Stephen A. Smith, Idiot, Is Now Just Mad at People Who Defend Chip Kelly

stephen a

Stephen A. Smith, the spearhead of the “Chip Kelly is racist even thought I’m not saying the word ‘racist'” movement, is stuck. After repeatedly saying that people in the locker room feel that Chip is a racist, he was face-to-face with quotes from Eagles players saying that Chip isn’t a racist. So where does he go from here?

First, he says that Chip may not be worth the trouble because he hasn’t won a Super Bowl … in two seasons. Sure. That’s not even in the same time zone as the most absurd thing Stephen A. has said, so let’s just move past it. What comes next is the problem.

Stephen A. has re-iterated over and over again that he doesn’t know Chip Kelly. You don’t know Chip Kelly either. Stephen A. said black players think he’s a racist. Black players said they don’t think that. Essentially, Stephen A. had no idea what he was talking about. So where does his issue lie now? With YOU:

“I have no problem with the black players on the Philadelphia Eagles taking their position. You communicate with Chip Kelly directly. You know him and you know, you want to sit there and poo-poo the notion of racist or racism and all of that stuff, you go right ahead. I’m here to tell you they’re probably right. Most of America, who don’t happen to be this color or share my pigmentation, let me say to the Chip Kelly defenders, you all are getting on my damn nerves. I’m losing my patience with people.

Let me be clear. This is the problem. You got people out here, they want to put black folks in a box. They want to say, ‘Oh, you are calling him racist.’ No, they didn’t. He said they have a problem dealing with the brothers. They very well could have been saying, ‘Look, we ain’t white, we ain’t Hispanic, we ain’t Native American, we ain’t Jewish.’ We are black men and there is a certain kind of way if you come at us it is going to be an affront to us. We are not going to absorb it the way someone white, Jewish, Asian, Latino may absorb it. We are not saying you are a racist. We aren’t invoking the ‘R word.’ What we are saying is, ‘We aren’t comfortable with you because the manner in which you communicate with us is different than how we watch you communicating with other people.”

Sure, but that “r word” line was toed without grace or delicacy. It was pulled back and let go like a slingshot of stupidity. And Stephen A., a man who admitted he did not know Chip Kelly and was just reacting to what he heard, now has a problem with you, a person who does not know Chip Kelly, reacting to what you heard. Stephen A. swerved to avoid hitting a wall and instead went right off of a cliff that he’s gone over many times before.

[h/t to Brietbart for the transcription, but for real, don’t go there]

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  1. Saying “what we are saying is, ‘We aren’t comfortable with you because the manner in which you communicate with us is different than how we watch you communicating with other people’” IS calling him a racist. Again.

    Stephen A. is a jagoff of epic proportions.

    1. true definition of a jagoff – can’t admit when hes wrong and will go to the ends of the earth on ridiculous tirades to try and prove he is somehow still right. Even if it is the most transparent argument in the world.

    2. Smith is the very definition of the N-word and I hope he becomes another victim of black on black homicide ASAP, along with Sharpton, Jackson, Crump, etc, etc, etc. The ironic thing is that these racial pimps are the REAL racists that perpetuate racism. If AFRICAN americans just thought and act like AMERICANS, race relations would improve overnight.

      1. Can you change your handle because you make every Eagles fan look like racist white trash. Thanks.

  2. Why are we even the least bit shocked when this loudmouth blowhard spews his typical garbage! He has made a career, and unfortunately a successful one, out of saying one asinine thing after another! He is perfect for E!SPN because they too are all about headline grabbing nonsense!!

      1. someone needs to clean this guys clock asap. I got $50 for whoever does it on camera and posts it to world star hip

      2. Angry? LOL We are laughing at you, your people, your crime, your welfare, your lack of intelligence, work ethic, education, and your complete failure to comprehend birth control and parenting. We laugh at you, while you sell each other drugs and murder each other every night. You’re something that invokes disgust, not anger.

  3. So what Stephen A. is saying is that it’s not enough Chip is not a racist, he also has to accommodate his ways of coaching to make the black players happy as well?

