Malcolm Jenkins Throws Shade at DeMarco Murray for Hanging in the Shade


DeMarco Murray – yet again – sat out of practice today. The previous reason given was SPORTS SCIENCE, but reporters and writers are beginning to get worried again. Someone who isn’t too worried is Malcolm Jenkins, who brought Murray a chair today just in case he wanted it. After practice, he was asked about the chair, and he responded with a smirk:

“We have a lot of guys that for whatever reason take a little day off, so I just wanted to make sure they had a nice little seat, a place in the shade while we’re all working out here.”

There’s still about a month until the season starts so being held back in practice really isn’t a big deal. It’s becoming the story though. #August


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  1. DeMarco Murray is fine. More media hype that’s nothing. If there was a serious issue, the Eagles would have already released a statement. They already force Kelly to talk everyday. What’s else do these assholes want?

  2. Alert me when Demarco sits out of a practice during the regular season. BTW I’m going to repeat as champion in my fantasy league this year.

  3. This isn’t difficult to figure out: Murray had 498 touches last season including playoffs. That is a shit ton. The history of the season after a RB touches the ball 350+ times is not good. They are taking it easy to give his body as much rest as possible. Running back is one of the easiest positions to play, its not like he’s missing that much. I don’t care how much he practices or plays in the preseason, as long as he’s rested come regular season.

  4. Does nobody read the news. The dude had a respiratory infection. Thats why he was sitting out. Its been going around my 2 hole family had it and it lasted like 2 weeks. Still coughing up a storm and dizzy. He’s fine.

  5. Not cool, Spray Tan. Practice is really important. How are you going to make your teammates better if you don’t practice?

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