RADIO WARS: Josh Innes and Mike Missanelli Confronted Each Other at Eagles Practice Today, Pair Separated

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We have another post about Mike (he took shots at Howard Eskin) coming up, but this is breaking.

This pic comes from a tipster. Jimmy Kempski posted one as well:

Voila_Capture 2015-08-19_01-04-39_PMVoila_Capture 2015-08-19_01-04-46_PM

Voila_Capture 2015-08-19_01-05-53_PM

Our tipster says the exchange at first appeared friendly but then the story about Innes “pissing his pants” (figurative or literal) came up and at that point an Eagles rep came over to make sure things were cool, which it sounds like they weren’t. The trusted tipster – a fan in attendance – said Innes was escorted out by Eagles personnel. More soon.

UPDATE: We have a second known fan tipster who sends in the following account, paraphrased: Innes went up to Mike, who was talking to someone else. They all stood there for five minutes. It looked friendly. Then Josh could be heard talking to Mike about the Gargano in-his-face story [editor’s note: presumably the aforementioned pissing his pants thing]. He called Mike’s version bullshit. The ratings were brought up. Innes said something about winning, and then something to Mike’s face (“you suck”?) and was like “you said I wouldn’t say it to your face and I did.” Mike walks toward him, they got separated. [Tipster] didn’t think Innes backed off. Innes seemed like instigator.

UPDATE 2: Innes says he wasn’t escorted out, but multiple accounts say they were separated. So you can use your own definition of “escorted”:

Voila_Capture 2015-08-19_01-35-05_PM

UPDATE 3: Reader Rich says the man in the middle is Pete Chiarrocchi, oh he of Chickie’s and Pete’s fame:

Voila_Capture 2015-08-19_02-29-16_PM

UPDATE 4: On his show, Innes, telling the story to an approving Spike Eskin and Hollis Thomas laugh track, says he told Missanelli, “your show fucking sucks.”

War time is back upon us. MAESTRO AT THE MOMENT:


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  1. Not a big fan of either guy, but if it came to hands, Missanelli – all 60+ years of him – would knock fat boy cold.

      1. And now Josh is on the Mike and Ike show explaining what happened.

        You know what I believe Josh when he says Anthony Gargano lied about threatening him seriously who the fuck would be scared of Gargano’s little ugly ass.

        1. You boys don’t understand what true radio talent is. Mike Miss is king and he’s got a big thick dick. Mmmm I would put all 9 inches down my fucking throat.

      2. Nonsense! It may not look from that picture that Mike is bigger but he is, trust me. I’ve had both of them in my mouth.

      3. “It’s the the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog.”

        Unless Innes site on mike, the old man has a chance.

      1. GUYS !!!! Innes is the better show….. Sorry boys…. But it’s true… He’s number 1!!!! He is a breath of fresh air!!!!
        Sorry guys…. But that’s the truth. Sorry.

        1. You are son inconsistent. Anove you say Mike is better and that you deep throat his man meat

    1. i thought miss said he’d knock him out if he ever saw him in person? Guess that was another lie from mikey miss…

      that being said i dont think innes has the balls to punch anyone but im sure he will talk about this confrontation all week long now.

    2. These guys both suck. I can’t listen to either. At least Mike Miss will try and talk sports., but he sucks. Fat boy Innes just blabbers on and on about crap and he really sucks.

      I realized that 610 AM is pretty decent. At least it’s sports related but at a national level. They talk about all different NFL teams, so it’s good for fantasy football.

    1. Yo Bro lay off. This is what all the kids are rockin nowadays. Where you been hidin Bro? Under a rock? Skinny jeans, dress shoes & hipster glasses Bro; I fit right in Bro. Right after camp I’m gonna go hang with the kids at the FroYo in Deptford Mall Bro. Maybe I’ll jam out to some Arctic Monkeys on my way there Bro. In my Benz Bro.

  2. Yea a real man would get in a fist fight on the sidelines of a team his station has a partnership with!!! Good one Kempski!!

