Congrats to the Week 1 Draft Kings Winners

We filled four 50-person Draft Kings leagues for Week 1. Congrats to those of you who won, and those who finished ahead of my stingy 134.94 points.

One of the leagues actually filled so quickly that I didn’t have time to enter. Don’t worry. Anyone who finished with more than 134.94 points still gets a t-shirt.

We’re just waiting on the final list from Draft Kings, which we expect today. Anyone who beat me will get a code for a $25 gift card to the store, where you can buy anything you want, including these two shirts, which are flying off the virtual shelves:

Voila_Capture 2015-09-14_07-52-52_PM Voila_Capture 2015-09-14_05-42-00_PM


No CB exclusive league for Week 2, but there’s a $1 million FREE PLAY league – with $100k to the winner – with your first deposit (which I believe is a minimum of only $5). Create your team for that right here.



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    1. Entry to the league is free, if you deposit money, which you can use elsewhere. Clever marketing, yeah, but it’s not a scheme. It’s pretty straightforward.

      1. I’m curious to see what happens with these types of sites now that Congress is calling for an investigation into why they are legal while sports betting isn’t.

        1. I think its because Draft Kings and Fan Dual are considered “strategy” where as betting on a game is viewed as “luck.” I know it sounds asinine, but that is the defense of them.

          1. The dude who is calling for the investigation was one of the NJ representatives who tried to get sports betting legalized in Atlantic City, so he is bent that these sites can get away with what they’re doing, whether they call it strategy or luck.

            Fantasy football is an enormous business (so much that I’m probably the only guy in my age demographic who thinks its stupid) that is so intertwined with the NFL that several teams have partnerships with both FanDuels and Draft King. Should be interesting.

      2. You sure did get lucky with that Kendall Wright selection. No one saw Mariotta having the game that he did. You doing a league again this week?

  1. The constant, ever-present commercials for Fan Duel and Draft Kings are even more annoying than the ads for Frank Caliendo’s TV show a few years ago during the baseball playoffs.

  2. Shouldn’t it be a code for $31 to cover shipping? Otherwise you need to pay to get your shirt. Just sayin…

  3. Why do swoop look like he is 69ing some kind of robot on dat stooooopid azz shirt up there yo! Dat is nasty dawg

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