Bill Simmons is Throwing a Crybaby Hissyfit on Twitter about the Patriots

In the aftermath of the fresh Spygate info from this morning, Bill Simmons (who has always been calm and collected and able to keep his fan bias at bay) wet his diaper and threw a tantrum on Twitter.

sour grapes

Sure. Not all of those teams would have beaten the admittedly great Patriots either way, but the Pats, by spying, started every single game with an advantage that the other teams didn’t have, thus negating any win as an even one. It’s common sense. If the 2001 Steelers have “their special teams breakdown or Kordell shitting the bed” to blame, as Simmons says, that’s only because the Patriots started with a built-in advantage that allowed the special teams’ failure and Kordell Stewart’s missteps to cause a loss. If the Pats didn’t have the advantage they gained from cheating, maybe they still would have won. Maybe the Steelers still would have fallen apart. But maybe the Steelers could have fallen apart and still won, because the game began on an even playing field. And as for the Eagles/Patriots Super Bowl tweet above? Again, the Eagles fell apart at the end of that game (and puked, etc.) but if the Pats didn’t steal signals to begin with, the Eagles could have fallen apart and STILL WON. And that’s not even taking into account that if you remove the Patriots’ advantage, that WHOLE GAME is played differently.

If some team spied on his dear Pats or Red Sox or Celtics – all fan bases known for being calm and rational, like Simmons – his rant would be even longer. But his fandom is blinding his generally good analysis. And his Tom Brady Super Bowl ring avatar? That’s just throwing him in with the rest of the fanboy crazies, but that’s probably where he belongs.

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17 Responses

  1. I remember Jimmy Johnsons’ reaction when this story first broke 8 years ago….”yea so what, i did it, everyone does it” This shit has been going on forever, even Andy Reid did it

      1. Don’t have proof of Andy Reid doing it…..just the fact that everyone who is asked about it, hell as i’m typing this Bill Polian, former Vice Chairman of Colts and ESPN personality just admitted “it’s common” and it was one of his duties as a scout when he was hired. Like this shit is known to be done by pretty much everyone for a long time, everyone gets hung up on the video part of it, but that wasn’t against the rules as long as the cameraman did it from a designated location…Pats guy did it from the sidelines which was illegal….Ive read both stories from ESPN and SI and it’s just old stories that were already known only now there are “unnamed sources” adding minor details that nobody can or could prove

        Shouldn’t have brought Reid up, but “it was common in the league” according to Bill Polian

        Why are these Media Outlets not questioning why the League let out false leaks to their publications regarding deflategate???? oh that’s right that is not the narrative their Boss is trying sway public opinion, once again, with.

        1. Ah ok I thought there might have been an old story about Reid. Agreed that this is done by every team and is being made a huge deal to make the patriots look bad in the fallout of deflategate. This actually might make the league look worse because they let this continue.

  2. Step 1: Deadspin posts a reaction to Simmons trolling/hissy fit
    Step 2: Jim sees the Deadspin post
    Step 3: Jim posts this on CB

    I also fart a lot.

  3. I have been wondering for a while why I still follow Simmons. I stopped reading his columns a couple years ago because of how bad they got. Today’s whining was more than enough reason to check out. He has really started to smell himself.

    P. S.
    HBO will look back at their deal with him and wonder why. He is turning into the old guard he railed against. To me it looks like the ESPN Rick Reilly deal. Just an old man yelling at clouds.

  4. had an acquaintance who worked for the Eagles. I asked them about the “listening in” to other teams headsets etc. They said “Everybody does it “.
    Kraft is still pissed that Putin won’t give him his SB ring back.

  5. I’d be jealous too if I were a loser eagles fan! Patriots cheated and always will cheat but that’s not why we win! We win because we are the best and you throw up!

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