Dan Carcillo Announced His Retirement in a Thoughtful, Well-Written Piece on Derek Jeter’s Website

Never forget

There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write. I just assumed that Car Bomb would either get kicked out of the league or announce his retirement through an Instagram video of himself riding on a jet ski with two tiny-bikini-ed blondes and the caption “I’m on a boat, m*therfucker.”


Carcillo, who inexplicably attendant two Stanley Cup parades on moving vehicles, said the death of friend Steve Montador, who, like Carcillo, also suffered from substance and alcohol abuse problems, deeply affected him and will steer him going forward.

Here’s what Car Bomb ticked off on The Players Tribune— one of the best sports websites on the planet:

In April, when I decided to sit down and talk about how Monty and many other players have struggled to transition to life outside of hockey, I was nervous about how it would be received. The unspoken sentiment is that you don’t talk about this kind of stuff in the hockey world. It can be seen as a “distraction.” When I reached out to my teammates on the Blackhawks to tell them what I was doing, I was really surprised by the reaction. They couldn’t have been more supportive. After the video came out, I had a number of current and former NHL players reach out to me to say that they’re struggling with the same issues.

Today, I’m retiring from the National Hockey League. My immediate goal is to help athletes transition to the next phase of their life — whether it’s continuing education, finding internships with companies, or networking with other athletes who are dealing with the same issues. My mission is to help guys who are dealing with anxiety, depression, and uncertainty about their future. Not down the line, not next week, but right now.

Here’s the earlier video to which he was referring:


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    1. That POS as you refer to him is a HUMAN being. Did you watch his video ? He played with a serious edge and had on ice issues but in the end the guy is a PERSON like the rest of us. Shame on you for comments. Life is much bigger than the game of hockey and what he is as a person is far more important thant what he ever did on the ice.

  1. As much as I like the comment section here and some of Kyle’s posts, I’m done with this site until Jim Adair is gone. The Jayson Werth post was the last straw for me. People that are bitching about the guy should put their money where their mouth is, so to speak, and stop giving this site clicks until Adair is gone. CB isn’t getting my clicks anymore.

    1. Oh, stop it. You “quit” this blog every other week. You’ll be back……you’ll always be back!

      1. I refuse to post here ever again if Jim gets fired. Making fun of his posts is the most enjoyable thing EVAR.Kyle, you should probably smack him around a few times a week just to remind him who’s boss tho, sometimes he does seem a little uppity.

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  2. Hey Jim, time to step it up kid. Dont write crap like “who inexplicably ATTENDANT two Stanley Cup parades on moving vehicles”. Kyle, you can file this away for more reasons why you fired Jim.

    1. This drives me nuts. Take a second and go over the fucking article before you submit it. Unprofessionalism that follows you around for your career when your career is in WRITING for fucks sake.

  3. Hey Guys,

    In case you didn’t know, the Philadelphia Eagles play the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday. So in our yearly fashion we are referring to this week as “Dallas Week”. Thursday’s topic across all stations and shows with be “Is the rivalry dead?”. A true evergreen topic for Philadelphia sports radio. And don’t’ worry, if the Eagles bury the Cowboys, Mondays topic will be “Is Sam Bradford an elite quarterback?”.

    That is all.

    1. Interesting point. “Dallas Week” is a great event that we only get to enjoy 2-3 times per year. So, yes, it is a big deal. There is no question that we all look forward to this all year. Therefore the attention is warranted. As far as the Bradford conversation goes, yes he played very well in the 2nd half and yes if he plays well on Sunday he will be in the “Elite” conversation. It is “Crossing Broads” duty to contribute to the “Dallas Week” hype. Instead, they are posting garbage about baseball and hockey.

      1. ok the football game is on Sunday!!!!
        today is Thursday!!!!
        there are other sports out there!!!
        football isn’t everything, some of us do want to talk baseball and hockey!!!!
        go fill out your fantasy football papers!!!
        the Jason Werth piece was good, I would also like some coverage of the reading fightin phils playoff series!!!

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    1. So glad to be on your D-list. That means you’ll stay far far away from all of us and we’ll never have to smell your unwashed body parts.

  5. Kyle, there is a great article on yahoo of beer prices across the NFL. A beer at the Linc is the most costly beer per ounce. It costs .71 per ounce. The Bengals are the lowest priced at .36 per ounce. Unreal!

  6. What is so fucking hard about you guys checking spelling and grammar? If you need a full time editor I’m available for 90k a year.

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