Joel Embiid’s Second Surgery Was Successful, Countdown to Third Surgery Begins

jojo surgery
jojo caption

Joel Embiid’s second foot surgery of his professional career was a supposed success earlier today, according to Embiid himself. The first surgery, after which Embiid played zero games, was about 14 months ago, so expect the third surgery to be sometime next October, right around the start of the season. So either the pattern sticks and he’s under the knife again, or JoJo will hit the court. That’d be nice.

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26 Responses

  1. Ran into Scott O’Neil in wawa, he told me embiid postponed his surgery because he had a trip to south beach planned

  2. It pains me to say it but I don’t think he ever plays a minute for the sixers. Hope I am wrong.

  3. Shit, I would too.

    There’s a limit to how much you can ask a 20 year old millionaire with a busy social life to play Let’s Pretend.

  4. Even if he comes back, will he hold up in an 82 game season and 2 month playoff run? In fairness to the Sixer’s that 2014 draft wasn’t that good after Wiggins. Parker, Embiid, Exum, and Randle all had major season ending injuries and there aren’t any other game changers that round out the top 10.

  5. Neither of them had any interest in dating you. Why should we believe you know.

  6. Time for me to pick another team.Golden State Warriors here I come.Yeah yeah I’m a front-runner so sue me tired of waiting on this tanking ass team to finally put a competitive product on the court.

    1. I traded myself to the Milwaukee Bucks when MCW got traded there for a kid in the 8th grade. Good choice to get out of there since the tankers will be on tanking #7. Look at the bright side when the Warriors or Bucks come to town you can get entire row at the game for a Quarter.

  7. Who gives a damn about some nappy headed n1gs running up and down the court while rich white people fill the stands paying their enormous salaries! Fuckkking wiggers make me sick. Go and watch a real sport like baseball.

    1. bob- Dudeeeee get a fucking life. Plant some flowers or volunteer somewhere, good lord get outside of the house! Even take a comment board off once in a while

      1. Who are you to tell me to get a life while you’re posting on here as well?? Go and get a job! Get out of your parents basement! I get paid to work at home and I minimize windows to reply to you Philadelphia educated morons!

  8. Nothing wrong with him waiting. He wanted to get another opinion. Both from a doctor, and from someone who had the surgery themselves (in this case KD). If you are going to let someone cut you open and play with your insides, you want the patient to be comfortable with the procedure

    Trust the process!!!

  9. I long for the day when nba players that are obviously manufacturing stories from nothing are called out for their shameless publicity stunts, instead of being given the press their publicity stunts are seeking. That’s all embiid cares about

    1. The two of you hommos, probably spooks as well, need to get a life and stop worrying about me! Go and find a job and stop posting on CB.COM all day long under fake names, you must each have 30 handles on this site alone. Watch more baseball as well. A thinking white mans game where a blacks extra ligament and natural athleticism is negated by the white mans brain and intellect on the field.

  10. Wait,

    The Doctor said the surgery was incredibly successful? When does that ever happen? They never say that right after a surgery.

    1. Would a surgeon who makes his money on surgery really say it was the worse surgery ever and will never work. All surgery’s are successful in there eyes

  11. He will be back next year, deep playoff run the following yeast. #trusttheprocess.

    1. I will bet more on Tanking 4. Where the paid attendance at games will be 0. Unless the fraud owners and the GM go over a cliff in one of those tanks. 76ers fans are screwed.

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