get a percentage of that too!

      1. they’ve jumped the shark for sure, Pete takes a big percentage of his waiters and waitresses’ tips and claims he didn’t know it was wrong, and yet all the WIP hosts continue to kiss his ass

  19. I actually think their wings are decent and I like their fries. Service is suspect though. I get that you give them a pass cause it was their first week but honestly you need to wait like a month or 2 to get things figured out. I worked in that biz for a long time and I wont go near a place until its been open for at least 2 months. Just an FYI. And PJ’s wings blow!! Breaded? no way

    1. Your opinion on wings is not valid as you like BWW wings. Saying their wings are decent removes you from all votes

      1. I eat a ton of wings from all over the place and while the BWW wings aren’t nearly at the top, there are worse wings out there. I guess you must like PJ’s wings, you might as well get KFC and dump sauce on it cause thats what they are, fired chicken not wings.

  20. So I guess BWW passed on the opportunity to advertise on your site, Eh? Their food is garbage, however so is the food at most chains. This attack seems personal…

  21. Types of articles:

    95% – Jim posts something about Sixers or Phillies not remotely important
    2.5% – Kyle posts something about Desean or Lesean
    2.5% – Kyle complains about food

    1. You left out the percentage where Kyle lusts over the jocksniffer in KC with the mouthful of Chiclets.

    1. Perhaps Kyle has a wife.

      She might have a brother.

      He would then be Kyle’s brother-in-law.

      If he got married, and Kyle attended the wedding, he would then be at his brother-in-law’s wedding.


  22. Ate at the one in moorestown on saturday and not only was the staff extremely friendly (and the ladies pretty damn hot) but the food was great. spicy garlic and dry buffalo all the way. However, PJ’s in cherry hill wings have been dry and tasteless. Even big tittied waitresses can’t make up for it. if you really want good wings though you have to go to the jug handle inn. hands down the best (and most expensive)

  23. I realize that I’m a woman so my opinion doesn’t matter too much here, but I totally agree. I hate BWW. I’ve been there a few times for drafts and the idea is great, but terrible execution. The TVs are all really far away so it isn’t easy to get sucked in to whatever you’re trying to watch. The food is so expensive and the service sucks. I feel like we’re always there for hours and spend a ton of money on food that’s subpar. I can find better food and prices at our local dive bar. The last time we had a draft there, they put us (10-15 of us) in a “private” room with another huge crowd of people. It was loud and really obnoxious.

    Anyways, back to the kitchen

    1. You can attend one of my drafts this year at a real bar. We need a broad to enter the names on the big board and serve us beer. Don’t forget the bikini.

    2. After reading this I would tend to agree with you Jen, your opinion doesn’t matter because you are a woman.

  24. Chain restaurants suck. Stick to local places that you know or others recommend. Hope this helps.

    Your pal,
    Dr. Penis M.D

  25. As I write this, 46 comments on bad wings. Nothing to do with sports, like the radio people you criticize about not talking about sports. Enough.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Is this a food blog or a Philly sports blog?
      To add to this, Kyle, why would you go repeatedly if it sucked so bad?
      Definition of insanity: is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
      Finally…who cares?!

    1. Agreed on union Jacks. By far best wings in city and burbs. Other great ones are Cawleys in upper Darby, oneals on South Street, flip and bailey’s in Bryn Mawr.

      Thanks for the tip on spankys too

        1. Agreed General Davis has awesome wings. This may sound nuts but I got wings from Lees Hoagie House in Southampton that were also very good. And, Kenneys Madison Tavern in South Central Warminster has the best around.

      1. UJ’s is a good call.
        Pic-A-Lilly in Shamong if you can tolerate the drive all the way east of civilization but west of the Shore. Plus they host Giants fans on football Sundays.

  26. Wings of Victory at the Victory Brewery in Downingtown… hands down amazing every time I go. Other guys mentioned the Jughandle Inn, which are pretty great too, just way too far for me to drive.

    PJ’s are a good standby and the smoke show of waitresses they have are nice, way better then BWW. I’ve been to them three or four times and every time there it makes wings feel like their fast food. None of the sauces I had were any good, you can tell it’s totally a corporate profit driver.

    That said, it’s a pretty damn good stock for how bad the food is…

  27. Serves you write for frequenting the sprawling mega strip malls that are in Warrington. This review is unnecessary and obvious. I’m not expecting anything from crap places like that.

  28. I used to work at Quaker steak and lube. I know that it’s a Pittsburgh thing, but due to family constraints I had to live in that area. Yinzers, am I right?
    Anyway, the lube’s food and drink specials are waaaaayy better, and feature the best two sauces mass produced: Louisiana lickers and Arizona ranch. The burgers are incredible. I know I sound like a homer, but i can remember when a bdubs opened and a bunch of us went. Dear god it tasted like burning rubber mixed with trash. We did not enjoy it.

    The nearest locations are seaside heights, and bloomsburg I think. Definitely worth a trip. And you can order their sauces online. Get a three pack of az ranch, la lickers, and Thai r cracker. You won’t be disappointed.
    Commence the Pittsburgh hate. I too will join in. I hated living out there.

