This Guy Got a Chase Utley Tattoo, The Day After He Was Traded

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Email from reader Jeremy:

Just got this last night. WFC man.

Bold strategy. Of course, he could’ve just bought a t-shirt— less permanent and cheaper.

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57 Responses

  1. Mike Miss so mad about WFC. It’s okay to think but not to say… Then again MM did go after a guy for being “gay” via emails.

  2. I don’t know what’s more pathetic, that he got the stupid thing in the first place, or that after getting it, his first reaction was to say “can’t wait to show this to my boys at Crossing Broad! “

    1. Hehe, seriously. The shoe is a dead giveaway for Fishtown.

      Kyle – the eagles had a game tonight. Sure it was a busy day with home depot’s and bed bath and beyonds but this is a football town bro. I am Philadelphia!!!!

  3. That is messed up. Chase Utley doesn’t give a shit about him, Chase Utley doesn’t pay his bills (I guess), but this fool got a tat about him? Good God, I fear for the human race. I hope he didn’t pay for that, it looks like a prison tat done with a heated cheap ballpoint pen.

  4. What a loser, did he do that tat himself?? That’s worse then all these hot young chicks ruining themselves getting tats on their sides

  5. And, while I’m at it, what the fuck is going on with the discoloration on this guy’s ankles? Does he have the black plague? I sorry to be harsh, but he put it out there.

  6. Hey, if he wants to get this tat to support chase I’m all for it. I can see that pos josh in is making fun of him for this tattoo while he takes a break from telling kids to do herion & to hate Christians. Hate that asshole josh

    1. Ms JoAnna Josh Innes has nothing to with your son being a lowdown, heroin-addicted delco piece of white trash, such as your self.

  7. It’s amazing how a guy who had 5 really great years and then was pretty mediocre his other 13 years is revered. I’m an utley fan but Rollins and Howard were better players. It’s so dumb that a city who claims that they are knowledgable about sports worships a guy just cause he plays hard, is blue collar, and doesn’t talk to the media. He played second base for a reason. I mean I guess there’s something admirable about an average athlete with a below average arm hitting 30 home runs three times and batting .300 twice. (Not to mention he wasn’t a great fielder a la Jeter “but he’s such a smart ball player!”) He was a great player for a very short stretch but the fact that he gets this type of love over actually great potential hall of gamers is so stupid. #hatersgonnahate

    1. Enough with the blue-collar BS. I don’t know any blue-collar worker who made 15 million dollars last year. I always liked Utley, but he got traded, he did not end up like Jerome Brown. All of this mourning is getting ridiculous.

    2. Utley hasn’t played 18 years. Learn how to use numbers. Howard was not a better player in any respect.

      1. K-roll was never a better player. He had the ability to be better than Utley but lacked the drive and desire. However, at his peak, Howard was the better player for sure. He was the most feared power hitter in the game til his Achilles snapped.

        1. Rollins was a better fielder, base runner, and did it for much longer. Also Rollins had that ridiculous 2007 season where he won MVP. Chase has a little bit more power but if we had to go back 15 years and choose a middle infielder I would take the 5 tool shortstop over the power hitting second baseman.

      2. My bad I meant other 8. Howard was better and still is. How many MVPs has Utley won? Why was Howard paid so much more money than Utely? Oh I forgot Utley doesn’t play for the money. He plays for the fans and the love of the game.

        1. Let’s be real…fans loved Utley more than Howard b/c when you get right down to it, Philly sports fans all root for one team – the White Team.

  8. Just heading to the parlor right now to get my Band of Brothers tattoo with the Miss brothers.

    1. From Kensington heroin addicts, with multiple heroin track marks on their arms and legs like him, I agree.

      1. You wouldn’t be making Kensington jokes if you’re Pete from Princeton. Sounds like you or your family might be from there and you’re trying to hide it. You were probably conceived in needle park.

  9. Worst tattoo ever. Going to have to explain WFC and who “chase” is. I can see this idiot bragging about the tattoo. At least get his jersey number or something if you’re gonna do it.

  10. They were up for whatever and that sure sounds good to me.

      1. Saw Ray Diddy last weekend. We were talking Eagles and all, but it was so hard to focus because we were both getting blown by strippers. Ray even paid for me to do a line off an Asian strippers ass. I reluctantly declined. So, he did both lines then.

        1. Let’s see what pearls of wisdom Total-Fraud-Insider Ray has for us after the game.

          “I saw some things I liked, but they still need work. Bradford looked okay but not special. There’s a lot of new faces in the locker room andzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………..

          1. Right?

            I never got the Ray Diddy love, for stories about different players and coaches from the 60’s-70’s are great but he’s knows dick about actual football and determining who played well in a game and who didn’t, without it being completely obvious. I guess to the casual fan he seems like the smartest guy in the room and he is sitting next to the Gov. and Barkann, but when he does shit like hammer Chip for trading McCoy and saying he doesn’t understand why they would trade a “special” player, it just proves he doesn’t understand schemes how teams are trying to shape their roster. He’s talking out of his ass 99% of the time

            1. I never got the whole “”Didinger is a brilliant football mind” thing either. So I guess saying things like “I’ve never seen anyone run a cleaner post route than Tommy McDonald” is all it takes.

  11. What does the WFC have to do with Chase. He was never a member of the basketball or hockey team.

  12. That shot Suggs gave was as dirty as they come. He had no business hitting him so low except to try to hurt Bradford. Hope he gets a heavy fine. And Suggs and Hairball both trying to argue that play action allows him to be hit, Bull, Bradford was just standing there before he was hit. He didn’t move at all. Dirty Baltimore at it’s finest (lowest).



  13. Who paid for prison cell floors to be adorned with field stone floor tile? That is, by prison standards, one ugly ass tattoo and one ugly ass floor tile. Where’s the hot tub?

  14. I’m sure when you see his Flyers calf tat in context with this new one, it all ties together so nicely.

    Btw: I posted a few new selfies of me this weekend. Please stop by and compliment me on how hot I am !!!

    1. Posting numerous selfies are related to both higher narcissism and psychopathy, controlling for the overall number of other types of photos posted. basically she is dying for the you are so hot comments from a bunch of nerds

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