This Will Hurt You, Part 2

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utley bp2

Although we’ve come to the end of the road, still I can’t let go. It’s unnatural.


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  1. It’s not hurting anyone. Enough of the Utley posts. He’s gone. You assholes complained for the last few years that “Ruin Amaro” suck because he wouldn’t trade him. Now you got your wish. Leave it be. Do a post on Monday to recap how Utley did on the weekend with his play for the Dodgers and be done with it.

        1. You felt the need to post this twice? It sucked the first time ..two posts ago. You realize that, right?

    1. Bob if all Phillies fans had the same attitude as you the world would be a better place.

      And to the miserable fans still upset over Utley getting traded to my beloved Dodgers, fuck off.

      GO DODGERS!!!

      1. Real Bob and Murray from Mayfair, the biggest jerkoffs on this site, why don’t you two get a room and blow each other!

  2. when i heard this last weekend, i how no idea how meaningful it would be – and at CBP of all places

  3. This is hilarious! I love it! No one gave a shit when Rollins, Werth, Victorino, and other key contributors of 08 left for other pastures. However, good ole Chasey boy leaves and the skies are falling! Boofuckinghoo! Dude had 5 prime years and his last 5 years he was either hurt or vastly underperforming.

    1. Actually, most of us real fans were upset at the Victorino and Werth trades, especially as they’ve been gaps that have never adequately been filled until recently, in the outfield. And there was a collective cry and groan over Hamels’ trade as well. Rollins was the one who many thought was time, more than any other.

  4. For Pete’s sake, stop being such a goddamn girl and grow up! It’s not like Utley died, he was traded! Happens to everyone! Get on with your life, you pathetic wuss!

  5. The Phillies over paid him at least $50 million via poor play and injuries, and the kool aid drinkers are crying because he is gone.

  6. Gosh I love Utley so much…..wish SOMEBODY would make a horrid t-shirt and hawk it for $31. Man that would be a great tribute.

  7. That top pic doesn’t look right…oh I get it, he’s going out as a Dodger for Halloween!

    HHHHHHHHAhahaha Chase you had me goin’ there for a while.

  8. Only post that Kyle has made where 80% of the comments were spot on, including Bob! Bravo!

    1. Over rated???!!!!! Are you bleeping kidding me???!!!

      He will probably go down in baseball history as the best overall second baseman of all time!!!


      1. You’re right, he must be better than I ever was.

        As well as Jackie Robinson & Roberto Alomar

        1. Uhhmmmm YEAH!!!!!

          He carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. He made Jroll better! He made Ryan Howard better!! Hamels better!!!! You name the philly and chase made them better. He was an amazing role model. Hard worker. Loved the fans. He has the best swing of all time. Fastest reflexes ever. He hustles!!!! Sooooooo uhmmmm YEAH…. Best overall 2nd baseman of all time.

  9. Chip Kelly and I were both pretty upset when Chase got traded Jimmy Rollins not so much

    1. Jimmy wasn’t buying into the culture that’s why of course. Chase was all in all on held nothing black I mean back

  10. Come on. STOP already. He was only going to be here another month.
    They were not going to resign him. And he was going to try and play
    anyway. Why didn’t Rollins get this sob treatment> He was just as
    important or more. My God. I hate to say it but Innes has a point.

    1. Because Jimmy is a n1gger and this is Philadelphia are you serious or sarcastic with that question?

        1. Hey Charlie Hustle eff you honkey cracka motherfucKKKer you ain’t getting this spooks support for the HOF!

      1. Just saw big Josh tweet out a photo of them. Think I would do things to her ass though

      1. I remember I used to jerkoff to that video as a youth. Mtv jams would play that late at night

  11. I was much better than Utley. Played a cleaner second base, and won just as many World Series

  12. The Houston pitcher that threw the no hitter has the Phillies to thank for that one two punch leading off for the Dodgers. Murderer’s Row it ain’t.

    1. Don’t forget me I have not won since the no hitter four weeks ago today. That is part of the Phils’ rebuilding project. Trading the castoffs to other teams, making them worse. Pity the team that gets Howard and Chooch.

  13. I masturbate thinking about Chase and B Dawk. I would let either of them take me in my pooper.

    1. but then you will never be able to say you took it up the ass by a hall of famer.

  14. Can’t knock on Rollins or Utley. I hope the Dodgers win the World Series with them
    Rollins- Pure Hollywood. All Philly Utley- Anti Hollywood All Philly Too.

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