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Nick Kayal – oh he formerly of 97.5 and Sirius-Bleacher Report – co-hosted on WIP yesterday. He was one of the last contestants in the seemingly endless search for a partner for Josh Innes. A prerequisite for the job includes a willingness to bash Mike Missanelli. Kayal took his best shots:

Innes: So let’s do this. So you got text messages from Mike Missanelli who was just trying to what, teach you radio? Was it more of a critical thing?

Kayal: It was more of an incessant, nit-picky thing. He was probably the most intent listener of my show… so this is at 6:08 p.m on Tuesday, March 31. So he’s been off the air for all of nine minutes and he says, “Bro, just one quick thing– there’s no reason to say the word piss at any time. You can just as easily say ticked off and get your point across.”

Innes: Thanks, dad.

Kayal: Coming from a guy with his track of saying and doing things way beyond saying the word piss… [also] he was not fond of my take on KJ McDaniels.

Innes: What an odd thing to be angry about.

Kayal: I said something, you know, KJ McDaniels is a middle of the road eighth, ninth man in this league. And he says , “Bro,” everything starts with bro – you know you’re 63 and you listen to Alt Nation so you start everything with bro – “not a starting player in this league, no definition to his game and only two guard sized. Can’t shoot can’t handle. 15-18 minutes a night, subtistute at best. Come on, bro.”

Innes: Who the hell takes their time out of their day to argue with you about this stuff?

Kayal did an impression of Mike:

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And other lines from Kayal about 97.5 and Missanelli:

“I was at the inferior station up the dial for six years, jerked around five times, and said you know what, I’m going to a better place.”

About Mike:

“It’s not just a Wednesday thing. It’s lazy every day.”

“You were doing General Knowledge all day, yet you’re ripping me.”

“He’s a straight-up douchebag. Everything that you read about him is pretty much true.”

Wow, steel chair to the back. [Listen to the segments]

I can confirm that sometimes antagonistic communications masquerading as advice* from Mike typically start with “Bro” or “Dude…”

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… but the texts to Kayal were relatively tame for Mike, who, at least in the first message, sounded like he was trying to offer genuine advice, albeit in his typical abrasive style.

One industry source aware of Kayal’s comments opined on his tryout with WIP: “He has zero chance at the gig. Less than zero. So for Nick I hope it was worth it. His Philly radio career is over. He should enjoy Allentown.”

The ceasefire has ended. A recent insurgency surrounding hotly contested WIP Afternoon territory has escalated things. MUSIC NOISE:

*This is either Mike’s paranoia manifesting itself in written form, or what he believes are genuine attempts to help someone. Maybe both. I think psychologists would be able to write a whole book about Mike.