    1. since this is a Glen Macnow food-radio show…

      how terrible is Primanti’s? I’ve had it 4 or 5 times (with different meats) and none of them were that good at all… Bread that makes a mcdouble roll taste good, subpar frozen meat, soggy fries, and good slaw….

      Pittsburgh must really suck if thats their staple.

  29. Was doing a job, in a shitty part of the burg, and it was a pain in the ass job. Went to BWW to grab some beers and boneless wings (regular wings are awful). It was forgettable, except for the bj i got in the parking lot from some bimbo that was sitting by herself at the bar. I engaged in conversation, shortly realizing she was either just really hammered or slightly retarded…i went with my first initial gut feeling and rolled the dice….That was the best part of my BWW experience.

    1. You should be ashamed of screwing a retardo. My worst was screwing a deaf girl (much like Tucker Max). She would try to make it sexy by saying something occasionally, but it sounded so funny that I would start to giggle. What the hell, she couldn’t hear me.

      1. you should be ashamed of yourself for using the term “retardo.” would you have the balls to call a black person an N-word? I doubt it. why was it your worst for screwing a deaf girl? what, deaf people aren’t allowed to have sex? unless she was mentally challenged, it’s her right to decide to have sex or not. if Kate Upton was deaf and you had sex with her, would that be your worst? I doubt it. grow up, dick

        1. I had semi-consensual sex with a deaf girl once. She screamed so loud I had to tie her hands behind her back to shut her up.

        2. Hey, I added the “O” so it wouldn’t be offensive. Jesus, relax, you self-righteous dickhead. That’s just good comedy. Like this is a site that doesn’t mostly talk bullshit.

          1. I’m your conscience. it’s my job to make you think. by the way, the way you punctuated your sentence, it looks like you’re calling Jesus a really bad name. maybe you should put an “O” on the end of dickhead so it sounds better

  30. Kyle:
    We frequently do not agree on things but I do agree with you that BWW has terrible food.
    On Halloween night of 2009, I was in a small town in Ohio visiting colleges with my son. The Phillies were playing a World Series game that night. The hotel desk clerk suggested BWW was a good place to watch the game(maybe the only place in town to watch the game). By the end of the evening, the only thing worse than the Phillies performance that night was the food at BWW. It was truly awful. Terrible sauce smothering an overcooked chicken sandwich on a soggy roll. The rest of the food was equally bad. Thankfully, my child chose to attend another school in a city known for its excellent restaurants.

  31. Could not agree more. First experience was on NFL draft night, and the place was packed and electric. The wings sucked.
    Next time i went (oaks) it was super dead night… I regretted walking in immediately… The service (on a DEAD night) was soooo bad. This time i ordered boneless… Even worse. Horrible. Duped by cool commercials… #FUBWW

  32. This is the most thought-out, researched, and longest piece that Kyle has written in a year, and it’s about how shitty a shitty wing place is shitty. Shitty.

    I can’t wait to see how unbelievably shitty this site gets once Mrs CB pops out junior. It’s gonna be Jim misspelling every other word and Kyle copy/pasting or straight up screenshotting Deadspin literally without changing a word because he’s too tired to do anything else. Just in time for football. Can’t wait.

  33. You know, if I was in the Desert, and there was a BWW in the middle of it, I’d go, “wow, a Buffalo Wild Wings, let keep going and see if there’s anything better…”
    (h/t the Late John Pinette for the joke inspiration)

  34. Went to BWW a week or two after it opened on Grant and the Boulevard to watched game 6 of the 2011 ALCS. I ordered a Yards, the waitress didn’t know what a Yards was so I pointed to the giant glowing sign above my table. Waited 40 minutes for beer and almost 2 hours for 12 or so wings. I’ve never gone back and never will go back.

    1. the last time I was at a restaurant and the waitress didn’t know what a Yard was, I pulled down my zipper and showed her.

  35. 1992 called, they want their wings back. Seriously chuckie you idiot, the wings there were considered good over 20 years ago when not many bars had wings. Nobody has actually considered them good since like 1999.

  36. Kyle, you lose ALL wing writing credibility when you start talking about BONELESS wings, YOU FUCKING PUSSY. I’d like to consider your point and maybe even agree, but no, boneless. Figures.

  37. Wings ? The Pine Hill Tavern NJ best sauce. during football season a woman drives down from Long island NY and buys 200 wings and goes back home. the Pic A Lilli wings too.. everything else is generic boiled drivel for the masses.

  38. The one on the blvd is like eating in a loud steamy warehouse. We stopped there after a Flyers afternoon game. Of course – seeing us all wearing jerseys – the waitress asks if we’re there to watch the game. We had to explain that the game already happened.

    Other than that the food is underwhelming. There are two types of sauces basically – gross or HOT, screw flavor, just hot. After 5 minutes it all tastes the same anyway after you’ve numbed your tastebuds.

  39. I’m with you guys. You are my newest club and honestly my best friends. I used to eat at bdubs with my coworkers and then I decided to not be a team player. I guess I have a new team now though.

  40. I think wings are the Devil. Anyone that eats wings is also the Devil. We should live off the land so we can avoid the Devil.

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