    1. Kempski is nothing but a f#%ing hack. He thinks sarcasm = intelligence . Next GOOD article, will be his first. Here’s one for him ……. #yourstickfiguressucktoo

  3. I planned on making an appearance today but then Bitchanelli stepped to me.

  4. Innes looks super intimidating in those flip flops…nothing says true hardo like wearing ladies’ shoes.

    1. Innes’s attire is fine given that its 100 degrees outside.

      Missanelli on the otherhand is dressed in boots, jeans and a black long sleeve shirt. Completely asinine given the temps outside.

      1. Look at the photos guys. Missanelli is trying to remain as white as possible, he even has his hands hidden so they dont get tan/unwhite. Thats in complete contrast to his soapbox agenda of White People Suck.

        Go Dodgers.

      2. Sure, the long sleeve black t-shirt doesn’t conflict with a 100 degree day with no shade around at all….

      3. Notice Misrebellis passive aggressive arms crossed ( standing my ground / trying to look tough ) stance. People who read into body language, understand that type of ( arms crossed under chest stance ) signifies aggressive behavior. My opinion is that they both are annoying f#%ks, and they are both on a race to the bottom. Now I would love to listen to a 4 hour show every day that was hosted by both of them ( in the same studio. ) #ratingsgold

    1. Exactly. Here’s a suggestion for them ….. continue talking ” tough ” on the radio, and DO NOT , take it outside ( to the peverbial – parking lot. ) This would most likely result in confirming yourselves as ( radio / tweet ) tough guys, and remove ALL questions about the REAL LIFE opposite reality. #radiotoughguyzreality….not

  5. Hate Missanelli and his sky is falling, everything and everyone philly sports related sucks attitude. But innes wears sandals, which is bad enough for a guy let alone a 300+guy, so it’s a draw.

    1. That’s the best diss you can come up with ….. ? Sandals ? Seriously. There are no less than 25 freaking websites that sell ” men’s ” sandals. Are you really calling him out on that ? Nike, Adidas, Puma ALL sell sandals. Dude you need to MAN UP your ” diss ” game. #weakazzdissgame

  6. Missanelli is the bro who will never grow up. Smug, Went to Penn State (a board shorts and AXE body spray bro factory if there ever was one. We should just call Paterno “BroPa”), jeans and an untucked black shirt like he’s some 20-something in Las Vegas. Pushing Medicare age and using rap for intro music. Bro, grow up.

    1. “Grow up” says the guy who’s handle is “You Got AIDS”

      My guess is you went to Temple.

    2. Gargannos reply – Come on Moses, Mikey’s cool ….. he’s rockin that look. Anybody want a two day old hogie ….. my back seat reeks ? I’m Audi.

  7. is that pete the crab next to them?? also are those shorts painted on that guy to the far left

    1. yeah, that’s pete. he asking Missanelli for legal advice about how he can continue to rip off his wait staff

  8. Can’t believe he is getting into it on general knowledge Wednesday. Should be in the archives looking up trivia questions

  9. Yes! I am in the picture on the left! I wore my new tight shorts trying to get the attention of sanchez!

  10. I could take both of those punks to the ground at the same time and i’m a chick

  11. Dats my boy Mikey Miss, He’s Awesome

    Innes backed down just like why I confronted him

    My boy Pete the Crab would have kicked his ass too

    1. Yoooooo Cuzzzz! Josh stopped over to ask some advice on his extended 2014 tax filing. I gave him my guy’s number.

      1. Come on bro, what’s up wit dat ? You tryin to get up in my grill Moses ? I’ll bust your dome open with a month old Slacks hogie! Don’t try messin wit da cuzz. Me and my boy Mikey, we go wayyyy back. ( about 1 year ago – when WE – HATED each other too. )

  12. Innes just came on Mike & Ike & confirmed that he wasn’t escorted out. Mike called him out to his face, then Innes took off his sunglasses & told him to his face that his show sucked. Then all 5’9 of 60 year old, skinny jean wearing (pathetic) Bitchanelli stepped up to 6’3, 300 pounds of Innes like he wanted to fight & it was at that point that somebody stepped in the middle to make sure that Innes didn’t kill the elderly.
    The whole situation was provoked by Mike, which is totally predictable with his track record. He wanted to get his ass kicked, probably just to boost his ratings.

