CBP’s Pistachio Girl Needs Your Votes for Best Ballpark Vendor


Over at MLB.com’s Cut4, they’re holding a fan vote to see who is the top food/drink vendor in all of Major League Baseball. Fans will vote for the best candidate today and tomorrow, and each day’s winner will face off on Friday for the crown. In today’s vote, two Citizens Bank Park vendors are in the running: Beer Pirate and Pistachio Girl. We’re sorry to throw our support behind just one of them, but Beer Pirate is already out of it.

Pistachio Girl, if you don’t know, is suffering from a bit of an injustice:

Fans at Citizens Bank Park know Emily Youcis as “Pistachio Girl” or — informally — as “PISTAAAAAAAAACHIOOOOOOS!” The legend of “Pistachio Girl” has spawned a Facebook fan page and a bevy of YouTube highlight clips.

The irony of Youcis’ nickname is that Citizens Bank Park no longer sells pistachios, so Pistachio Girl has spent the 2015 season selling Cracker Jacks and lemon water ice [wood-er ahys]. But the people have spoken … and started a Change.org petition to bring pistachios back to the ballpark and restore Youcis’ claim to fame.

Pistachio Girl can’t even sell pistachios anymore, so we gotta make sure she trumps this lemonade nobody from Arizona. You can vote over here.

[h/t reader Kyle]
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30 Responses

  1. That dude with dreads in the 140-145 section? He used to rake it in the good ole days.

  2. Pistachio Girl (at least, earlier this season) still sings the song of her people for a generous tip. Don’t even have to buy Cracker Jacks!

  3. The video you selected is not yet available. And when it is you will not be able to play it.

  4. Dread Dude routinely tries to keep the extra change (quarters) on the the buck or two you tip him. Does an extra slow reach into his bib to hand the change and figures people will forget about it. Scumbag dickbreath.

  5. They sell some piece of crap named The S U P E R pretzel. There is nothing s u p e r about it. They used to sell pretzels from a well known local company. Thanks to the conglomerate that runs the concessions they were forced out. I think we all know how that company gets it’s tentacles into just about every venue that offers food.

    1. I hear she has no hair on her pussy! I call that a BALDY!! Heeheee haaa haaa yuuk yuuuk yuuuk you know what I mean brotha!? Preciate Bo!

  6. Funny, you can only vote one time for this stupid meaningless contest, but fans can keep voting over and over for the same crappy player in the all-star game that determines home field in the world series.

  7. Best guy in the place is the beer man in the 110s who screams “Ice Cold Stelllllaaaaa!”.

  8. I would love to eat Pistachio Girl’s pussy. Wonder if she shaves

    1. No doubt she’s hairy & smelly down there

    1. As long as the sponsors continue to be impressed by hit rates of my endless postings of how much I love C0CK it should do well!

  9. Dopes censored “j-a-c-k-a-s-s” but allow all the other words you see above? Unreal!

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