    1. All these SPOOKS need to shut their fucking spook mouths..every fucking one of them.
      And why doesn’t this ASSHOLE tell the story of how he got FIRED FOR MAKING UP SOURCES…FUCK YOU SCREAMIN’ A—YOU’RE the fucking racist.

      1. Brother Jimmy relax,no need to respond to racism with racism brother Jimmy.

        Now lets get back to doing what we do best brother Jimmy and that’s talk sports.

  4. Is he even educated? His vocabulary is horrendous. I know, I know we should all treat blacks differently… We shouldn’t expect a guy that gets paid to do a job that requires good vocabulary to have good vocabulary because he is black. Black men that talk like that outside of ESPN don’t get jobs but expect to because this douche has a job, maybe… Screw that, I’m so sick of these grown children. Shady is a douche bag same with Desean and quite frankly Boykin sucked. Grow up

    1. Brother Francis cut brother Stephen A Smith some slack,as we all know at times brother Stephen A Smith can’t help himself, and just says the most outlandish things in order to get a response.

      On a sidenote brother Francis, any word on why brother Mike Missanelli hasn’t tweeted in over a month?

      1. I know, I’m a racist it’s so popular to call people racists OMG he must wear a Cooper jersey blah blah blah… Steven A. is a straight up poon, postured by ESPN… Kelly is trying to create a run first offense. DeSean can’t block a 3 year old, Shady took too much time prancing around in the backfield and Boykin sucked. Not a racist, Riley can at least block…

  5. I hope the next time Stephen A Smith crosses at a light he get killed by a bus

  6. Mitchie Tools called the WIP Morning Show (which was just Al and Farzetta) and did an impression of John Malkovich’s character from “Rounders.”

    Not 5 minutes later, Tastycake Dom called Gargano and talked about tastycake’s.

    What did we do to deserve this?

    1. Hahahaha only one I can tolerate out of those regular callers is Stoney who always calls Rob or cuz. . At least that dude is always loaded & slurring his words

  7. You do realize that him and Skip Bayless are payed alot of money to one up each other by saying inflamtory things right? They don’t actually believe what they say, they are just playing a part on a TV show to get ratings.

    1. I agree! Pushing the envelope leads to increased ratings which leads to more money. My issue with the whole matter is Screamin A. Smith seems to operate with impunity while there have been other white ESPN personalities that have been fired for saying less inflammatory things.

  8. I don’t like or dislike the Eagles so I have no dog in this hunt. But I do find the Chip Kelly regime very interesting to watch as a neutral observer. I can respect the fact that he’s not a loudmouth braggart like a Rex Ryan and & he is willing to sink or swim based on his beliefs/values about coaching style.

  9. so pretty much he describes just how racist and flawed his fellow black people are in this little rant. Like at first i understand this being a topic on a show like first take, but now the guy has taken it to a whole new level of stupid, yet i’m sure his dumbass viewers are still rooting for their hero.

    It’s pretty easy to understand why this cancer took it up a notch and decided to double down on his jackassery. Stephen A. is a very emotional guy as you can tell. What happened here was SAS said what he said, allowed for Chip to retort publicly, and when he didn’t ESPN most likely asked Chip to do a sit down interview with SAS “to clear his name” and Chip told them to get lost, That is where the extra vitriol comes from.

    ESPN continues it’s assault on the sports i love

  10. Chip is the NFL’s version of Donald Trump. Neither one has a chance to succeed because it’s all about them. 2 racists attention wh0res hard asses who treat people & minorities like shit .

    That’s why I love listening to Mike Missanelli & SAS they speak the truth

    1. I’ll tell you something that’s not racist, me!
      I open for all penis, I am a rainbow coalition cum dumpster.

    2. Cryodon Cowboy is a obvious troll being sarcastic. NO ONE is that stupid. Not even the trash from Croydon.

  11. So I am confused…You should go to check out, so that you can use its transcriptions on your blog, but we shouldn’t check it out because you disagree with its political point of view?

    I am just making sure I understand where you are coming from.

