CNN, who spent the whole weekend reporting that Cecil the Lion’s brother had also been killed in an illegal hunt – the lion is alive – just had to crowbar a reference to Eagles fans throwing snowballs at Santa into the HitchBOT story.

The link in the article takes you to the Snopes page that reminds you the incident in question took place in 1968, a time in which we were arguably more obsessed with robots than we are now. And yeah, I know the execution of HitchBOT is vandalism, destruction of property, and theft (among other crimes). But there’s a part of me that is happy to know when SkyNet takes over, and it passes across Canada and Germany and Boston unscathed, it’s gonna encounter some serious resistance in Philly.

UPDATE: Looks like the robot killer was also an Eagles fan (he seems to be wearing a Cunningham jersey), so maybe the comparison was a bit more apt.