This Phillies Horror Movie Trailer Is Spectacular

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The Huffington Post or AOL or whatever they’re branding themselves nowadays put together this quite impressive Phillies horror movie trailer. And other than the “fans mean enough to boo a coal miner rescue” dig (which is admittedly funny), this thing is perfect. Job well done.


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  1. Hand to God, that is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in while.

    Now I don’t want any of you docuhetards booing me when I arrive or I’ll guarantee your Eagle’s will suck devils-ass this year!

  2. Typical New York garbage. Phillies are the best team in the majors since the All Star Break and have arguably 10 players in the minors that can be major leaguers of impact within the next two seasons. We’ll see how snarky New York is then.

  3. The part where “this guy” (I don’t know who that is either) gets nailed in the throat with the ball got me.

  4. Ok here’s your toss up question today:

    Which show is worse? B.O.B or Ellis and Mayes

    1. Ellis and Mayes …at least with B.o.B there is something look at, and it’s two hours shorter. Boom!

    2. Easily Ellis and Mayes.If you’re suffering from insomnia, just put on the Rob Ellis and Harry Mayes show, and I’ll guarantee you you’ll be asleep within the first 5 minutes of listening.


    ESKIN: Ang, the reality is david montgomery and the other frauds running the sixers are running a ponzi scheme and they just do not care!

    CATALDI: SOOO you ah trying to say to meeeee…. that the PHILLIES are being run by a bunch of JAHHCK ASSES!!?

    ESKIN: what i am trying to say here is that amaro has a baseball IQ below plant life..(snicker snicker


    1. Hey man, you forgot to add eskins token “hinkie-ites” and “sons of sam” phrases that he uses 183 times within a 2hr span.

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