The 9 Best Things about This Must-See Video of Chip Kelly Mic’d up at Practice


Chip Kelly coaches with the enthusiasm of a fat kid given an unlimited ice cream pass in a bounce house who just happens to make like $5 million per year. Enthusiasm off the charts.


1) Genuine appreciation for the troops

“Of course you are [from Philly!]”


2) He just loves excellence

“I guarantee you [the skydiver] sticks the landing… these guys are the best in the world at this.”


3) Billy Davis loving the fans

“This fan base is committed as hell, though.”


4) Still needs to tell Riley Cooper which arm to hold the ball in

“Even a wily veteran I can coach!” Most would assume the wily veteran would know not to hold the ball on the side of the tackling defender. #CutCooper


5) Hates NFL apparel rules

“There are very stringent rules on NFL apparel… in college we could wear whatever we wanted to wear, here there’s more rules than you can shake a stick at.”


6) Chip relates

“The only guy here who coordinates with the number– I love it! I love it! I love it! See, Max, he’s even got the sleeves that match the number. Little camouflage sleeves. Look at the camouflage sleeves!” Yeah, but Chip Kelly doesn’t relate to his players.


7) The way the players “Yes, sir” him

“Yes, sir.”


8) Explaining to Timmy Tebow that he has more than one option on any given play

“Play the game within the game. The game is completing it, but the game within the game is on his face mask.” [Anyone else noticing a trend with the Florida players?]


9) Jugs

“Solid jugs performance today! Solid jugs performance by you today.”

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15 Responses

  1. Chip Kelly is a bad m’fer! Smart and quick-witted. This dude will win a Superbowl if he gets the right QB. Hopefully, that QB is Bradford. If not, he will be shopping for another one yet again in the off-season.

    1. I think Bradford is that kinda guy, but his injury history will always be an issue. Hopefully, they can make some noise this season with Bradford healthy, but then they will likely have to sign him to a deal which could be team friendly like Kaepernicks’ deal. I’d really like them to draft a QB next year to develop behind Sanchez and possibly step in during an injury or hopefully be a successor…..see how it goes

  2. The best thing about this is showing how much of a well oiled machine they are at practice. The fact that he doesn’t even seem to need to be there is a great sign. Also something tells me the “yes sir” is a positive part of his culture and some of the players cut didn’t buy into that.

    1. Yeah, I noticed the multiple players saying “Yes, Sir” to Kelly as well.

      When Kelly would address McCoy and Jackson with a question or comment, they would respond to him “Whatever, Cracker.”

  3. When Davis made the remark about the fanbase being committed, Chip replied “they’re great”!

  4. Nobody wins more Super Bowls in August than the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Kyle, when this Chip Kelly thing blows up in your face are you going to more or less heart broken than when your other man-crush Oxycontined his way out of the NHL?

    1. Winning Super Bowls in August is an Eagle tradition. If the AFL Raiders or Patriots of the 1960s in Super Bowl -VII played the Eagles, you know the Eagles would lose.

  5. man his players clearly hate him, and can’t relate worth a dog shit.

    see ya jaccpot, shady, mathis, and company

    good luck catching balls from kirk cousins, playing with whatever idiot they hae behind center in buffalo, and seriously, congrats to mathis on probably making the super bowl, but still making less money than he wanted.

  6. When did being a little enthusiastic about your team become such a bad thing?
    Normal fans know Bradford’s history, normal fans know it’s only preseason, normal fans know how the past 49 super bowls have gone for the Eagles….SO WHAT?

    It’s a new season and there is new hope.

    Even the haters have to be impressed with laying a 40 spot on the road against the Packers….in one half! I’m sure Clay Matthews wasn’t thinking that it didn’t matter.

    haters gonna hate, so f’em

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