#HitchBOT was Actually Destroyed, But Surveillance Video was Dumb YouTube Prank

Full credit to Jared Shelly and Jamie Lynch who called this basically from the beginning: It looks like someone did, in fact, murder the HitchBOT, but that surveillance footage was faked. According to YouTube user PrankvsPrank, he came up with the fake video idea along with fellow YouTube celebrity – ugh, please make it stop – Ed Bassmaster:

“Before the death of Hitchbot, I was the last person to experience the hitchhiking experiment. It was handed off to me and Ed in Philly on top of the Rocky Steps at Art Museum. At that point, I did not know much about the Robot except that he had a bucket list to visit famous landmarks around the United States … I sat him on a bench in the historically known oldest residential street of Philadelphia, Elfreth’s Alley. I waited there for awhile, but no one had come for Hitchbot, so I left him to continue his hitchhiking journey on his own.

The next day, the terrible news was reported that Hitchbot had been vandalized and completely destroyed. News reporters and Anchors from various news stations were reaching out to me to hear about his last moments alive, so Ed and I decided to do an interview, but to prank the news during the interview as Ed’s character “Always Teste.”

We were upset about the vandalism of Hitchbot and went in search to find any Surveillance footage of the area that may have existed, so we could find out who the killer was! We had no luck, and then the idea sparked for us to create fake surveillance footage of “Always Teste,” Ed’s character and PRANK THE NEWS!! We bought similar parts and rebuilt the arms of the robot to utilize in the surveillance video. We placed a camera at the scene where Hitchbot was last seen and where his remains were found.

I edited the video to look like a true “surveillance video” and I sent it off to the news because they had all been asking me for interviews and information … We wanted to raise awareness of the situation and all of the negativity that was now being associated with Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, and for people to realize that all Philadelphians are not bad people. I reached out to the creator of Hitchbot, David Harris Smith, to see if he had or would like to setup a gofund me account, or kickstarter to rebuild a newer, better Hitchbot himself, with HIS TRUE creators.”

Right. He faked surveillance video to make himself more YouTube famous – again, UGH – I mean, uh, because he “wanted to raise awareness of the situation and all of the negativity that was now being associated with Philadelphia.” You know, show Philadelphians aren’t bad by piggybacking on an actual robot murder with security footage of a fake robot murder. This is the world we now live it, and it’s confusing and I don’t like it.


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  1. They’re making an honest living off YouTube like you guys are this blog. Their video will probably get millions of views cause of this.

  2. This is the biggest who gives a shit story i have ever come across on this site….and that’s saying something

  3. Posted 10 and a half HOURS ago on Deadspin. Keep up the good work Jim, you hipster waste of space. At least these losers making stupid YouTube videos are coming up with their own dumb shit to post, not just completely ripping it off from someone else. Can’t wait to see how pitiful this site gets once Kyle has to start ruining his kid’s childhood.

    1. If you are such a fan of Deadspin then why don’t you stop reading and posting comments on CB.com you lowlife! Go and get a job! And by that I mean cum see me and I will give you a blowjob.

    2. Hey, if you’re gonna be the sort of d-bag who comments on blogs and compares the timing of stories, at least do so correctly. This video from the creators seen here wasn’t posted until last night, around 8 pm. Deadspin did do a post yesterday at 12 – I checked – which was exactly the same sort of post we did Monday afternoon, saying this video is probably fake. You suck at even being a troll.

      1. Hell yea Kyle!!!! You tell that fat fuck Josh Innes to go fuck himself!!!!

        I love you Kyle … So much…

      2. Any thoughts of getting rid of some of these trolls by having a sign-in to comment? I think that many of these trolls are the same person (possibly Josh Innes).

  4. Who the fuck has the time to even plan and film dumb shit like this? These are the type of people that participate in mock fantasy drafts. What a disgrace.

    1. Bro you got a fuckking problem with my GPA? How bouts you go out and start your own website you no talented beeatch. Got a beef with me then come down to pitchers pub and we can settle this like real boyz and throw some fists aight? M-F 8-2 quizzo on Thursdays BTW

  5. Can we stop using words like murder, feelings, and hurt, when talking about a plastic bucket. Giving a piece of trash anthropomorphic qualities just makes you sound stupid and crazy.

  6. This whole thing is hilarious. I’m glad that it ended in Philly, we don’t have time for all this cutesy kumbaya crap. A hitchhiking robot? C’mon, that thing had to be put out of its misery. Go birds.

  7. where the fuck do u get off ripping ed bassmaster, a guy who makes a good living making funny ass youtube videos, when you are a deadbeat blogger who has no credibility in the media world. You sit at ur fucking house and make articles about radio wars all day and jizz in your pants everytime Josh Innes blasts Bitchanelli so you can write a shitty ass “story” and get 100 comments. And then you rip Bassmaster like you are better then the guy when really you are a pussy ass twink little bitch who tries to hawk garbage t shirts with 3rd grade level designs and runs a website that requires users to answer a fuckin survey before they can gain access

    1. ethan is spot on. If there’s one blog on the planet with no right to rip some loser who at least stages his own shit without ripping off others, it’s this site.

      And your “He’s just trying to get internet-famous” whining is beyond hypocritical….this from a turd who re-blogs and calls attention to any mention of himself on any fourth rate media in existence.

      There must be a stronger word than “pathetic”.

      1. I didn’t write the post. Jim did. I don’t begrudge anyone making a living on YouTube.

        Read more good.

  8. Notice no June ratings update in mid July? Sounds like Kyle either lost his source(who retired?) or has been silenced either way he pussed out

  9. You are such A hypocrite, This whole website is A lie. Half of the time I come here its not posts about anything sports related. It is just some either advertisement for one of your dumb shirts you made or another “Reason why im not going in the ocean” post. You should probably take notes from this and learn.

  10. These 2 straight brim hat wearing losers remind me of Sean “The Barback” Brace

  11. Kyle/Jim, you do realize that by acting high and mighty when it comes to a YouTube celebrity, you sound just like the “fossils” in print media when they criticize you. Wake up, blogger.

  12. I’m fine. I picked up another bot in the red light camera district. We be banging all night long.

    Johnny 5 is a pussy.

  13. I didn’t get the impression that the Author was ripping Ed Bassmaster for making a living making funny ass videos on YouTube….I think he was more annoyed with the fact that they used the excuse “raise awareness of the situation…” to, ” you know, Show Philadelphians arent bad…” If there is a hypocrite here, its certainly not the author.

  14. What’s wrong with seeing an oppurtunity and running with it? Whether it was worth the media attention or not they pulled it off and got everyone talking about it. PvP was already a great and highly successful channel and Bassmaster is God…Lemme know when your site makes national news

    1. Thanks dude. I lol’d at the “Bassmaster is God” line. You don’t get out much do you?

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