Sam Bradford Has the Same MVP Odds as Andy Dalton, and I’m Not Sure Who That’s Worse For

Say hi to Eliot Shorr-Parks. Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Say hi to Eliot Shorr-Parks.
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Oddsmakers Bovada just released their odds for this year’s NFL MVP, and two new Eagles made the cut for having odds 50/1 or below. The top five players are a who’s who of automatic shoo-ins: Aaron Rodgers (5/1), Andrew Luck (7/1), Adrian Peterson (12/1), J.J. Watt (12/1), and Peyton Manning (16/1). But if you head further down that list, you start to see some midnight green. Here’s the list of players with 25/1 odds:

Odell Beckham – 25/1
Dez Bryant – 25/1
Calvin Johnson – 25/1
Eddie Lacy – 25/1
Marshawn Lynch – 25/1
DeMarco Murray – 25/1
Tony Romo – 25/1

And with 50/1 odds:

Sam Bradford – 50/1
Antonio Brown – 50/1
Jay Cutler – 50/1
Andy Dalton – 50/1
Julio Jones – 50/1
Colin Kaepernick – 50/1
Cam Newton – 50/1
Demaryius Thomas – 50/1

A poll on Bleeding Green Nation shows people think Bradford has a better chance than DeMarco Murray, but that can be chalked up to either the QB vs. RB thing or a joke. They’re both long-shots, but most fans (and probably Murray and Bradford themselves) would happily take a bunch of wins instead.


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  1. uh-oh. looks like Jim has the keys today with no supervision…

    prepare accordingly for a deluge of cut/paste/copy, lame attempts at wit, worse punctuation and lack of editing.

    1. Me as a black man has a better chance of becoming a member of the kkk than the vastly overrated Sam Bradford has of winning the mvp(just saying).

  2. Let me tell you something, Bradford is going to surprise people with a big year. I’m not going to go as far to predict an MVP season, but I think he’ll have enough of a big year that it will convince Eagles brass to ink him to a long term deal.

    Anyone know where my grey socks are? I fucking love those things.

  3. I wouldn’t used Jay Cutler in the title instead of Andy Dalton. At least Dalton gets to the playoffs every year.

  4. Jim claims to not read the comments. He’s super refined like that.

  5. Mike is torn about bringing home a box of tampons from office ladies room.

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