Marcus Hayes Says Chip Kelly is Like Donald Trump Because, You Know, Reasons


It’s a cloudy, rainy Tuesday morning. All is pretty much quiet on the sports front. So is there any better way to start your day with the newest Marcus Haye pile of poo? This time, he’s talking the accusations of racism against Chip Kelly, and Chip’s need to respond to them. The headline, “Chip Kelly needs to address racism talk,” almost makes you think it’s something you’ll totally agree with. You won’t.

Over the past five months, an astounding amount of energy has been spent trying to disprove the observations of three Eagles who, at the risk of their own ruin, said they believe Chip Kelly has a problem with black men.

Well, I am not one to tell someone who has experienced racism when they are or aren’t experiencing it. But I will say this: LeSean McCoy did nothing “at the risk of his own ruin.” He completely lacks self-awareness and has shown that again and again. And I don’t know what astounding amount of energy Hayes is talking about. A majority of people who deny that Kelly has a problem with race simply push the allegations aside or say “Well, I don’t think he’s a racist.” Both require minimal effort.

Predictably, there was a massive rush to disprove it, and thereby make everyone’s life less prickly.

Are you guys ready? I’m gonna say something I’ve never said about something Marcus Hayes has written: This is a good point.

We naturally don’t want to believe that the people we like (or want to like) are bad people, or to an even lesser extent, we’d rather not concern ourselves with that at all. Life is easier that way. But hey, this is Marcus Hayes, so we’re gonna lose the plot at some point, right?

His responses: If they feel that way, too bad.

Not a hint of culpability. Not a whiff of empathy.

Think about that.

If the CEO of any other high-profile, billion-dollar company repeatedly was linked to racism by three former outstanding employees, all of whom risked being blackballed; and if that employer dismissed it by saying the employees were angry they were displaced; know what you would have?

Donald Trump.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE. Realistically, really, Chip Kelly is a dictator-y jerk who doesn’t have time for his players and treats them like commodities whose job is to play football and win games. Donald Trump is a misogynistic, racist, god-complex having jello ball with a tuft of dyed easter-basket grass for hair. And again, how did Boykin and McCoy – Thomas I’ll give you a bit – risk being blackballed? They were already on teams that specifically sought them out. But Hayes thinks that because it’s a running joke that Chip Kelly micro-manages the smallest details of football (even though he’s really not that nuts) that it’s “disturbing” that he won’t address this.

What is most astounding about the situation is that Kelly, who will change the team’s shoelace supplier to increase aerodynamics, will not do anything about this. Astounding, and disturbing.

If three former players told reporters that coconut water in smoothies upset their stomachs, Kelly would examine the chemical composition of coconuts from each continent.

I really doubt that, and if Hayes was just going for a zinger, he missed wide left. Kelly has shown – and I’m not saying this is what’s driving Hayes’ writing here – frequent disdain for the media and any and all of their questions. He’s probably a jerk. But that’s fine. All good football coaches are jerks. But Hayes has apparently missed any kind of analysis of Chip as a person in the time he’s been here:

It is incredible, really, that Kelly will allow this perception of him to spread – and spread it will.

Is it really incredible though? Or is it completely in line with the Chip Kelly we know. With the Chip Kelly who gives short answers (or none at all) to the simplest of questions, who was married for seven years and no one knew about it, who has laminated secrets in his hands on the sidelines at all times. It’s pretty much in-character. But the strangest point of all is some kind of Eagles-exceptionalism:

McCoy, Boykin and Thomas also are former Eagles; a status that, in the Jeffrey Lurie era, carries privilege and inclusion matched by few other franchises. Each is an excellent former Eagle; even Boykin, despite his short, three-year run. McCoy, a running back, and Thomas, a left tackle, are among the top three Eagles at their positions. Each has a birthright to be celebrated as such for the rest of their lives.

I mean, no they don’t? Eagles fans are incredibly loyal, and they remember the players who play well for them, but so does every franchise. In fact, Eagles fans may be loyal to a fault. Boykin barely played here, McCoy has the all-time rushing record here, and in a few years no one is going to remember Tra Thomas said anything at all. Even if they do, I really doubt those three give two shits about how they’re remembered by Eagles fans.

And one more point, before I end up copy-pasting-responding to all of this nonsense:

McCoy ran both the football and his mouth with little discipline. Thomas was never more than an aspiring assistant with no coaching credentials. Boykin is shorter than the cornerback template Kelly wants.

Several other players, coaches and scouts, both black and white, have been similarly dispatched. None has echoed these sentiments; not yet, anyway.

Perhaps they believe Kelly treated them fairly.

Or, perhaps they understand this sort of talk can ruin them in the NFL.

Or, without evidence that any of them felt this way at all, maybe it’s the simplest explanation: “They believe Kelly treated them fairly.” You can read Hayes’ whole screed here, or join fellow friends in the comments yelling about how terrible it is.


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  1. Marcus Hayes won.

    Talentless dimwit Jim Addair took his pile of crap and wrote a stupid blog post about it. That’s all that victim playing dork ever wanted — attention.

  2. This is dumb. All very dumb.

    What is Chip supposed to address? Is he supposed to make out with Uhura to prove he’s not a racist? March in Ferguson? There is nothing you can do to ‘show’ you’re not racist.

    Of course the fact that Mccoy and Boykins (not sure about Tra) walked back from their comments. So which is more true the original comment or the one made after given a chance to reconsider?

