#PopeProblems: OMG LOCKDOWN

Voila_Capture 2015-08-13_03-19-20_PM
Thursday night at 10 p.m.: The Parkway – secure perimeter and secure vehicle perimeter (red and black) – go into effect and will be constructed.

Friday morning at 6 a.m.: 12th street to 20th street open to pedestrians only in black box, in red area pedestrians will need to be screened with magnetometer. That red box will be a fence. No cars in either box.

Friday morning 8 a.m.: Authority vehicle access roads, yellow, will go into effect. No cars allowed.

Friday at 6 p.m. in Center City, at 10 p.m. in West Philly: Traffic box, green lines, go into effect. It will dissolve sometime on Monday. Those streets are open, but there will be a lot of people and you can’t go in and out of the box (at best as I understand Mayor Nutter’s extremely confusing explanation).

Friday night at 10 p.m.: Independence Hall area secure perimeters and secure vehicle perimeters go into effect.

Small exceptions: Taxis allowed in and out of traffic box until 2 a.m. Saturday morning. Seven taxi cabs ADA compliant and ADA compliant SEPTA services will remain in service during all this.

Also, if you turn it sideways, it looks like a dong:

Voila_Capture 2015-08-13_03-38-49_PM


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  1. “Also, if you turn it sideways, it looks like a dong:”

    Thanks, Kyle. Let the Bob bashing commence…

  2. Josh Innes’ ratings are like Fox News’ or like McDonald’s burger sales. Hallow, empty and appealing the dumbest, fattest among us.

    Congrats on your success.

    1. Innes is the best. That’s why his ratings are good. He’s not a liberal douchebag and calls things like he sees it. He doesn’t follow the PC bullshit. Same think with Fox News. They don’t cater to liberal scum like yourself.

      1. That’s why my life-size poster of my boy-toy Josh Innes, is stained with my semen because everytime Josh talks, I get a serious hard-on.

        And btw it’s okay to swallow just as long as you savor the flavor of every drop, or in my case don’t let the semen drop onto your floortop.

  3. Just take the fucking day off from work if it is such an inconvenience. It’s one day calm down.

    1. Yea I would have taken that day off but the city is closing so I’ll get the day off anyway and get paid for it.

  4. The red zones where the line of, “popes, bishops, cardinals, priests and dudes in general getting blown by bob” starts?
    ZING! I’m here all weekend…well I would be if the city wasn’t shut down…ZING!

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