Brandon Marshall’s early Christmas gift

Perhaps inspired by the Pope’s visit, Brandon Marshall gave the Eagles their Christmas gift early this year, trying a bizarre lateral on routine pass. Connor Barwin — who apparently has been training with Zach Ertz’ soccer star girlfriend — headed the ball to rookie ILB Jordan Hicks, who added a nice little 11-yard return to set up a touchdown drive.

Can’t wait for the post-game interview for Marshall to explain what he was thinking. He’s clearly a very talented receiver, as his touchdown reception just before halftime showed, but there’s also a reason he’s been traded three times in six years.

UPDATE: Marshall’s first comment to reporters was:

“That was probably the worst play in NFL history.”

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11 Responses

    1. Garbage? What do you mean? A win is a win but thank God that it was the jets. No punt return td and bad turnovers the Birds are 0-3.

  1. Eye of the tiger! If we can beat the Jets we can hang with anyone.

    PS: If the Pope woulda showed his mug at the Link I’da booed him.

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