Jim Irsay, Er, The Colts Want All of Your Old Pills


Last year, Colts owner Jim Irsay was arrested with “numerous” bottles of prescription pills and a bunch of cash on him. Today, the Colts announced that they’ll take all of your old pills, if you don’t mind.

Voila_Capture 2015-08-06_01-24-35_PM

In a tweet sent out today, the Colts encouraged fans to bring their unused and expired prescriptions for “disposal” at camp, and in return you can get a DVD. As the Colts’ website says:

Community Take Back Day presented by the Indiana Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force – Sunday, August 9: The Colts are teaming up with the Office of the Indiana Attorney General for a prescription drug take back event at Training Camp. Fans that bring unused or expired Rx prescriptions for safe disposal on August 9th will be given a complimentary copy of the 2014 Colts highlight DVD titled “Knocking on the Door.”

And as one person on Twitter said:

Seriously though, don’t NARC. Irsay just wants to help the community.

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29 Responses

      1. What is the point in posting deadspin’s version of articles? Last I checked they weren’t copied word for word. Are you trying to say if deadspin has an article then crossingbroad shouldn’t make a similar post about it? That’s stupid. I get that deadspin posted the article first but what does that matter? Every story in sports is regurgitated ad nauseum.

        1. I’m starting a blog that just regurgitates deadspin. Call it a social experiment. It will be called crossing Pattison.

    1. My Bobby used to always make me shop at Dicks for his Little League baseball bats he used to tell me to make sure that they were all black and at least 3 feet long I didn’t figure out until he was 17 that he actually never competed in Little League so I’m wondering what he did with those bats

  1. Seriously, can you guys manage one story that doesn’t look like a direct copy/paste from Deadspin? It’s strange how the articles always seem to show up there first, then 30 minutes later they’re here.

      1. Yea for real. This whole Bob this is soooooo repetitive. Get a life dude. I bet you still live in your moms basement. Loser. I like deadspin a whole bunch. They are soooooo much faster at posting stuff than CB dude !!!!
        Hey “Bob” … Get a life man!!!!!

        1. Pretty sure he was talking to you, S-F-K . The “Bob” stuff is actually more entertaining than 85% of the content on here….

  2. The irsay tribe is one you can’t trust but like to embarrass themselves when given.
    On a lighter note there is not one person incarcerated over 9/11. Keep this in mind when the police kill another civilian over nonsense

    Makes you wanna behead sarah Silverman when you see dumb head on TV or other media article

  3. As I always say, you Eagles’ fans are so lucky to have me. I am not a pill popping drug addict like Robert. Sure, he has a Super Bowl win, but how does that compare to me? Hello. Anybody listening?

    1. “And I like to suck Chip’s c0-ck…especially when he’s licking my balloon know”-Gay Jeffy

      Fuck off dick-licking Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  4. Despite the childish jokes, this is actually a nice move to help responsibly get rid of old or expired meds. This helps keep them out of the wrong hands or having a child accidentally get into them. Despite his mis-steps last year, Irsay has always been someone please chain me to a bed and insert the business end of a plunger inside my rectum.

    1. I’m gittin perty sick and tired of all this gay Bob nonsense. I’m trying to read reasonable comments here about Jim Irsay and all I’m gittin is plungers shove up my bung hole!!!!

      Also, if you can cover your entire penis with one hand…. You might be a redneck!

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