#LOLJets: QB Geno Smith Gets his Jaw Broken in Locker Room Fight, Will Be Out 6-10 Weeks


And they say the Eagles have the worst QB situation in the NFL. It might still be true, but at least none of the linebackers at NovaCare are punching them in the face.


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    1. Hmmmph!!!

      I like deadspin better than crossing broad!!! Hmmph!!!

      They are way cooler!!! CB is always stealing from them!!!!

      Deadspin is soooooo awesome!!!!!!


  1. Clearly the Jets are afraid of being around grown men of IK Enemkpali’s culture.

  2. I will say that I believe Chip Kelly is overrated and until he wins some playoff games, I will continue to think so. But, this hilarious incident in NYC is exactly why I continue to agree with him shipping those turds out of here.

    Our Eagles might not be ready to win the Superbowl (yet), but at least we are going to enjoy routing for good, character guys as Chip continues his scourge of “me” guys.


    1. Culture DOES NOT WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS…Players, including stud QBs do, so everyone settle the fuck down because they do not have enough PLAYERS and do not have a QB..


  3. Oh my god, that’s horrible! I don’t know what I’d do if I broke my jaw. I guess more ass stuff.

  4. Has Mikey Miss been told to stop tweeting by his uppers? Been a month since his last tweet

    1. Levi is almost an immediate channel changer, along with Shirley and Brother Scott from Barrington.

    2. Chaney only calls when Jerardi or Kern dial the phone for him. Let the record reflect the “drinky drinky” motion was made.

  5. This was a make or break (pun intended) season for Geno Smith. He could be out of the league, as a result, if only because he’ll lose quite a bit of playing/practice time during the pre/regular season that will keep him off the Jets’ radar going forward. Seriously, his lawyers should sue Enemkpali. Teach that POS a lesson.

    1. geno who? this guy was never meant for the big time anyway. He had alot of buzz because he lobbed passes to a wide open Tavon Austin in college.

      I’m also calling it – Jameis Winston – is Vince Young Jr., will be bounced out of the league in 5 years tops, and less than that before he is a backup journeyman.

  6. Does anyone listen to Angelo or Innes anymore? Seriously. They are horrendous.

    1. Stern re-runs or his show in the morning and i listen to innes, can’t listen to mikey miss

      1. why does missanelli hate chip kelly? jealousy that he talks to wip and not to him directly i assume. i think miss doesnt want to see any more championships in philly – especially the eagles under kelly, although i know for a fact innes couldnt care less about philly winning anything.

        1. Who really gives a FUCK about if Innes is a “Philly fan” or not? All of these fucking hosts are retards anyway, who fucking cares what they do off the air?

  7. This just further proves the points these guys are barbarians. Black lives matter…let’s get it together people…

    1. No, no, no..black lives do NOT matter………………………………..power to whitey

  8. I read this on Deadshpin and came directly here to see if you would steal their “LOLJETS” and you did not let me down. Hilarious.

  9. Fuck….now I gotta take him off my Sleeper pick list. Huge upside potential.

  10. Why, oh why, couldn’t it have been Eric Mangold that cracked da brotha? I’d have enough racial bias material for another month.

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