    In the end, I don’t freaking care if Chip Kelly is racist or not. If he wins football games, nobody will care. I don’t care if the team is all white guys or all Chinese guys, as long as they’re entertaining.

    1. just sent this email to marcus hayes:
      Got news for you Hayes,

      Chip doesn’t need to address a damn thing. You are an idiot and a racist. You need to address your racist attacks against chip Kelly to prove you aren’t racist against white men.

      As he said he isn’t here to hold hands and sing kumbayah to a bunch of soft, coddled superstars. He’s here to win football games. You should be donating your paycheck this week.

      Your writing is complete translucent garbage and you are reaching for clickbait, its pathetic.
      his email is for anyone who wants to send more vitriol his way

      1. Thanks I’m going to spam the fucking shit out if that email address like I did for Shady’s orgy party one

        1. Good work by you.

          No one cared when parcells, coughlin, harbaugh, ditka, etc were tough on their players. It proves that in today’s nfl you have soft, coddled bitches who can toss the race card whenever they feel slighted because its like dropping a nuke on someone.

  3. Marcus Hayes is right. He is not a racist at all. He’s black. He can’t be a racist. You white people have no idea about the plight of the black man. If Marcus Hayes says that Chip Kelly is a racist, then who are you and I to say he’s wrong?

    Ok, do you want a general knowledge question?

      1. Shut up, you fat out-of-town clown, before I kick your ass!

        (I smell another “Radio Wars” post.)

          1. If you were from here, you’d know that people around here claim that any town within a 100 mile radius is considered Philly.

            1. Listen Bitchanelli I don’t need to be from around here I make radio for the working class man because that’s who I am not a pompous cigar smoking arrogant narcissist who talks down to his listeners. Oh and I effed your ex-wife and Rhea at the same time while jerking off Steve Fredericks corpse. BANG!

  4. Take the Cowboys tattoo post down like u did the story about shady not wearing #29

    1. Jim will get around to the Cowboys tattoo post this afternoon. He is currently working a few tips he has gotten.

      Joel Embiid might be injured. And the Sixers are considering drafting him.
      There are a lot of rumors that the Eagles might release Desean Jackson.
      The Phillies are concerned about Roy Halladay’s shoulder.
      Finally, he keeps hearing a buzz that the Flyers might trade both Jeff Carter and Mike Richards.

  5. I’d love to drop Marcus Hayes out of the windows of the 27th floor at Nakatomi Plaza just like I did to Hans Gruber.

    1. Fraud.
      Can’t even spell your name right.
      (It’s McClane).
      And your sentence went on to a second line.
      That makes it a run-on compared to my writing.
      YippeeKayYay MotherFucka!

      1. How dare you take shots at John. He was on vacation….come out to the coast and have a couple of drinks. Instead, he saved all of us from Hans. Not to mention, Hand soured my good name too.

          1. I can’t wait for the return of football so on Sunday’s I can say awkwardly say, “Oh my God, the quarterback is toast!”

    2. C’mon guys! Spoiler alerst please! Thjat movie just came out and you guys are talkung aabout it!

      1. I know that’s not the real Jim. Know how? No commas,,,,that’s,,,how,,,,,.

  6. Any update on the July radio ratings? Or are we all just too dumb to understand what they mean? We need Kylie and Miley miss to explain to us that even though one show is number one in all categories, that it isn’t actually number one. The show that is 4th or 5th is actually number one. Right Miley?? What a pathetic 2 tool. I’m glad I f0cked Steve Fredericks behind your back.

  7. Once again, another SPOOK opens his spook mouth and nonsense comes out.

  8. Fat Fuck Marcus Hayes is the racist. Just look over his fucking past.

    Keep on doing what you are doing fat Chip, there will always be the clowns like Marcus Hayes, Mike Miss, Al Sharpton, Jackson and Screaming A. Smith who use race as a means to Get attention and to try and influence REVERSE racism!!!!!!!’

  9. When is this nonsense gonna end? No one cares anymore. The only people who bring this up are people that don’t like the eagles or just don’t like chip. An article on bleacher report states what’s going on. Why can’t we move on? He wants players who buy into his system and now that’s a bad thing. There’s a reason why this town gets the negadelphia label. Instead of buying into a coach that’s gone 20-12 in his first two seasons, we rip him and question what he’s doing. He’s building a team. This is his 3rd season. Just let the man coach. If it doesn’t work out so be it. Not that I don’t want a super bowl here but if they don’t win one with chip, let’s not act like it’s some big blunder. This franchise has been a blunder for 55 years if you’re going off the scale of super bowl or failure.

    1. Hey Farva. What’s the name of that restaurant you like that serves mozzarella Sticks and has all that shit on the walls?

  10. You idiots talk smack on Marcus Hayes, a real sports writer with real credentials. Jim and Kyle just post silly stuff on the internets and yall praise them. You people are so bleeping dumb.

  11. Hey Marcus hopefully one day someone will slap you in your mouth – hopefully it will be someone who obviously used to slap you in the mouth on a daily basis in high school.. Once a dork always a dork

  12. Two African American Eagles players said Chip is not a racist…..he views players as a “commodity”….if you don’t join the program….adios.

    ” Coach Lombardi treats us all the same; like shit”
    – Jerry Kramer

  13. To honor Marcus Hayes, Ben and Jerry’s will introduce 2 new flavors: Chunky Octoroon and High Yellow.

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