    1. It’s hilarious you take Innes completely at his word. I’m sure fatboy didn’t embellish the facts to make himself look better.

      1. Regardless of whether you like Innes or not the guy doesn’t lie, almost to his own detriment. Add that to the Fact that Mike has a documented track record of getting into physical altercations with others? Yeah, I believe Innes.

  13. Fuck mike miss & his white guilt. Fuck him & that midget headbanger producer . !!!!

    1. One of Garganos home boys spotted Mikey Miss at the dry cleaners yesterday evening. He overheard him trying to explain that he ” forgot to pull his pants down, when he shite in them. ” The dry cleaners guy responded to him by telling him, ” stop lying bro, I listen to WIP, I know you shite your pants at Eagles training camp this afternoon. ” Mike threatened him with a ( radio ) beating, and a subsequent lawsuit.

    1. Unless that little guy is Baltimore Ravens receiver Steve Smith, who is all of 5’9″ 200lbs, but kicks guys ass twice his size.

  14. You think your life is bad? I’m stuck up Josh’s Innes’s crack hole all day.

  15. Kempski is a idiot, keeps talking about running away from 65 year olds. Like he would hit him. Really cool talking about how you should beat up a guy 30 years your senior. Its only cool to beat up a guy that much older then you if your 10.

    When did Missanelli become some big time fighter anyway. All these writers talking about how he could beat up these other guys. He seems more like a fake tough guy who tries to intimidate his way out of fights with his mouth then someone who could actually do anything.

    1. Yeah, well that’s like, cause you know him or something. You hear his voice on a radio show, your opinion is worthless .

    2. “Yo Bro c’mon. I’ll knock a producer out in a second Bro. No Fear Bro. I’ve had that tattooed on my bicep since the 90s Bro.”
      “Anybody wanna so see Straight Outta Compton after training camp? I gotta keep up my street cred with the kids Bro. Easy E, Dr. Dre & Snoop Dog. NWA were pioneers Bro.”

    3. I would beat both of those assholes in a fight then suck down some hot wings after. not bww though. their wings are turrible. just turrible.

  16. I hope these two hacks get their shit together by the time I get to town…or I’ll Pope-slap both these bitches down and declare Howard Forskin the King of all Sports Media in Philadelphia! Now somebody go get me a cheesesteak witt…..bro!

      1. Bless you my son…that is exactly what that would be and there’s no coming back or forgiveness for that shit!!!!

        1. Yo Higgsy !! Where you at Bro? So much to talk about and you’re off for the week?

  17. Why do some many people on this site care about what Missanelli wears?

    He’s wearing a shirt and jeans….STOP THE PRESSES!

    You guys harp on his wardrobe like he’s Irina Shayk. The last thing in the world any Philly sports fan cares about is Mike Missanelli’s wardrobe.

    Kyle, do you have contact info for Dana White? These two need to settle this once and for all in the octagon.

    1. I could get these two into a ring if they were able to increase their celebrity status to E list. I deal in real talent like the Octomom and Ron Palillo.

    2. While we’re talking about clothing, can we start a GO FUND ME or some type of collection to buy Linda Cohn ( ESPN sports anchor ) some clothes that have ” sleeves ” on them. PLEASE ! I just tossed my lunch again, looking at those hideous, flabby, chicken skin upper arms. That is not for our viewing pleasure. She looks so bad now that they don’t even show her ( up close ) anymore. All of her shots are from so far away, she’s almost out of focus. Half of her segments ( thank god ) she isn’t even on camara anymore – you just hear her voice, while they show graphics or the other person who she’s talking to. Please Linda , retire and just do voice narration work. From home – no Skype, no webcam ….. Just your voice. You had a GREAT run …. It’s over.

