DeMarco Murray Was Perplexed about Being Held Back in Camp, but Was It for SPORTS SCIENCE?

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

DeMarco Murray was held out of full-team drills yesterday. Today, he participated fully in 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills. According to, Murray isn’t hurt, he doesn’t know why he was held out, and he’s not gonna ask because “I just do what I’m told.” Chip probably loves this guy.

“Some guys get more reps one day,” Murray said, “and another day another guys gets more reps.”

He also swore he’s not injured.

So what was it? We have no idea, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was, well, sports science.

We know DeMarco Murray carried the ball a lot last year, and players who carried the ball as much as he did typically don’t replicate their success the next year. We also know Chip uses wearable-trackers for his players to keep an eye on their health. He told Grantland last year, using Brent Celek as an example:

“We may take [tight end] Brent Celek out of a team period on a Tuesday afternoon and just say, because of the scientific data we have on him, ‘We may need to give Brent a little bit of a rest.’ We monitor them very closely.”

Is it reasonable to believe they kept Murray out of full-team work on the first day of camp because of something they saw on those trackers? Absolutely. Is that what happened? No idea. But it’s a good sign that they’re already keeping an eye on Murray’s workload on day one. Not sure how much confidence that instills… but yeah.

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26 Responses

  1. ah, you beat me to the punch, Coach Hogan. I was going to say that yesterday was the first day I met DeMarco; up until that point I didn’t realize he was black. oh, well.

  2. @Atlanta – win
    Dalllas – loss
    @N.Y.Jets – win
    @Washington – loss
    New Orleans – win
    N.Y. Giants – win
    @Carolina – loss
    @Dallas – loss
    Miami – loss
    Tampa Bay – win
    @Detroit – win
    @New England – loss
    Buffalo – win
    Arizona – loss
    Washington – loss
    @N.Y. Giants – win

    Sorry fellow Eagles fans but I think this 2015 Eagles team takes another step back,and we miss the playoffs again.

    1. Why do you think they will lose to Washington twice? Why do you think they will lose to Carolina and Miami? I don’t think you really though about these picks.

  3. Kevin he made that prediction because he’s a typical Debbie Downer Eagles fan that you can hear any time of the day on WIP. He’s also the kinda douche that in January at some random bar will jump in front of TV cameras and scream that the Birds are gonna win it all.

  4. *PEW*PEW*PEW*

    Another day, another drive-by…

    Chip ain’t even know bout that OVO and that XO!

  5. 97.5 the phanatic started out as a new fresh sports talk station with new, not recycled talk hosts a fresh it basically is recycled WIP GARBAGE. gargano is soooo 1996.
    Jon marks has always been terrible. Rob Ellis is a tired whiner where nobody listen to him on the other station and his insight is pretty mediocre.I understand why they made these changes it is because they are trying to stay corporate to get the cash rolling in. Decamera, lombardo are basically little Dave spadaro’s with no cutting edge takes and are chip Kelly ass munchers. Decamera I think goes down on jaworski during brakes. They have no subjective opinions about the Eagles or Kelly but they will attack nonstop mark Sanchez cause they got the green light to attack this minority. But will shy away from attacking other qbs. Also it just amazes that they have no clue at all about any other teams in other cities and they talk sports for a like Jon marks worried about if chip had been married before but not about football it’s self or the team 97.5 is an embarrassment

      1. Go to bed! If I find you under the blankets with the laptop computer again then I am uninviting your colored friends over tomorrow

      2. Kyle,
        I’m getting really tired of people stealing my handle and saying the most vulgar things pretending to be me. I really thing it’s time to make people sign on with their proper user name and stop these shenanigans. Please institute henceforth.

        Your pal,
        Dr Penis M.D

  6. There is not 1 relevant comment on this post. I’ll be the first.
    I believe in Chips sports science after all of the monitoring the players go through. I’m glad he is giving Murray rest because we will need him to play all 16 games this season.I’m sure Bradford will go through the same situation during training camp.

    1. Jimmy with all due respect because I like your post a lot who gives a flying f*** about Jim and his stupid particle purely speculating on whether or not it has to do with sports science and putting it in capital letters it was a waste of space and didn’t deserve its own article let alone serious comments about said article

      1. hahaha you’re right. Jim is acting as if he coined the term sports science and wants all other articles about DeMarco to link back to this.

  7. I’m liking these new-style green jerseys this year. The one-color “bold” numbers are a classy under-stated touch. I am surprised to see corporate endorsement on the NFL jerseys this season. I guess it was just a matter of time. The Nike material seems more thin and breathable than the Reebok jerseys (you can see this player’s undershirt graphics in the photo).

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