Yep, JaCorey Shepherd Has a Torn ACL

The Eagles just announced that cornerback JaCorey Shepherd, after undergoing an MRI, has a torn ACL in his right knee. He had been the apparent replacement for Brandon Boykin. Derp.


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  1. Kyle I guarantee you the ass-kissing green kool-aid drinking Chip Kelly lapdogs,who worship at Chip’s bloated feet will tell you that this is no big deal,and trading Brandon Boykin was no big deal,and the Eagles will most definitely have a top 10 secondary for the upcoming season(dopes).

    1. You seem very angry. Chill, my brother, and pop some nuts in your mouth like I do. You will be happier like me.

    2. Once again we have a guy who doesn’t fucking understand a goddamn thing about football or how fucking business works. If a motherfucker is going to walk at the end of the goddamn season for fucking nothing, you’re fucking better off getting a draft pick or back especially if the motherfucker is set to play less that 50% of your fucking snaps. Fucking hell.


    Well, at least Kelly can now replace him with a white guy.

    Fucking losers.

  3. Hahaha but the Eagles can put anyone anywhere as long as he has character of course.. talent is overrated in Eagles country its all about scheme ! on defense and offense lol lol
    Zero Superbowls

  4. Figures this would happen now. All those chip haters can come out now and bash the Boykin trade. It may have seemed unnecessary at this time but it really wasn’t. First off Boykin is completed overrated. For once I’ll agree with Mike miss. He was the Freddy Galvis of the eagles. And they had a competent replacement in Shepherd. It’s easy to see it as a bad move now but it’s not like you can predict an acl tear. All the Joe Younes’ of the world who think they are smarter than a man who’s making millions of dollars for being a coach can have their big day bashing chip

    1. yup totally agree……..the captain hindsight’s of the world are all geniuses after the fact, nobody saw an injury happening to this guy, and the way it happened was a complete freak thing.

      Joe Younes is going to lose all his money gambling and i can’t stand anyone on that show……Ellis is a complete creep, Mayes sounds like a total douche and Younes sounds like that fat kid who wore jerseys to school all the time and is afraid of women….Everytime he chimes in my hand goes right to the radio dial. Nothing is worse than him and Devon Gibbons on the radio together

    2. “And they had a competent replacement in Shepherd.”

      How the hell can you possibly say that? The dude hasn’t played a down of NFL football, was a sixth round pick, and played WR in college not that long ago. You literally have no idea whatsoever if he can cover NFL receivers.

    1. Don’t you mean Murray, Rob? Did you know I’m a Dodger fan since they were in Brooklyn?

  5. Woodchipper is desroying the team, and if I didn’t have zealous, crazy fans buying my B.S. story of gold standard, they……

    Gotta call Auntie Gotrocks who bought the team for me and ask her what I should do.

  6. Instead of an extra bone in the ankle, you think God would have given him and extra ACL?

  7. How did Chip not see this coming? I completely saw this coming when I was blowing Jaws while he was watching the tape. Chip needs to explain this, terrible job by the Eagles PR.

    Mike in Conchy, you’re up next. Are you all in on Chip Kelly and this Eagles team?

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