Chase Utley Has Cleared Waivers

utley waivers

Ruben Amaro said he doesn’t think Chase Utley is going anywhere as late as this morning, but it’s at least partly in Utley’s hands (and any team that wants him) now that he’s cleared waivers. I’ve got a highlight video queued up just in case, but I’m almost afraid to watch it.


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    1. Yep, and R-Hewes stood up when she pissed.

  1. Hope we trade him. Never understood why people liked him so much, he has the personality of a brick wall. Only thing he ever did was say fuckin’ on TV which was cool. Yeah he used to be good, I just don’t see why everyone wants him to retire in a phillies uniform.

    1. Seriously true anecdote/not a CB joke comment:

      One of my good friends happened to be out drinking in Philly with a group of people one night. Ran into John Clark, who ended up joining their party. Eventually, they all wind up back at his apartment. During this post-show, he starts hitting on this girl quite aggressively… yada yada yada …he ends up whipping it out like in that Seinfeld episode.

      If my friend sees this comment, since he’s a CB reader, he can verify this.

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  4. Bob nice work posting up big giant c0cks in the comments section of Nice work man you’re in the mix.

  5. I don’t know if it’s just my PC but all of a sudden I’m seeing all the posts in Dickvision.

  6. Trading Chase is like putting your old dog down…you know it’s the right thing to do but it’s soooo hard to do.

  7. All the people who say chase shouldn’t get a second chance probably don’t realize that some of the players and managers on their favorite team wouldn’t be there if they weren’t given second chances at one point or another in their careers. Nobody can or should try to defend what he said at the parade but everyone has made mistakes and done things they regret, because this guy had his worst moment caught on tape people think that they can stand in judgement and condemn him for an 1 act . If he says it was a hip flexor, let phils bring him back to prove haters wrong & give him a chance to compete. If he’s not good enough, trade him and that’s that. What is interesting to me is that people seem to care so much about what pro athletes do in their personal lives, he and his wife have moved on, what does banning him from the phils accomplish?

    1. Go smoke some more Pall Malls, drink some more Cutty Sark and just shut up you shriveled old wh0re

    2. The Meth problem must be getting worse than I thought in Mayfair

    3. Linda from Mayfair needs to cross at a light & get nailed by a bus like that black dude today

    4. “If he’s not good enough just trade him, and move on”. Your post was retarded on so many levels but that line takes the cake. Would there be teams lining up to trade for a broken down, washed up, has been second baseman who would be a year older at that point? You idiotic idiot.

    5. “What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

    6. Can see Linda from Mayfair always being the loudest Person in the bar

    1. Reads anal-o and fake south philly for the 40th time……nope, still not funny.

  8. Lol at people who “struggle” with trading Utley
    who freaking cares. he’s old, he sucks now, the Phillies suck now.

    do whats best for the organization, any prospect benefits us more than a broken down Chase Utley rotting on a 90 loss team.

    1. She searchers her name for mentions on twitter . I said she was a gold digger without mentioning her directly & Got blocked. She’s bat crazy

  9. Utley should accept a trade to a contender – we are talking about two months or so (including playoffs. He doesn’t even have to move his family. Play for fun , if struggling to make the playoffs can be considered fun. At least it is more fun than playing for this year’s (including the rest of August and September) Phillies who are looking at a lame duck GM and a possible lame duck mgr.

    Look, if he enjoys this next six to nine weeks, then he’ll be eager to stay active as a player, plus if he shows well, he would likely get a one year journeyman deal. Maybe even from the Phillies – as a thank you for agreeing to a trade now.

    Chase might look good in swapping his Phillies pinstripes for Yankee pinstripes. If I am the Yankees I’ll take the risk. The Phillies could very well be interested in the Yankees back up catcher – the youngster named John Ryan Murphy.

  10. Don’t know why you’d be reading this but if so…chase utley…thank you. I met you a couple of years ago at an autograph signing at king of Prussia mall (I’m sure you don’t remember lol). But I was going through a divorce and told you how 2008 helped me get through it better. You Told Me To Keep My Head Up And Stay POSITIVE …I followed what you had to say chase and it still means alot. Your a class act. – @nt

    1. God what a faaaaaag. Chase helped you get through a divorce oh I can imagine that conversation in the mall I’m sure he doesn’t remember it probably had Jennifer bleach his brain to forget it and come to think of it he hasn’t been the same player since you bored him with your divorce you fffucking ruined Utley you selfish douche! It’s no wonder you got ditched surprised it didn’t happen at the altar

  11. it’s amazing.

    but don’t say you feel a little h0arse. a little h0arse with huge t33+h and no tits.

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  12. In case anyone cares, Franco took a fast ball on the wrist last night. Looked nasty. Xrays are negative so no broken bones thank God. Sit him for a few weeks Phils, no reason to rush him back.

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