Photo credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Just want everyone to remember that I was first when I wrote, mostly hyperbolically, last week that the Eagles were going to win the Super Bowl. It seems after their dominating performance on Saturday others have jumped on this bandwagon, including John Smallwood, Bob Brookover and Ray Didinger– media types not typically known for a lack of restraint. Anthony Gargano, too, but he loves everything.


Of course, you also could evaluate what you have seen from the Eagles thus far and be optimistic that the Birds just might make something special out of the upcoming campaign.

The NFL is a week-by-week evaluation, and something can change based on the next performance. But all we have to judge right now is what the Eagles have done up to this point.

With that as the criteria, how can you not like the Eagles’ chances going into 2015?


The Eagles are good enough to win the Super Bowl.

Yes, of course, that’s a dangerous statement to make after three preseason games, especially when the starting quarterback with the dubious medical history has played only four series. On the other hand, if you watched the Eagles play their three preseason games, it is impossible not to consider them among the NFL elite with the “meaningful” portion of these meaningless games behind us.


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This might become one of those enjoy the ride type seasons. You can shake on that.

Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

The Eagles’ first 12 roster cuts feature guys you knew wouldn’t make the team and QB turned WR G.J. Kinne:

Additions to the list of hobbled players include Lane Johnson, the as-yet-unseen Kiko Alonso, and Cody Parkey. All are expected to be ready for week 1.

Irving Fryar is not guilty of mortgage fraud, according to Irving Fryar.

At last night’s VMAs, Nicki Minaj calling out Miley Cyrus may have seemed scripted, but Miley’s not that good of an actress.

Miley couldn’t escape the entire show without dropping a nip in there.

The theme of the night? Pot and pot and pot.

Justin Bieber and his Kate Gosselin haircut cried on stage.

Taylor Swift’s group of tall friends – Team Taylor – was out in full force.

And also, say what you will about Kanye West’s rambling, 13-minute, bruh-filled speech, but you probably won’t see anything that unrehearsed on a major live TV production ever again.

Tomes will be written about the VMAs last night, but all I know is Macklemore’s Downtown is absolutely phenomenal.

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Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins made the last two outs in Jake Arrieta’s no-hitter last night. It’s the second time they’ve been no-hit in 10 days and the third time Chase has been involved in a no-hitter in a little over a month.

More glowing praise for the Birds.

Ray Didinger gushing about the Birds.

Reuben Frank writes about the Eagles’ THREE-HEADED MONSTER.

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When did John Harbaugh turn into such a dickhead? First he pops off about Eagles players respecting his goddamn thug defensive lineman, then gets in Jay Gruden’s face on Saturday night and caps the night off by being an absolute asshole to a handpicked, hometown reporter for no reason whatsoever. Slow your roll, coach.

Washington Post reporter on the Redskins: “I’ve covered misguided franchises, but this is unprecedented pandemonium.”

Chip’s a racist, or he just doesn’t like assholes:

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Don Tollefson’s Super Bowl blowout sale.

97.5 The Fanatic Fantasy Fest violations. I seriously can’t imagine anything worse in Philly sports than going to Xfinity Live! for 97.5’s fantasy football festival.

Joe Banner remembers Chocolate Thunder with possibly the most generic and tame story of all-time:

Voila_Capture 2015-08-31_08-28-12_AM

Fans were confused when the Phillies game switched to Spanish for an inning the other night in honor of my favorite night, Goya Latino Family night, or, for our Spanish readers who have never understood a word I wrote, Goya latino noche familiar:

Voila_Capture 2015-08-31_08-31-04_AMVoila_Capture 2015-08-31_08-31-29_AM

H/T to (@MrJerseyJosh)

Jahlil Okafor at Kevin Hart:

Voila_Capture 2015-08-31_08-36-13_AMVoila_Capture 2015-08-31_08-36-36_AM

Hart’s concert at The Linc will, apparently, be aired as an HBO special.

All about Mike Richards’ situation with the Kings.

Still time to sign up for Kevin Cooney’s memorial golf event for his father:

Voila_Capture 2015-08-31_08-48-49_AM

In attendance? Charlie Manuel.

Scathing take by the Frances Stead Sellers of the Washington Post on how Philadelphia is handling the Pope thing with which I completely agree:

Whether it overdoes or underdoes the papal preparations, Philadelphia risks reinforcing the notion that it is a second-rate stopover between Washington and New York City, both of which will host His Holiness and appear to be taking his arrival in stride.

Rams cheerleader surprised by military husband’s return. Gets me every time.

Howard Eskins Beats headphones color of the game:

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