      1. PS – If they pull her hair style any further down ( to cover her massively aging face ) she will look like – ” cousin itt “, by 2016. I don’t want to hear about sports from my #grandmothersface. No offense, we’re all getting older, but seriously, sports are supposed to be entertainment – not a reminder of my grand parents.
        *** if you don’t understand – search ” cousin itt. ” #addamsfamily

  18. The speed at which WIP got Josh on the air after the event occurred and how quickly they uploaded the podcast to their website after makes me believe this was a setup. Josh Ambushed Missanelli.

    If you believe Josh just HAD to speak with Pete Ciarrocchi, I have a bridge to sell you.

      1. Undergo the four hour Innes/Spike/Hollis endurance test. They had to give their audience something that would hold their attention for a half hour or so.

        The one on the left with printed shirt and tight shorts is a short-haired female.

        1. Why are they paying Hollis to be there ? They could pay him for a ( one time – laugh track ) fee, and play it every 30 seconds, and they wouldn’t even need him to be there. Funny laugh, but ….

      1. Petes staff ( repotedly ) tip him out a ( 20 % – I gave you a f#%king job fee ) after every shift. Just in case his attorney ( Mike Missenilli ) reads this :

        Note *** the above commentary is designed for ” entertainment ” purposes only, and in no way proposes to suggest or inflict any type of : malicious or negative conentations about your client, nor their business : hiring, firing or monetary reward structure. Lest anyone think that the above comments were anything more than ( unsubstantiated ) satire, is making incorrect assumptions. There are no facts to represent, only some ( possibly disgruntled / possibly correct ) current ( annomous ) and former employees statements, to suggest the above ( possible but not substantiated ) comments.
        PS – Pete who ?

  19. I am NO Innes fan, but Missanelli seriously needs his ass kicked. He is a coward, but he acts like he’s a tough guy. He’s a fraud. I wish the sound engineer would have broke Missanelli’s senior citizen hip when Miss tried to bully him. Mark my words, when I see Missanelli in public, I will call him out for being a race trading hypocrite and a fake tough guy and we’ll see if he tries to be a bully with someone who is ready, willing, and able to punch him back.

      1. Not really. I think most people would possibly hit or throw something at missanelli if the opportunity arose. We don’t take too kindly to his liberal anti white garbage disguised as open mindedness here in Philadelphia and it is about time somebody roughed him up in public.

    1. Another classless piece of shit Eagles fan who hides behind his computer bragging about wanting to beat up a senior citizen.

      Hey tough guy, you aren’t going to do shit.

      1. Yup. Because it’s so hard to believe that I would say the same thing to Missanelli that I already said to him on the phone when he dumped me on his show like the coward that he is. Like it’s so hard to believe that if that geezer hit me, I’d hit him back.
        Those are 2 things any man will do. If you think that makes me a “tough guy”, then YOU have issues.

  20. Many years ago after Wing Bowl at McFaddens (CBP was not built yet) I got into it with Missanelli and his girl friend jumped in to defend the wus.

    1. Missanelli is a punk who won’t step to anyone he thinks might retaliate.
      But, I got one better. I almost ripped John Bolaris’ head off when he lost his mind down the shore and pretended to be a tough guy. The little fella started yelling for the people he was with to come hold him back from “attacking” me, and all they could do was laugh at him. It was so pathetic, I actually lost just laughed at him and walked away with the girl he was harassing. (my buddy’s 21 year old girl) Even Missanelli’s chick would kick Bolaris’ ass.

  21. These guys are trolling all of you.

    They’re best friends.

    They were spotted in the city last week doing shots laughing about how this “radio war” gets all of you guys boners and gets them more money.

  22. This whole thing is an orchestrated set up by Jossha the Hutt. The tipster is probably one of his friends.

  23. This was an obvious stunt to drum up listeners for Innes’s lackluster, lame ass show… all this dude does is stunt work and it sucks…

  24. Just because innes is 6’3 300+ lbs doesn’t mean a fucking thing, I know people like that and they’re soft as fuck and thats innes to a T. Innes was a fat nerd growing up and now to compensate for it he acts like a 4th rate Howard stern to make up for it and take it out on other people. Mikey miss would destroy him, gargano too. The fact that sports fans of philly who are supposed to be the smartest fans in the country listen too innes is mind boggling

    1. “That’s right Bro I would’ve whipped his ass Bro. I even remembered to take 2 glycerin pills for my heart before I left the house this morning to play golf, while smoking my Ashton cigars dipped in 20 year old brandy. Just like all the kids Bro.”

