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Thursday night at 10 p.m.: The Parkway – secure perimeter and secure vehicle perimeter (red and black) – go into effect and will be constructed.

Friday morning at 6 a.m.: 12th street to 20th street open to pedestrians only in black box, in red area pedestrians will need to be screened with magnetometer. That red box will be a fence. No cars in either box.

Friday morning 8 a.m.: Authority vehicle access roads, yellow, will go into effect. No cars allowed.

Friday at 6 p.m. in Center City, at 10 p.m. in West Philly: Traffic box, green lines, go into effect. It will dissolve sometime on Monday. Those streets are open, but there will be a lot of people and you can’t go in and out of the box (at best as I understand Mayor Nutter’s extremely confusing explanation).

Friday night at 10 p.m.: Independence Hall area secure perimeters and secure vehicle perimeters go into effect.

Small exceptions: Taxis allowed in and out of traffic box until 2 a.m. Saturday morning. Seven taxi cabs ADA compliant and ADA compliant SEPTA services will remain in service during all this.

Also, if you turn it sideways, it looks like a dong:

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