Worst iPad Use Ever at a Baseball Game?

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29 Responses

  1. ▄█▀█▀█▄
             ▀  █  ▀█▄
           ▄█▀       ▀█▄
           █          █
           █          █
           ▀█▄▄  █   ▄█▀
             █  ▄▀▄  █
             █ ▀   ▀ █
             █       █
             █       █
             █        █
             █       █
             █       █
       ▄█▀▀█▄█       █▄█▀█▄
     ▄█▀▀    ▀            ▀▀█
    █▀                      ▀█
    █                        █
    █           ▄█▄          █
    ▀█         █▀ ▀█        █▀
     ▀█▄      █▀   ▀█     ▄█▀
       ▀█▄▄▄█▀      ▀█▄▄▄█▀..

    1. Well Cliff, to understand the matter, one must put themselves in the gamer’s mindset. It is only then that you realize that gaming comes before all of life’s major activities, including maintaining a blog.

  2. Judging by her arm girth, she had an account on the site, but got no hits, and wanted to see who was passing her by.

  3. “Worst iPad Use Ever at a Baseball Game?”

    I’m not even sure what this is supposed to mean. Are you referring to the model/type of iPad? However, if you are referring to the content on the screen, then I would suggest that your sentence is 100% factually incorrect. Think before you type.

  4. Also, it’s sad when pictures of c0cks on this site are more entertaining that the actual sports content. Well done Bob.

  5. My hacking crew subsists on a bowl of rice and some crickets per diem. However, we still pride ourselves in not working for Crossing Broad.

    PS. Madden will be cited as one of the downfalls of your capitalist (so-called) state.

    1. I’ll go with the over. Kyle and Jim know they have to come back with a big day today. Yesterday’s lack of considerable effort cannot and will not be tolerated by the masses today. Bob’s pissed because he only could draw 2 c0cks yesterday.

  6. I don’t know what bothers me more:

    The lack of spaces in the Google search, or the fact that she’s going to facebook.com via the web.

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