    2. Do you think you are smart believing that this was actually going to get physical? At an eagles practice? Packed with security? Both of them knew nothing was going to jump off at any point even if it was ” real” . Screams stunt.

    3. I agree that balls and training can overcome a size differential, TO A CERTAIN EXTENT. I think the fight would be pathetic, but fat Innes would smother the midget geezer hipster.

  25. They seriously should pair up these 2 as partners on air. The ratings would be ridonk! And then I could listen to actual sports talk again on the other station..

  26. Innes sounds like a “black lives matter” protester Being all annoying and shit

  27. Took Innes 20 seconds to talk about this scuffle and he’s at camp!!!! If there is one time to talk about the boring offseason I would think it is now when you’re there. Whole thing is a fraud.

    Mike hasn’t mentioned it once.

    1. Mike is a ton of things — a womanizer, a white guilter, a creep, an aging out of touch loser, an egomaniac — but he respects his audience to know that they want to talk sports and sports issues. Not about him.

      Josh is the worst kind of person. The show is always going to be about him and his life. He’s a really crappy dude. Ask anyone.

      1. You are not qualified to make any judgement. ” the worst kind of person…” ? Do you realize how idiotic that sounds coming from you.?

      2. Although I hate Mike as a person and he needs his ass kicked , I did enjoy his SPORTS talk before the liberal white guilt rants and “general questions”. I agree that Innes is a transplant who shock jock/Stern impression makes him unbearable. Innes needs to go, but Missanelli needs to stick to sports.

  28. I’ve got myself a Radio Wars insider now.

    Apparently Gargano’s doing pretty well in the morning slot, Angelo’s ratings are dropping off a cliff in the past few months – we’ll see if it holds in the fall. Cuz has been working hard and Angelo’s been at the beach.

    1. Trust me, Gargano is a lot of things but a hard worker isn’t one of them. Fraudulent Washington Township slob.

      1. True, he’s at least been at work.

        Maybe Baldy is behind their ratings spike, he’s good.

    2. Bogus claim.

      Gargano is non-entity these days. Floundering in the ratings (something Kyle no longer covers as he is in 97.5’s back pocket).

      Missanelli is an embarrassment.

      63, dressed like that, bad dye job, and acting like a tough guy.

      1. Kyle is in 97.5’s back pocket? That makes absolutely no sense. If that were true, he would have never covered this radio wars thing and gave Josh the publicity he did. The only reason why Josh is popular is because of this bull shit.

        1. You, like Kyle, seem to over-value how the popularity of this site. Innes’ popularity has very little to do with this site.

          And all those radio war reports on ratings were always couched with Kyle dismissing the numbers saying they were antiquated and it didn’t matter Innes was thrashing Missanelli.

          And then Missanelli starts e mailing Kyle and all of a sudden the ratings updates stop. Gargano is failing, no ratings updates. Rob Ellis’ show is getting rounched, no ratings update.

          Even this post was made to look like Missanelli stepped up to Innes and Inness backed down. Which turns out was not true

      2. Actually that’s not bogus…Angelo is still ahead, but trust and believe Cuz is closing in and closing in fast. Between sponsors (which Cuz has some BIG accounts) and ratings, don’t be shocked if Cuz takes the lead by Nov.

        1. Gargano is not improving in the ratings. There us NO buzz about him at all. Fatso and his gumbo followers always bring up the fact he has the Primos account and that is it. He’ll be done in a year when that station is blown up because their morning, midday and afternoon shows are getting obliterated.

          1. There is a Buzz…bigger than you would know. Also Valley Green bank is HUGE!!!! I assure you he’s not getting worse, Angelo is!

