Jimmy Rollins Gets in Parting Shot on Ryne Sandberg

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Jimmy Rollins, speaking to the media before the game last night, gets in this delightful dig at overmatched manager and resisdent airheard Ryne Sandberg. Kevin Cooney wrote down the words:

“As a manager, you have to deal with 25 personalities — actually more because guys get hurt and guys come up (from the minors),” Rollins said in the Dodgers’ dugout. “So it isn’t just about the Xs and Os and executing the game plan. When you manage, you have to manage the players. You manage the game during the game time. In the meantime, you have to manage the players. That’s something that I spoke with (general manager) Ruben (Amaro) about before I got traded over and I know he said that that was something that he wanted to mention to Ryne. Hopefully, that was a tip. But, obviously, whatever happened over here, (Sandberg) took it upon himself to say he didn’t really want to be a part of it anymore.”

Somewhere, once Sandberg logs into CompuServe from his home in Arizona, he’s going to read these comments and unnecessarily discipline one of his kids in retaliation. Does he even have kids? I don’t know. Who cares. The Sandberg era almost didn’t happen. In 20 years, people will say things like “Oh yeah, that’s right! Ryne Sandberg managed the Phillies for, what, a week?” and “Oh my God! Ryno did manage the Phillies after Charlie was unceremoniously, and needlessly, fired!”

More on the matter from Cooney.


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    1. That is an excellent observation. So, I’ll give you an old insult for fun: “how tall are you? (Whatever they say) you reply ” I didn’t know they stacked shit that high”

  1. Thank God, I am no longer the worst Phillies manager. Truth be told, neither Rollins or Howard would even be on any team I managed.

  2. Charlie was the man. I could listen to him rumble for hours. Unfortunately, today’s players don’t see him as relevant as he is. They liked him because he didn’t screw around with them. As far as the baseball “book” it’s bullshit, players make plays.

  3. Before Sandberg was named manager wasn’t the prevailing thought with fans and the media that the Phillies just had to do something to keep Ryne in the organization for fear of some other team swooping in and offering him a managerial position?

    1. yeah and now look. he probably will never have another managerial position in the majors.

      crazy how people change their tune and quickly forget…namely the media members

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