This Will Hurt You

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10 Responses

  1. I’d like to root for those guys to win another WS, but I don’t think I can root for the stinkin Dodgers.
    F Murray from Mayfair

  2. I want to root for them but I could never bring myself to root for the dodgers, unless they are playing the Yankees or Mets.

    I have 0 interest in following the rest of this season. Just hope that utley retires or plays somewhere else next year.

  3. Why? Because they haven’t done jack shit here since 2012 and they need pieces to rebuild. Stop being a pussy and pay homage to the real reason 2007-11 happened when he goes. #6

  4. is it me, or are the Dodgers coming off here looking like a desperate franchise? Dont get me wrong, I will always have a special place for J-ro and CU, but isnt the whole reason we got rid of them, is because they were basically not good enough anymore? The dodgers just gave us 75% of their top prospects, which is great for us, but who the fuck are they kidding???

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