    I also think Barack Obama is a terrible president, so clearly I am just a racist moron, and need things spelled out for me.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    1. Something tells me Jim participated in the occupy Wall Street movement. Dirty hipster.

    2. The problem with isn’t the political point of view, its the lying and half-truths. I mean, Trump is paying them for positive coverage, not exactly a bastion of journalistic integrity.

  12. Accusing someone of being racist is the 2015 version of McCarthyism.

    We still have serious race issues in this country, but when clowns like Stephen A. Smith, Al Sharpton, and Tanya Brown-Dickerson (mother of that dude in Philly who got shot by the police for trying to grab a firearm from his car after an altercation with the cops) start accusing anyone and everyone of being racist, it dilutes times when there really IS someone being a racist asshole.

    1. Its obvious these black people never learned the lesson of “the boy who cried wolf.” When you go around crying racism at every turn, it takes away from the real, serious racism issues that exist. Not some football coach being called out by salty black players.

  13. I’m a conservative white guy, but I have serious questions about Kelly’s conduct to date. His “culture” meme seems only to apply to blacks. Cooper, Kiko, Moffit are exempt from the culture requirements? That’s messed up.

    1. I get the Cooper comment, but what did Kiko and Moffit do that makes them outside of the “culture?”

      As far as Cooper is concerned, they really can’t cut him this year. His cap hit is about 2 million more than the dead money hit they would get if they cut him (if I understand the way it works correctly), its not as bad as it was last year but its still bad. My understanding is that next year his contract is much more cut friendly. With all the young WRs we now have I wouldn’t be surprised to see him out the door next year. This year, it just makes more financial sense to keep his stupid ass on the team.

      1. Moffit was arrested a year or two ago for assault and for urinating on a car or something. Kiko had a couple B&E’s in college and i think was one time arrested for assault for a fight at a house party

        people get Chip’s culture twisted…..There will be guys on his teams that have had run ins with the law but as along as you do everything right when you come to work, you are fitting in with culture….obvious exceptions though

        1. Oh ok. I didn’t know that about those two.

          I think you’re right though, the point is Chip wants guys that will be 100% on board with doing things his way. I mean, most football coaches are like that. The difference seems to be that Chip isn’t shy about getting rid of guys for not buying in, even star players like Jackson and McCoy.

  14. Makes no sense. Not only is the chip racism angles Mike Missanelli & SAS imply are completely false and ridiculous but he doesn’t even consider team building and salary issues. Bunch of pussy players who are just butt-hurt over not being wanted.

    Sounds more like mike miss & Smith are always attempting to get some street cred back from the black community.

    Screaming Smith and Mike miss are unwatchable/listenable hacks and should just go away. Act is tired & old

  15. Yeah, this stupid fuckin’ N I G G E R along with Al, Jesse and the others can cry racism every time something doesn’t go their way. Why are there no big name white people speaking up about black on white crime that the fuckin’ N I G G E R S promote every fuckin’ day??? It’s because they’re all fuckin’ pussys afraid to not be politically correct! That’s why there is no WET TV, …etc. That would be racist, right?

    1. I be watchin’ me some Jenna Jamison last night. Lemme tell ya son, that was some WET TV.

    2. How come it’s not a race crime when blacks constantly sucker punch whites on the street for no reason

  16. “don’t go there” <– why the fuck not? they might discourage someone from joining your black lives matter gangbang with criminals clinton and sanders?

  17. People care more about people being called the “R-word” than the N-word. Typical sensitive right wing wussies. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m about to go dress up like a soldier and get some discounts in the mall. The sense of entitlement I get by just putting on those boots and camo is out of this world.

    1. My FiL has voted republican his whole life but insists on calling himself an “independent”

  18. Seriously Jim, that is really something to give ANY credit to those Right-wing Whackadoodles at Breitbart. Those trolls make our trolls look like polite well-behaved adults engaged in spirited discussions without descending into crassness and toilet imagery…

    Yes, Those Fucktards are THAT BAD!!!

  19. This guy talks only negatives, sad man. I turn him off every time. Throws race into everything.

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