Crossing Streams (Episode 39): Eagles Season Preview with Eliot Shorr-Parks

Eagles beat writer for Eliot Shorr-Parks joins us for our Third Annual Eagles Pajama Gram Jammy Jam Preseason Pow Wow to talk about the upcoming season, his misguided views about Mark Sanchez, Sam Bradford’s ability (and sleeves), the three-headed monster running game, the upgraded defense, Chip’s culture taking over, media food at the NovaCare Complex, working on Thanksgiving, and why he’ll be wearing a Culture Wins Football shirt to Eagles practice before the NFC Championship Game in Philadelphia.

You can read Eliot’s work at and follow him on Twitter (@EliotShorrParks), where you’ll find that he looks like a young Christoph Waltz.


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20 Responses

  1. F that dude seriously, he did that hatchet job on d jax and it wasnt even his story , the eagles fed that to him. Ever since that we BS this dude is everywhere and im supposed to give a dam about what he has to say? F him and the hole he crawled out of

  2. So Parks-Sure couldn’t get any play time on real sports radio, so he comes down here to this bolg to talk to some dude who watches Eagles games on his TV. Cool.

    Still better than that fat slob Innes.

    1. He was on the WIP Morning Show last week and CSN a couple weeks earlier. He did me the favor.

      1. I said it was better than Innes (fat slob). Take your compliment and go play Madden, Laskowski.

        1. Heard that Josh had a blow up with Spike on air today and then sulked for the rest of the show and barely talked. I guess Spike will be the next ex-host.

          1. Though I’d love to see Spike go…your comment is bullshit. They were talking and bantering the whole 5-6 hour.

          2. Best radio he’s managed to create for months. The only better part was the next caller telling him he was a giant baby

  3. Is Elliott still convinced that the Eagles are getting Mariota? Is Kyle?

    No way Chip doesn’t get “his guy”, right fellas?

      1. What does the “rev” in your handle mean? Is that for reverse? What is that supposed to mean and why not just spell out the whole word so we all know? Just curious about that

        1. I assume it means Reverend. Because he is always preaching to the brothas. And about race relations in the Americas.

          1. you got it, i probably made it during one of those times a “race” story was in the news and Mike was giving his listeners “knowledge” on how to treat other cultures. Probably during the ferguson bullshit, it’s kind of lame but ive used it long enough now and just stick with it

  4. Ya because I give a shit about the opinions of two idiots who’s claims to fame is taking cheap shots at Eagles players.

    What would you rather be known for: releasing the Riley Cooper video or doing the Eagles dirty work and publishing their phoney ‘Desean is in a gang’ story? Pathetic.

  5. I enjoy your podcast and listen to all the episodes as they become available, but the cellphone that was buzzing the WHOLE TIME during this episode was massively irritating and the fact that it wasn’t immediately rectified makes you appear like you have no idea whatsoever about how to do a quality recording. Do you even care?

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