It’s Bradley Cooper’s World, The Rest of Us Are Merely Inhabitants

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Oh that there is just the world’s greatest Eagles fan and Villanova one-timer Brad Cooper, hanging out in Italy with Irinia Shayk. Oh, and he’s wearing an Eagles hat. The same Eagles hat he wore to the Mayweather “fight”:


It’s nice to know superstars, too, have a gamer hat they wear every day. Even if their everydays consist of getting necked by Russian supermodels on the Amalfi Coast.

pics via the Daily Mail, H/T to reader Chris


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        1. All 3 of you need to stop jerking off to your McCoy fantasy posters and NFL teams instead of worrying about Bob, simpletons.

  1. On a sidenote, Josh Innes Hollis Thomas and Brian Hadad = a trainwreck for 94wip today.

    1. Don’t forget Producer Extraordinaire/ Professional Button Pusher- Adam Reigner. He brings straight ether to the airwaves

    2. Brian Haddid??? Why is he on? I thought Spike Eskin was the third wheel. Haddid and Innes together are nausea producing not to mention ear ache inducing.

  2. Innes made a great point. Philly fans know ZERO about college sports. Yeah, we want Mariotta. We never saw him play a down in college, but we want him.

    Hahahaha!!! Losers you are. Be a real sports fan and watch the college ranks of a sport you profess to love so much.

    I am a MLB fan. I watch both college and minor league baseball. You “football” fans are so pathetic that you can’t even watch college.

      1. How does he know Philly fans know nothing about college sports? The only fans he talks to are the brain dead callers on his show. Most people I know in my neighborhood all watch college sports and know a great deal about them (I am not one). Innes is a gigantic boil on the rear of humanity.

    1. Bob you seem to have a lot of time on your hands, which leads me to believe you’re not really some stay at home IT consultant, but rather you’re really an unemployed loser who’s mad at the world, and the only outlet you have at getting back at people is to lash out on the comment section of crossing broad which is really pathetic on your part.

      Try seeking professional help asap!

    2. You are the biggest troll in the history of CrossingBroad.

      Candy would be proud.

      Now go fist yourself…


  3. Inside source says Leo D and Bradley C both like to suck the pipe. The models are a complete front.

    1. They are correct. I know some people who worked on the sides of their movie productions when they filmed in town. Cooper even looks like his uncomfortable with that model hanging all over him.

  4. Villanova one-timer? Trying to take credit for a guy who hated your school and transferred to Georgetown after a year?

  5. Heard from a source Josh I and Reeah H. went out to celebrate Josh’s new show last night at Mad River in Manayunk.

    Kyle my man snapped pics do you want? Though Josh is too fat to fit in most of them, you just see a blob.

    1. Reah posted some pictures on Twitter of her and her son in Tuckerton. That girl you re seeing is that Jilly person.

  6. I am so touched that so many men in entertainment followed my lead and put on a charade like me and Sonja. There was Rock Hudson, Tom Cruise, Richard Gere, Leonardo and George Clooney to name a few. Welcome aboard, Brad.

  7. Hey, wanna hear a secret? If you don’t respond to ‘Bob’, he/she/it will simply disappear from this website. He/she/it needs an audience…desperately. Let’s give it a try. Bye, Bob.

  8. I’m sure her pussy smells the same as all the others! Love me some fresh tuna!

  9. This headline should read: “local man does well, wears hat of local team.”
    That is all.

  10. My dad’s friend worked on the set of Silver Linings Playbook, he’s a teamster and drove around the set pieces and stuff like that. While they were filming in Upper Darby he said Deniro and Chris Tucker were really down to earth and autographed whatever anybody wanted. Jennifer Lawrence was a total sweetheart too, you know where this is going……

    He said Bradley Cooper was the biggest smug jerkoff. He had worked on “Dead man Down” in the city which starred Colin Farrell and he was kind of a dick, but nobody has ever been worse than Cooper

    1. I dont find Bradley Cooper attractive at all. Now Josh ? Josh can squeeze my lemons anyday.

  11. In the same sense, I’d eat catfish fingers out of her butthole. On this day in 1988, the film Rochelle Rochelle opened…

  12. saw Bradley “Coop” Cooper railing some sluts in the bathroom of an AC nightclub in June 2014. It was a sight to behold. One girl sucking him, him eating another girl.

    truly majestic

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