CNN: Maybe Philadelphia Murdered That Robot Because He (It?) Associated with Santa


CNN, who spent the whole weekend reporting that Cecil the Lion’s brother had also been killed in an illegal hunt – the lion is alive – just had to crowbar a reference to Eagles fans throwing snowballs at Santa into the HitchBOT story.

The link in the article takes you to the Snopes page that reminds you the incident in question took place in 1968, a time in which we were arguably more obsessed with robots than we are now. And yeah, I know the execution of HitchBOT is vandalism, destruction of property, and theft (among other crimes). But there’s a part of me that is happy to know when SkyNet takes over, and it passes across Canada and Germany and Boston unscathed, it’s gonna encounter some serious resistance in Philly.

UPDATE: Looks like the robot killer was also an Eagles fan (he seems to be wearing a Cunningham jersey), so maybe the comparison was a bit more apt.


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    1. …who gives a shit about this. it’s a robot.
      but if you really care about it, consider this: every time a see a story about a crime in Philly on Action News, there is some kind of film from a nearby camera. sometimes the film is clear, sometimes it’s grainy, but there is always a film. this thing gets destroyed near Elfreth’s Alley and there is no video surviellance film? come on.

        1. that’s right, I said it. it had to be said.

      1. maybe now the liberal hippies will realize that its not all fucking sunshine and rainbows, shit is real out here on the boulvard, even for a robot.

  1. Stop acting like jerks and people will stop mentioning all of the times you have acted like jerks before.

    1. Who gives a flying f uc k about that? That would only be relevant unless he got knocked the eff out….by a white dude……

  2. Hey Jim, We’re not talking about this topic today OK.

    This is Eagles Day. GOT IT!!!!!

  3. Santa builds toys in the North Pole.

    HitchBOT is a toy.

    Philly fans hate Santa.

    Therefore, Philly fans killed HitchBOT.

  4. the Pope comes to Philly and canonizes HitchBot = Saint HitchBot…..patron saint of all artificial intelligence.

  5. Thanks for turning my photo into a news story… other news outlets have also mentioned santa when covering the story like abc world news now this morning

  6. If Hitchbot looked like a T-800 instead of havin that goofy smile, the whole world would be happy he got clapped.

  7. CNN’s headline on their site is “Hitchhiker robot beheaded in Philly” I kid you not!

    Of course this has to be the work of ISIS. They thought he was an infidel.

  8. Everybody knows that robots are the real racists. We are supposed to be all upset that some white guys in olde city killed a robot. But you never hear about all of the robot on robot violence. And those shows glamorizing robot on robot killings. And if a bunch of robots killed a white guy, it would not be reported on the news. And if they did, they would not report they were robots. Now we will have Al Sharpbot and Jesse Jackbot rioting and protesting.

    1. I wonder myself if the robot was gaay like me. I want to know how the media would treat this if it was a LGBT robot. Would they be making fun of the situation? Would they deny the robot his gaay rights?

      1. Pretty sure that’s just a lower case L in “Al” but your interpretation works too. Sharpton most likely is artificial intelligence.

  9. As coach kelly said, robot did everything we ask worked hard , you know but we got great value for the robot an we went in that direction.

  10. Can you really be “notorious” for ONE thing that happened ONE time MANY years ago? Apparently so.

    1. The engineers that created hitchBOT knew this would eventually happen. No one failed a social experiment. They knew eventually the “robot” would have been stolen or destroyed. The total cost of the project was $2000.00. With the sob story publicity that this robot got for them, they will see an influx of money for future research. They win and are probably rejoicing. The stupid public with these “feelings” over a computer are the losers.

      1. However, I just saw a picture of the guy that invented this thing. He is very hot so I offered to suck his C0CK

  11. It’s a good thing that this robot got whacked. It teaches a valuable lesson about the dangers of hitchiking.

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