Les Bowen Pisses On Your Eagles Excitement

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Les Bowen, a cold-water splash on your birthday candle, put all the preseason hype in its proper context and basically told fans “STOP BEING SO EXCITED, DAMMIT, YOU’RE BEING TOO LOUD WHILE I’M TRYING TO WRITE!”

Well, fans or one of his three colleagues – John Smallwood, Bob Brookover or Jeff McLane (but not Marcus Hayes– he’s always a buzzkill) – all of whom wrote overwhelmingly positive articles about the Eagles today:

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One sentiment on which I agree with Les: We shouldn’t just focus on the goal. This has a chance to be a special season. We should enjoy the ride. But there’s absolutely no reason to withhold your excitement until January. So please ignore whatever that curmudgeon tells you.

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50 Responses

  1. The Eagles let their fans down more times than not. This is setting up to be an epic let down, of historical proportion. So many Eagle fans bringing up Super Bowl for a team that may win 1 playoff game. The “we told you so’s” from realists are going to be heard worldwide

    1. Dumb people have a hard time with subtlety.

      You see, getting excited for a team that has shown signs that they could compete for a title makes the season fun.

      You can’t argue that with the roster assembled and the looks of the pre-season, if they stay pretty healthy, they are among the contenders. Vegas agrees.

      Not many people are saying they’re going to win or they have to win. This isn’t the 2010 Phillies where it’s an all-star squad and it’s failure if they lose.

      So in short, I’m saying you’re dumb.

    2. your negative outlook on everything is kinda bumming me out. When’s the last time you got some play? Be honest.

  2. Bowen isn’t trying to be a buzzkill here. What Les is saying here is not unrealistic. See how the season plays out. Non-story here. You are reaching.

    1. I actually agree with Les. I hate seeing everyone in the city talk about super bowl in the preseason. How about we win the division and get that first round bye then we can talk super bowl. This has the same feel of the “dream team” comments years ago.

    2. Wrote a positive article about Bradford today. Guess reading that was beyond the scope of Kylee’s 140-character attention span.

  3. The preseason is exciting, but it comes down to regular season execution. Let’s wait and see what happens.

      1. That crumb never stops calling even stooping so low as calling Ricardo on Sunday nights. Come on pal, get a life.

    1. Dude really…commit suicide? Your that Philly fan trash that EVERYONE (including fellow Eagle fans like myself) absolutely hates. Stop it you weirdo, if you have that much hate, go to the gym more and hit some punching bags…geez.

  4. Wait, didn’t they clinch the Super Bowl already with their 3-0 preseason mark?

    Chip Kelly’s teams win, they just don’t win championships. The reason is simple. His teams burn out by the end. You can’t be go go go go go in practice and games for 17 weeks and sustain, it just doesn’t work. May work in 12 week college seasons, but not in the pros.

    1. Hi, I’m dumb. I repeat things I hear on the radio said by other dumb people. There is no evidence to support this theory, however I keep saying it.

  5. Les is the guy who at 12 years old used to go on the school bus and tell all the first graders that there really wasn’t a Santa Clause……fun guy!

  6. What did you expect on a Monday, for them to talk about our football team. If you were at that piece of crap at Broad and Pattison you are a total loser.

  7. I’ll add this. I’ve seen this nonsense before, like Les Bowen has with the Superbowl talk. I’ll take you back to the 2011 Phillies. 4 aces. All of the online warriors and talk show hosts callers would not talk about the regular season at all. All they wanted to do was not enjoy the regular season. “Can we just get to the playoffs?” “I can’t wait until the WS.” Meanwhile, these asshole bandwagoners missed a tremendous 102 win team that was a joy to watch during the season because they looked at the regular season like dopes that didn’t care.

    Can’t win it all sometimes, even with a great team on paper. When will the dopes of Philly learn this? I say this as a fan of Philly sports for over 40 years.

  8. The name of the game here (and in life in general) is tempering expectations…. if you expect a superbowl and fall short, you are pissed. However, if you expect to maybe make the playoffs, anything more than that is gravy and you are thrilled.

      1. Hey man go fuckk yourself I have better things to do than stealing your handle. I’m still a little worse for the wear from Fanatic Fest. And I stand by my word he should commit suicide

      2. That wasn’t even me copying your gay ass screen name to make fun of you. But, I DID thoroughly enjoy it, you douche.

    1. Stealing other users handles is NOT cool. Trust me I know. However shoving broom handles up your ass is really cool again trust me I know

  9. Pathetic Eagles fans chant the same old Super Bowl shit EVERY FUCKIN’ YEAR and when they don’t make it, it’s like their whole fuckin’ family just died and they walk around all depressed months later! I know because I have some friends who are Eagles fans!

  10. Old Man Yelling has a point – if you build yourself up (off of just preseason hope no less) already to a ‘superbowl or bust’ position, you are going to lose out on an exciting season. Win or lose, these games are going to be entertaining,…don’t destroy that fun before you let it even happen.

  11. So they win EXHIBITION games and the sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep already have a fucking parade….fuck off.
    CHAMPIONSHIPS are the only things that matter–and your boy ball-licking Chip has not won a championship AT ANY LEVEL.
    Blooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. screaming at people to blow you probably isn’t anything new. You’re on that list, aren’t you

  12. How is he being a buzzkill or negative? That is very different than being a realist. Yes, this team looks like the real deal but I am not ordering any deli trays for the Super Bowl party yet. He is just saying wait until the season starts and take it game by game. Remember, they were 9-3 after Thanksgiving last year and everyone was screaming about the playoffs. I am cautiously optimistic and think they are going to have a good year but I don’t know about the SB yet.

  13. Appears to me Les is off the Eagle Kool Aid. The failed movie producer got Auntie Gotrocks to give him $200 million to buy the Eagles 22 years ago. His 0 for 22 Super Bowl record is another failure (again) only mitigated with Jim Jonesing the populace in Jeffreytown that all is fine and the future is bright. Just keep spending money, brother.

    I looked up the diagnosis for blind trust in the carnival barker’s promises. It is called “lunacy.”

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