  29. I find it hilarious reading these comments from posters who try their hardest to be witty or comical and fall flat on their face. Hey @Cuz why don’t you write the same exact comment on every story posted.

  30. Good to see Kyle come up for air from blowing Missenelli to write this bullshit:

    “Innes says he wasn’t escorted out, but multiple accounts say they were separated. So you can use your own definition of “escorted”

    Villanova should revoke your degree if you can’t tell the difference between “escorted out and “separated”

  31. How often between 2-6pm are Hollis and Spike going to be on their knees?

  32. There is no need for a confrontation. You stay away from the other person. I wish it escalated into a fight because there is a good chance one or both would be out of job. Josh is a lot taller and bigger than I would have guessed. Mike always talks about playing basketball but Josh towers over him. Nothing beats the Angelo and Howard feud from years ago because they work at the same station.

  33. So there’s pics of them talking but no pics of security stepping in or someone needing an escort out? Yea ok. Gtfo

  34. Both these impressive men can fight, beep boop. They jumped me a few weeks back and stole my arms, blip bopple beep. I’ll I did was ask for a ride…….booohoooop, beep.

    1. Hopefully the pistols can be rigged so they explode and kill both of them

  35. Innes: I have to come out and say I have never lied to you guys, and I never will. Bitchanelli, came at me like the little old troll he is with his General Knowledge Wednesday and he is a bully.

    Hollis: Heee! Heee! Hee!

    Which leads to our next segment….

    It is today in history with Hollis THOMAS!!!

    Hollis: T-t-today in history August 19, 1957, the phila-phil-philadelphia phillies beat the st. louis car-car-dinals 5-2. After Jim bun-bun-ning striked out sev-even batters.

    Innes: More about me! (Goes into Stephen A. SMith impression) I am SAYIN’ I Don’t KNOW IF HE’S AN OLD WOMAN, I AM JUST SAYING HE IS NOT A RACIST!!! Then I told him his show F-ng sucks

    Hollis: he! heee! hee!

    Innes: Then I lowered my glasses and said “your show F-ing sucks”

    Hollis: That’s a, that’s a, that’s pret-t-ty cold

    Innes: Well he is a bully and I told him his show “F-ng sucks”

    Spike: (In his Rights to Ricky Sanchez form) That’s what F–KING anti Hinkie people don’t F–KING get! No one F–KING CARES, that the F–KING SIxers wont be F–ng good”

    1. What history book was Hollis checking? Jim Bunning did not play for the Phillies in 1957.

  36. Still no ratings update because his source Ms robin and Bruno retired. Still no answer to as why Missanelli tweeted once in the last month

  37. Haha, Mike Miss is on his show going on about how he stepped to Innes because “thats how he rolls”. Seriously, Mike is an old man with a heart condition and Innes is twice his size and half his age, he could get charged with murder if he hit him.

  38. Whats wrong with a man in his 60s wearing skinny jeans, dying his hair, and blaring “alt” music as he drives around? If you think that is weird, you need second level thinking and to look within.

    1. “Yo Bro that’s what I’m sayin. It doesn’t make a difference than I’m old enough to ride Septa for free, not that I ever would, or get a nice discount on Grand Slam breakfasts at Denny’s, not that I’d ever eat that peasant food. Nah Bro, it’s all about the look Bro. You heathens just have no sense of style. Skinny jeans, dress boots, hipster glasses & a nice tailored long sleeve dress shirt is how everybody should dress on a 100 degree day at Eagles camp Bro. Gotta fit in brotha.”

  39. Honestly I have say, FUCK INNESS. Here’s my issue, you claim that Mike Miss is a coward who is afraid to use his “words,” but the problem is when he did, Josh kept being a douche. Sometimes people just need a smack in the mouth…plain and simple.

    Also did Cuz get a divorce? Why is everyone bring up this MCW thing?

    1. Dont know about any divorce, but my friend who has worked there for some time says MCW is his side piece. This was in response to me asking, how did she every get a job on radio with her horrible voice.

