Byron Maxwell Laughs About Getting Burnt by Julio Jones

Photo Credit: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Byron Maxwell, the Eagles’ new $63 million man looked like a $63 man trying to guard Julio Jones last night. After turning in his best Cary Williams (or, if you’d prefer, Nnamdi Asomugha) impression, he was asked about his performance. When faced with Jones’ stat line, he said “Goddamn” and let out a little chuckle. He noticed pretty quickly that he probably shouldn’t be doing that:

And the countdown begins until his first “we’re practicing too hard” comments.


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  1. This happpens all the time when a team signs a free agent who isn’t the #1 guy at his position. Teams always sign #2 WR, #2CB, and pay them big money and expect them to be a #1. There is a reason they were #2 on their team, and they were perfect for that role. Maxwell is a nice player, but he can’t hang with all-pros like Julio Jones.

    1. Those 2 chicks on that show are clueless & bring nothing to the table. Freckles doesn’t even show off her big cans

    1. I first thought your name was Briandaw Kins, and I thought, “Damn, that’s a hottie.” Then I looked again and realized you were Weapon X. And so I thought, “Damn, that’s a hottie.”

  2. Josh Innes was out of control with the tweeting last night during the game. Saying things that he knows will piss off Eagles fans. He is not good for this town, all he does is try to start turmoil. He needs to go.

    1. Josh Innes is the exact thing this town needs. The Philly fans are punks and need to be brought down and humbled. If Innes needs to troll and berate the idiot fans here to humble them, so be it.

  3. Yea, that’s it! Grab your pitchforks and go after Byron Maxwell! Bunch of morons. Let’s start with holding Billy Davis accountable. He should have been fired this offseason for allowing the defense to be the reason for the collapse last year at the end of the season. He couldn’t draw up some type of adjustment to penetrate that patchwork o-line the Falcons threw out there last night? Matt Ryan had all day. If Chip is going to hang his hat on Billy, he’s out after this season as well.

    1. YEP this right here….It’s obvious Maxwell played bad, but nobody in the secondary were helped by the lack of pass rush. If Matt Ryan has time he will pick you apart, especially with a guy like Julio Jones who is probably the best in the NFL. Davis did make some adjustments in the 2nd half by blitzing a bit more, but it was too late, Julio had the type of stat line i expected and they scored the exact amount of points i predicted, problem is i predicted the Eagles would score 36…..they were getting destroyed in the trenches early and that set them in too deep a hole

  4. Maxwell played like garbage. To his defense though, Julio looks unstoppable. That QB/WR combo will cause havoc on many a defense this season.

    If every game will have the amount of flags as last night, this is going to be a brutal season to watch. And how was the hit towards the end on Matthews not helmet-to-helmet/targeting??

  5. The Falcons defensive scheme caught them off guard early and made them abandon the run, which was necessary. They dug themselves but the defense collapsed as usual. I don’t think this will happen again. Chip will scheme to beat it. They’ll score early and often against Dallas.

  6. Why leave Maxwell on Jones when it is obvious he can’t cover him. Move Maxwell to White then double Jones with a CB and safety. seems simple enough to me. I don’t think I trust Davis as a d coordinator.

  7. Still curious how Jim “writes” for this site. Crazy he gets paid on top of it. It’s like stealing money.

  8. Same ol’ Eagles…………harmless.

    Hey Chip, lose some weight. You’re a racist pig!

    We Dem Boys

  9. Billy Davis is a dumb ass and probably watched Maxwell shutting down our rookie WRs in training camp and figured he could do it against Julio Jones. How do you leave anyone on an island with Julio Jones??? At least they adjusted at half time for once this year.

  10. Byron Maxwell was an awful signing who never should have been given the money he got.
    weird, almost like signing the 5th best member of the Seattle secondary and treating him like Champ Bailey is NOT a good strategy?

    The Eagles should have stayed away from Revis/Maxwell and gone after cheaper options and possibly made CB the 1st round pick priority,
    But of course stupid Eagles fans defended it to the high heavens acting like we signed 1995 Deion Sanders.

  11. I didn’t even read the article. Once I saw Cris Carter’s face in the top picture, I immediately began pleasuring myself.

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