      1. Your friend also sucks a mean c0ck. My friend. My friend. Gtfo——> with my friend! Get a job loser.

  40. Anyone else catch 97.5 morning show today? It’s truly amazing how much better a show can be without that hack Cuz slobbering over his guests and sandwiches. And shocker his side piece isn’t there either Cuz gives her a ride every morning. I mean if they’re trying to hide something, talking about riding into work togethers helping. How old is this chick that she can’t afford a car? Even the interns were able to do the updates without stumbling over brain teasers like, the and birds.

  41. Mikey Mush is a COWARD! He has said MULTIPLE TIMES that if he ever seen Josh he would punch him in the face! You’re a wuss Mikey Mush, a wuss!!

  42. I can’t believe Missanelli’s brother, the Vagina Doctor, called into Inness’ show and threatened to attack him in the parking lot. The Missanelli brothers have unresolved anger issues. You see this type of behavior often with people who suffered severe childhood physical abuse.

  43. Mikey Mush is a COWARD! He has said MULTIPLE TIMES that if he ever seen Josh he would punch him in the face! You’re a wuss Mikey Mush, a wuss!! Ji

  44. How bout that Bucks County wanksta, Michael Gary Bitchanelli? You got punked by a Missouri guy, LOL #norespectformissy

  45. Innes is a fat slob who can’t go 5 min without talking about how fat he is or how skinny his girlfriend is (but leaves out how butt ugly she is) and is a wannabe Howard stern sports show host that knows NOTHING ABOUT PHILLY SPORTS!!! The execs must have been high when they hired this clown show which could end at any time when he drops dead from a heart attack with any Twinkie now

  46. I’m mid 50s and wear gym shorts and t shirts with an old ratty Phillies cap. Maybe I need to step up to the Missenelli Bro look and threaten people with radio muscles. And who’s this Josh guy.

  47. Did you hear Innes proclaim that he IS philadelphia today on his show? All jokes and “radio war” aside, that’s beyond arrogant and ignorant. Any true philadelphia resident that continues to support his show by listening is also supporting the idea that Josh Innes IS our city. Seriously ticks me off that he thinks that. I sincerely hope radio listeners have some pride and don’t let that ish slide.

  48. Why the fuck is that fat slob wearing Eagles gear? Isn’t he a Texans fan?

    I can’t believe Rhea is banging that cowardly behemoth with a child’s bladder.

  49. You people have all spent too much time listening to sports radio. There is more outright b.s. in the comments than truth.
    FACT: Josh is kicking Mikey Miss’s ass in the ratings.
    FACT: Josh sent that old fossil Tony Bruno into an early retirement. TB just couldn’t keep up with the show’s pace.
    FACT: Josh is not from Philly and does have a bit of a weight problem.
    FACT: Gargano is a devoted father to L’il Ant and Massimo. Maybe he is a shitty husband but who cares?
    FACT: Gargano largely grew up in Washington Twp., but Washington Twp isn’t all cookies and milk. Long-time Philly sports columnist, Baseball Hall of Famer (journalist), and serial child molester Bill Conlin lived and trolled in Washington Twp. for 40 years.

    If 97.5 wants to compete for ratings then they are going to have to do something long overdue like get the seriously underrated Phil from Mt. Airy into a drive-time slot. Phil is the real deal … a devoted Philly sports fan who also happens to be erudite and articulate.

      1. If you didn’t care then you wouldn’t read it let alone respond. Josh is simply destroying all the sacred cows of Philadelphia sports radio (Mikey Miss, Gargano, Tony Bruno). If he was on in the mornings on another station, Cataldi and Morganti would be looking for new gigs. He can out talk any of these old has-beens and could also kick any of the aforementioned’s asses if it came down to it.

    1. you lost all credibilty when you mentioned Phil from Mt. Airy. loser. why don’t you just bring up Shirley, Brother Scott and Murray from mayfair while you’re at it. you probably find them entertaining too

  50. I just want to know one thing. Which of these two bozos killed Hitchbot? They’re just the type of “bad ass” that would stomp a hopeless robot.

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